Vampire Diaries fashion: Original Sin style

Vampire Diaries fashion Elena’s embroidered top: Urban Outfitters Cardigan: Diesel (mens) modified by costume designer Leigh Leverett necklace: GotSparkles via Etsy   Unlike people, Vampires are much more accepting. Appear in one Vampire cult classic (True Blood) and you can move seamlessly into another (Vampire Diaires) This week, former True Blood character Luna played a […]

  Vampire Diaries fashion: Caroline Forbes yellow jeans, ruffle top

Vampire Diaries fashion Caroline’s blazer, chiffon top and yellow jeans Blazer: Aqua Ruffle, chiffon tunic: Free People Caroline’s yellow jeans: Mother Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola who plays Caroline recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her character’s fashion on Vampire Diaries. The article talked about the clothes on Vampire Diaries and even mentions Possessionista as […]