Layla's lace panel tee: Maje

  Nashville Fashion: Layla’s lace tee

Last week, Rayna James offered to buy Deacon’s sister’s liver for $1 million dollars. It may not have been on the black market, but bribing your estranged sibling for a portion of their organ is totally the whack market. This week, Rayna received an envelope (via priority mail) with the check ripped up in little […]

Juliette's lace dress: Needle and Thread

  Nashville Fashion: Juliette’s lace dress

On Nashville this week, why Rayna’s away Maddie will play. Deacon walks in on Maddie and Colt in various stages of undress, and it’s Juliette who comes to the rescue. Sure, she can barely manage her own family, but she’s doling out sex-ed advice (and it’s not half bad.) Where’s Rayna, you ask. She’s frequenting roadside […]


  Nashville Fashion: Outfits from 4/15

There comes a day in every teen-aged girl’s life when she makes the decision to lie to her parents, date her mom’s ex-fiance’s son and sneak out to a Christina Aguillera concert. I mean, it’s practically a rite of passage, like getting your period or being on Teen Mom. But, on last night’s Nashville, that’s exactly […]