Real Food Rehab: PB&J

By Dana Altman, Real Food Rehab A PB&J is classic American comfort food. It’s easy, it’s tasty, it’s fast. Kids love it! But it isn’t necessarily good for you. Not if you’re buying the big name brands off the grocery store shelves. They contain unhealthy and completely unnecessary ingredients such as corn syrup, hydrogenated oils […]

  Real Food Rehab: Top Five Kitchen Tools

By Dana Altman, Real Food Rehab I am not a gadget person. QVC ain’t got nothing on me. These people hawking their plastic egg slicers? Do we really need more useless crap cluttering up our lives? More doesn’t always equal better, you know. Not unless you’re talking about shoes. Now, shoe hoarding – that’s something I […]

  Real Food Rehab: Goodbye Mr. Coffee

By Dana Altman, Real Food Rehab I have a love/hate relationship with coffee.  I love it and it hates me.  It’s like an abusive relationship. I’m addicted to the ritual of making it, intoxicated by the smell that permeates my home, the deep, rich flavor and how the caffeine highs can make me feel almost […]

  Foodie Friday: The Case For Butter

By Real Food Rehab Good Fat. These two words together really turn me on. Almost as much as ‘Blowout Sale’ or ‘Javier Bardem.’ Butter is my favorite good fat; it’s one of the simplest and sensual food pleasures around and recent scientific studies show its bad reputation is completely undeserved. According to Nina Planck, author […]