Hokise Jewelry Trunk Show

I have a touch of nostalgia for Entourage. I can’t think of a single character whose wardrobe I coveted more than Sloane, and in particular, her accessory collection. Back in the day, one one of my favorite pieces was Sloane’s diamond necklace, which Entourage (and subsequently Jane by Design) costume designer Olivia Miles tipped me […]

  Entourage Fashion: Whiz Kid

I am not ashamed to tell you that I follow Emanuelle Chriqui on Twitter.And pretend that she’s Sloan.For the past few weeks, she’s promised that Sloan will get super saucy this season, but so far I’ve seen nothing but some baggy boyfriend jeans and the back of her head as she heads to New York.Yesterday […]

  Entourage: Home Sweet Home

When Eric revealed that he and Sloane had broken up, yet again, my first thought was not of Vince’s sobriety. But rather, who would I write about if Sloane doesn’t have a recurring role on the show.Here’s hoping Sloane and Eric reconcile.Otherwise Vince won’t be the only one going through withdrawl. Jenny’s pink dress Mason […]

  Emmanuelle Chriqui’s ankle strap clogs

Hello, Can you please tell me where I can get sandals like Emanuelle Chriqui’s? Thank you, RinaDuring my freshman year in college, my best friend Alyssa had a crush on this guy and it so happened that we ran into him at a fraternity party. After a significant amount of liquid courage (read: warm beer) Alyssa mustered up […]