Up All Night Fashion and Style Guide

Up all Night is one of the newest additions to Possessionista. As season two premieres, viewers learned that the Ava show has been cancelled, and  working mom Reagan Brinkley is going to make a go as a stay-at-home mom.

Reagan’s Up All Night fashion changed in season two, trading in her professional suits and clean lines, for a realistic depiction of stay-at-home mom style. Christina Applegate, as Reagan Brinkley, has a believable Up All Night style, blending current trends like colored denim, olive cargo pants and yoga pants with generously fittting dolman sleeve tops and peasant blouses.

On Up All Night, many of Christina Applegate’s outfits include stripes. She often incorporates layers, through military inspired jackets or draped cardigans. And details are important when it comes to Reagan Brinkley’s clothes. Watch Up All Night closely, and you’ll see the camera linger on Reagan’s stacked bracelets, or delicate necklace.

Some of Reagan’s Up All Night outfits include high end labels including Haute Hippie, Splendid, J Brand and Gypsy05. Like many stay at home moms in their 30’s, Up All Night’s Reagan Brinkley dresses on trend, but considers function as well as fashion.

Reagan is rarely seen in heels while at home caring for her daughter Amy.  Instead she wears fun flats, flip flops by Havianas, and boots that, in real life, a mom could comfortably wear to care for her toddler, run errands or spend the day in the park.

What I like best about Reagan Brinkley’s Up All Night fashion is that it reinforces that mothers don’t have to let themselves go. But also that theres 50 shades between wearing your pajamas all day, and dressing like a socialite. Reagan Brinkley proves that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to dress cute, and that it’s okay to take pride in your appearance, even if you stay home to play with your child.

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