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Emily Maynard fashion: Emily Maynard’s red maxi skirt


Click here to buy emily maynard’s red maxi skirt Rock Your Tube   (Regularly $65. Possessionista exclusive price: $45) [pinit] In terms of economics, there’s a theory about “trickle down” economics. The idea that tax benefits to the rich will also benefit the poor. And in terms of Bachelorette fashion, there’s a theory that when Emily […]

Emily Maynard fashion: Tie Dye clutch


Emily Maynard fashion Emily Maynard’s Theysken’s Theory tie dye wallet Rue La La [pinit] I haven’t written about Emily Maynard fashion recently and I have to admit it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Without trying to track down every item down to the button, it’s been cathartic to focus on […]

Emily Maynard Fashion and Style Guide

Emily Maynard Fashion: Exclusive Possessionista Interview She looks like Barbie with the soul of Mother Teresa. But what you don’t know about Emily Maynard is that she tailors her Forever 21 and has one of the greatest senses of humor you’ll ever encounter.  The now-less-blonde fiancee of Brad Womack finally spilled all her off screen […]

Emily Maynard’s coyote fox shirt


  Daydreamer LA coyote tee Urban Outfitters @Possessionista Hi Dana! I just can’t help you know where the wolf tee Emily is wearing is from? Thank you!  – Roxanne Of all the rumors circulating about Emily Maynard, my favorite is that she’s just a homebody. For all the glamorous Fashion Week photos, couture gowns […]

Emily Maynard’s Lace Crochet Tunic at the American Girl Ltore


 Emily Maynard‘s lace crochet tank Urban Outfitters   Emily Maynard’s flower turquoise Necklace Forever 21 Thanks to an anonymous reader for the tip! Leave your name for credit. Hey Possessionista – Loving Emily Maynard’s necklace & Lace Shirt/dress!! Any clue where to find them!?? Much Thanks.  -Keila Emily Maynard fashion is a little like quicksand. […]

Emily Maynard Yellow Dress and Flower Necklace on GMA


Thanks Caryn for the picture. X Ok @Possessionista- desperate to know who makes the yellow dress @emilymaynard is wearing on GMA! Morgan You guys know how much I love Lifetime movies. And one of the things that I learned from Lifetime movies is that when you’re on trial, dress like you’re not guilty. So whether you’ve […]

Emily Maynard’s green blouson dress

Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard‘s draped green blouson dress Similar: Alice + Olivia Also seen on Ashley Hebert here PLEASE FIND EMILY MAYNARDS GREEN DRESS FOR THE BENEFIT INTERVIEW – Monica The other day someone asked me how Emily Maynard affords all her clothing. To be honest, I have no idea. It’s really not my business how someone […]

Emily Maynard’s pink shoulder bag


Hi Dana, Any ideas on the bag in this pic??- Chris If you’re keeping track, Emily has been spotted carrying Chloe, Proenza Schouler and now Balenciaga. If you think I pick on Emily Maynard for any reason than sheer handbag jealousy, you are wrong. Click here for more Emily Maynard fashion posts Emily’s pink shoulder […]