Glee Fashion: Old Dog New Tricks

  Santana’s yellow flare dress on Glee Guess by Marciano   A lot has changed since the last time I watched Glee. It would seem when Naya Rivera isn’t feuding with sister diva Lea Michele on set, she’s putting all her energy into, literally, Keeping up with the Kardashians. And I don’t hate it. It’ll be […]

  Glee Fashion from Movin’ Out

It seems like Glee is gravitating to New York, and with any luck the final season will have some of the original Gleeks packing up and moving the the Big Apple to pursue their dreams in NYC. Hopefully those dreams don’t include a Samchel mashup. Seriously, it’s the city that never sleeps. So let’s never […]

  Rachel Berry chevron top from Glee

Lea Michele as Rachel Berry ruffle pink heart tank on Glee Marc by Marc Jacobs Like a high school party scene, or a shopping montage set to pop 40 music, I just love a good underdog winning Homecoming Queen storyline. Even as I could sense the impending brain freeze of the Tina Cohen-Chen’s obligatory Slushee […]