Secret Circle Fashion and Style Guide

Remember when you went through that phase in high school where all you wore was black?

That’s kind of what it’s like to be part of the Secret Circle. Except instead of being rebels (or trying to conceal your babyfat) these kids are actually witches. And as they get deeper and darker into their genetically confusing witchcraftery, their Secret Circle style is getting just as dark.

When babyfaced Cassie Blake first arrived in Chance Harbor, she was wearing ethereal clothing. Her first outfit, a chiffon, ditsy floral dress by Club Monaco had me thinking about Secret Circle fashion long befor the pilot ever aired. But as the season has continued, both the storylines, and the costumes, have grown considerably darker.

Secret Circle costume designer Katia Stano has slowly drained the color from the Secret Circle fashion, integrating shades of blacks and greys with texture and pattern.  Intricate detailing like corsetting, boning and gromets all add to the overall eerieness of Secret Circle style.

Leading the group of stylish witches is Faye Chamberlain, played by Phoebe Tonkin. Faye is most recognizable for her corseted bustiers and leather jackets. Faye’s Secret Circle style includes jeans and middriff baring tops.  Her wild personality is enhanced by her equally risque wardrobe. The “Samantha” of the show, Faye adds an overt sexuality to the Secret Circle fashion.

Faye’s best friend Melissa, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy (I know, right?) has a more casual Secret Circle style. Melissa wears cozy, off the shoulder sweaters and embellished tunics.

The most girly and feminine Secret Circle style is Diana Meade played by Shelley Henning. Diana’s Secret Circle fashion is made up predomenantly of dresses. Pulling from Guess, H&M, and Free People, Diana’s approachable style mixes romantic, feminine silhouettes with the darker undertones of Secret Circle, creating an interesting contrast between darkness and light.

Main character Cassie Blake, played by Britt Robertson,  has, in some ways, the most evolved Secret Circle fashion. In early episodes her wardrobe was fresh and light – crystal embellished tank tops, ethereal dresses and chiffon, paired with young mini skirts and lightly colored jeans, but in later episodes, Cassie has swapped out her floral dresses for dark jeans and engineer boots, paired with the eerie lighting from the show, Secret Circle fashion is as dark and edgy as its plotlines.

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