Who is Possessionista

My name is Dana. And I am a Possessionista.

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I spend hours neglecting my home, my children, even my well being in order to replicate celebrity style, and find the things I lust after within my means.

I can’t do it alone. I depend on the kindness of celebrity stylists, publicists, and above all, my amazing readers who often are the source for many of our favorite starlet fashions.

I have a wicked sense of humor. I love clothes. And starlets. And the occasional eating disorder.

I hate the Earth. I don’t recycle*. I barely contribute to my community. If these qualities bother you, you’ll probably hate this blog.

That’s okay.

*since starting the blog in 2009 I have subsequently started recycling. Begrudgingly.

7 thoughts on “Who is Possessionista

  1. Amanda

    Dear long lost sister-ista-

    My god, I just read your hysterical bio and feel like you are a sister from another mother (that may sound a bit creepy), I assure I am not (I have valid confirmation ;). Seriously though, your bio cracked me up to no end – thanks for the feature in your post today. I am definitely a new fan, and would love to collaborate!


  2. Nowanda Ledbetter

    i love all of your rings you are truly a beautiful artist !

  3. Gab

    I have searched and searched for these earrings. I cannot find! If anyone can, its you…


  4. Ashley alt

    This is the most original bio I have ever read. It’s incredible.

  5. Lauren


    You have to tell me where Rachel got her dress from the rose ceremony this week (where she was eliminated).


  6. JK

    I love people who say ‘Don’t judge me’ or “I have a wicked sense of humor’. Without them, the Earth, unloved, would just cease to be.

    You will probably be able to continue in this fashion indefinitely even if you get a divorce, which is unlikely, you have found the perfect niche.

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