Vampire Diaries fashion and style guide

Between True Blood and the Twilight saga, popular culture simply adores Vampires these days. And rounding out the vampire triumverate is the CW’s cult favorite the Vampire Diaries.

Whether the Vampire Diaries fashion is really steller or just a product of its awesome cult following, Vampire Diaries style is one of the most sought after TV fashion shows requested on Possessionista.

The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev as Elena, a recently orphaned it-girl from Mystic Falls. She and her brother Matt are raising one another, as the truth of their family bloodline is revealed. Meanwhile, Elena is entwined in a super hot love triangle between brothers Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder of Lost.) Along the way, Elena’s best friend Bonnie is a witch, and resident mean girl Caroline has crossed to the other side.

As far as Vampire Diaries fashion, the master of teen vampire fashion is Leigh Leverett, who previously was responsible for One Tree Hill style and fashion of Dawson’s Creek. Leigh exclusively tells Possessionista how to get Elena and Caroline’s Vampire Diaries fashion.

Elena Gilbert:  To get Elena’s look, start with a lace trim cami layered under a henley or tee shirt. Elena always wears bootcut jeans and prefers tomboyish Converse Chuck Taylors. Always in gray. To finish the look, pick a cool jacket. Elena wears a lot of leather outerwear in interesting cuts like moto jackets.

Caroline Forbes: Unlike Elena’s tomboyish look, Caroline Forbes is Mystic Falls’ girly girl. Caroline’s Vampire Diaires fashion starts with a flirty, feminine dress or mini skirt. Caroline favors skinny jeans and flirty print tops with feminine details like ruffles or lace. Caroline prefers knee high boots or flats. And to finish the look include a tailored blazer.

The secret to Vampire Diaries fashion is tailoring. Every piece used on the Vampire Diaries is tailored to custom fit the characters, making each piece seem effortless and well worn.

One of the best features of Vampire Diaries style is nearly every piece is purchased with a high-school students’ budget in mind. Leverett shops everywhere from Urban Outfitters and Free People to Target making Vampire Diaries fashion one of the most attainable on television.

Want to see everything worn on Vampire Diaries?

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