90210 Silver Striped Maxi Dress

¬† 90210 fashion 90210 Silver striped Maxi dress Opening Ceremony ShopBop With the announcement of 90210’s cancellation, my husband and I have started our own Monday night routine. He asks me why I’m still watching 90210. And I throw something at him. Like some frozen cherries. Or a pillow. Or part of the set from […]

  90210 fashion: Lifes a Beach style

Silver’s zebra print shirtdress Kelly Wearstler See it at Nordstrom This week, it seems Dixon and Adriana seem to have forgotten all about their 12-step-programs. And last week, I totally forgot to recap the 90210 fashion. Looks like I might need a 12-step-program myself. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Check out […]

  90210 fashion recap

Adriana’s beaded lapel blazer BCBG See it (on sale) at Neiman Marcus In case you haven’t heard, 90210 has been cancelled. Which means we only have a few weeks left to wrap up all the messes that the writers of 90210 have created for Annie, Silver, Naomi et al. I have some storylines I suspect […]