The Lying Game Fashion and Style Guide

What would you do if, after years of going without, you woke up in someone else’s (very expensive) shoes.

This is the question that Emma faces every day since swapping places with her identical twin sister Sutton Mercer. And the answer is: Get dressed up.

The Lying Game fashion is a primer for all wardrobe designers trying to depict stylish high school students without alienating their mothers. Drawing from small, indie designers like Everly and Miss Moriarty, along with mainstream mall brands like BCBG, Forever 21 and Zara,  Lying Game style is both aspirational and attainable at once.

Emma/Sutton Mercer (played by Alexandra Chando) is the queen bee. Her Lying Game style is what you’d expect from someone who spent her life in sweatshirts and jeans, and now has a closet full of sequin tanks, lace shorts, and flirty dresses. Emma is never in flats, or jeans, opting instead for boldly colored tank dresses, detailed Club Monaco jackets and embellished, sophisiticated silk blouses.

Sutton’s sister Laurel Mercer (played by Allie Gonino) Lying Game fashion is girly and flirty. Drawing mostly from Anthropologie, Laurel favors floral dresses and ruffled jumpers. She accentuates her Lying Game style with flirty necklaces and braided hairstyles reminiscent of Lauren Conrad.

Unlucky in love friend Char  (played by Kristen Prout) is flirty and fun. Her Lying Game fashion is all about the detailing. Wardrobe designer Mimi Kaupe often dyed Char’s clothing to tone down the fun patterns, polka dots to make them more camera ready, but where Char’s style was most enviable is in her swimwear, which included retro inspired two pieces, and peekaboo cut out swimsuits.

My favorite Lying Game fashion would have to be Mads played by Alice Greczyn, the willowy ballerina who wears edgy dresses from Joie, BCBG and even H&M. Mads often pairs leather outerwear with feminine fabrics, making her a favorite Lying Game style for many Possessionista readers. One of my favorite moments in Lying Game fashion was Mads’ Allsaints bustled dress, which garnered huge interest from readers, and sold out on the AllSaints website within minutes of appearing on the show.

Now that Sutton (also played by Alexandra Chando) is back, it will be curious to see if Emma goes back to her original Lying Game style – which we saw through Sutton this season, in floral tanks, cropped jeans and hooded sweatshirts. And while Sutton certainly let her own style spill into her outfits while she pretended to be Emma, it is clear that the real Emma’s Lying Game style has evolved.

Can a girl who’s worn sequins ever go back to polyester?

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