Secret Circle Fashion – Medallion

If you’ve had a chance to check out my recent reading list (located on the righthand column) then you’ve picked up that I love a good spooky thriller. And Secret Circle is getting spookier by the episode. As Cassie Embraces her dark magic, she’s also embracing darker, edgier clothes including these incredible boots that I […]

  Secret Circle Fashion: Masked

Secret Circle is getting scary. Especially in what they are trying to pass off as clothes in last week’s episode: Masked. While most of the episode focused on the drama of whether Cassie would get caught snooping around her dead neighbor-witch’s possessions, it was Faye’s necklace-as-a-shirt that had me holding my breath throughout the entire […]

  The Secret Circle Fashion: Bound

I’m starting to realize that Secret Circle is the CW version of Pretty Little Liars. It’s just that instead of bitches, these kids are witches. Except Faye. (She’s actually both.) Click here for more posts about Secret Circle Fashion Faye’s leather jacket Line Simon Leather Jacket $455.00 Bloomingdales Diana’s floral dress Free People Ditsy Floral Challis […]