Jane By Design: The Backup Dress

Jane Quimby’s life philosophy should be Murphy’s law. Because whatever can go wrong, always does. And based on this life manifestation, I think Jane should probably think twice before wearing a white dress she has to return. Part of Murphy’s Law specifically states whatever can spill, probably will. Particularly if that dress is created for […]

  Jane By Design fashion

Unlike Jane Quimby, my mom wasn’t a meddler. She didn’t take an active interest in the drama between my friends and me. Or my love life. Or my boss’s love life, for that matter.  My mom also wasn’t a deadbeat. She didn’t leave my sister and me to fend for ourselves while she was out […]

  Jane By Design Fashion: The Surprise

I’m loving Jane By Design’s new trend of 80’s movies allusions. Last week Jane and Billy went all Ferris Bueller in a race to get home before Rita caught them. And this this week’s nod to Sixteen Candles where everyone forgot Jane’s birthday and ended with an awkwardly romantic date with the hipster version of […]

  Jane By Design Fashion: The Celebrity

Anyone who has ever said they wouldn’t be affected by celebrity obviously has never had the opportunity. Since starting Possessionista, I regularly throw around my weight whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Usually at the deli counter. But I’ll recount the stories of my more famous friends, take castoffs from glamorous events, and best of all […]