Baby Daddy Riley Fashion

  Riley’s bow front blouse Exact: Forever21 (Cardigan is Forever21 kids) Similar: Cinnaryn For Ben Wheeler, the worst day ever was the day his baby momma showed up on the front step and announced, “I handled the first nine months. The rest is up to you.*” But for me, the worst day ever is the […]

  Baby Daddy fashion episode 2

   Riley’s metallic dot top Forever 21 When it comes to Baby Daddy’s Riley’s love life, it’s all about timing. And the same could be said for her Baby Daddy outfits. Because, at least at this moment, neither the fella, nor any of her pieces, are available. Check ot what else Chelsea Kane wore on […]

  BabyDaddy Fashion: Riley’s neon lace tank

  Riley’s lace tank Marc by Marc Jacobs  Having not watched BabbyDaddy since conception there are still things I’m learning about the characters.  Like finding out that Riley’s nickname was “big pants” and that Ben’s dad thinks it’s okay to call her that. (Come on ABC Family, everyone knows parents only talk about children’s physical […]