Young and Hungry Fashion and Style Guide

younghungry1Next week, ABC Family premieres its new show Young & Hungry, and I’m assured that the fashion is just as delicious as the food featured each week.

Not surprising, considering costume designer Jessica Replansky recently finished her tenure on Disney’s Shake it Up, dressing pop stars Zendaya and Bella Thorne in unforgettable mix and match patterns that would make any teen drool.

Her newest gig features slightly older besties, Gabi and Sophia making their way in San Francisco. Based loosely on real-life food blogger Gabi Moskowitz’ life, Replansky is using a lot of those same techniques – bold patterns, bright colors and memorable silhouettes to create a veritable feast for any fashionista.

Each week, Possessionista will be featuring the fashion of Young & Hungry, as well as a recipe from from the show, courtesy of Gabi Moskowitz.

But before we dig in, I got to ask costume designer Jessica Replansky for a taste of what to expect from Young & Hungry’s fashion and style.

Possessionista: How would you describe Gabi’s style?

Jessica Replansky: Gabi is a little eccentric. She likes to mix patterns and colors and vintage and thrift shop with modern pieces. She’s young and works in a creative field. And she likes to mix and match her fashion like she does in her cooking. She wears brighter patterns and colors. She has a cute figure and she accentuates her small waist and great legs to show that off.

Possessionista: Gabi is a struggling food blogger and aspiring chef living in San Francisco. How does that impact the places you’re shopping for Gabi’s Young and Hungry style?

JR: For the most part I try to shop at places that someone like Gaby really would. Like forever21 and H&M. We do hit some more high end spots like department stores, Zara and Topshop, but I like to go to the little cheap boutiques on Melrose that I think Gabi would really shop. Also, there are great sales. In the pilot she wears this amazing dress it’s from a store LF but they have these incredible sales. I think that dress was, like, $40.

Possessionista: How is Gabi’s best friend Sophia’s style different?

JR: Sophia is aspiring to be in the corporate world so she dresses more conservatively but she likes fashion. She wears blazers and skirts for a workplace environment. She likes to wear color and prints and put a spin on a conservative work look. The two of them have different styles but they share pieces of their wardrobe but they switch it up to make it work. She’s a little more girly. Gaby’s kind of a mixture of a lot of things. Sophia wears more floral and girly styles.

Possessionista: So do the girls ever share clothes?

JR: Watch the belts – the girls share them. Sophia wears it over her dress, but Gabi wraps it around her arm like a bracelet. You’ll see they’ve worn the same shoes. Sophia will borrow Gabi’s shoes. If you’re really paying attention you might notice.

Possessionista: Emily Osment plays a character based loosely on real life food blogger Gabi Moskowitz who’s part of the project. Does the character’s style reflect Gabi’s own?

JR: I never met Gabi before I created the look for Gabi the character. It was an original look. But I’ll see her on set and I see a resemblance – a bubbly bright personality that shows through the clothing.

Possessionista: Is there a signature look of Young and Hungry style?

JR: The whole apron thing – every week Gabi wears a different apron. We get them from all over. We’ve made a few. It’s a fun signature and the brighter the prints, the more fun, the better. Aprons are all over and there are so many great styles.

Check out these adorable aprons and let me know if you’ve found a cute one somewhere. Then tune in on June 25 to ABC Family for the premiere of Young & Hungry

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