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Oh my God, there’s two of them? Juliette exclaimed during episode seven of Ringer. And if you think it was hard for Juliette to digest, just imagine how it felt for Cynthia Bergstrom and Emma Trask, the two wardrobe designers responsible for Ringer fashion.

That’s right. Two Sarah Michelle Gellars and two costume designers were responsible for putting together Siobahn Martin high end Ringer style as well as Bridget Kelly’s more casual Ringer fashion.

Siobahn’s New York inspired Ringer fashion draws from high end designers including Chloe, Valentino, Miu Miu, Chanel and Gucci. She wears dramatic gowns, embellished tops and statement jewelry. Her shoe collection is worthy of a photospread in Vogue, as does her walk-on closet and endless supply of high-end handbags.

Bridget as Siobahn’s Ringer fashion palette is neutral, with lush cashmeres and delicate knits, accentuated with oversized sunglasses and lush outerwear. Ringer fashion includes leather jackets and on-trend platform ankle booties by Miu Miu and Jimmy Choo. Though her Ringer fashion eveningwear is often floorlength, sequined and embellished, her daywear is includes simple patterns, short skirts and layers.

Meanwhile in Paris, the real Siobahn continues to dress the part of the uptown gal. Lush silk Chloe blouses, and flowing chiffon dresses disguises her growing baby bump. We haven’t seen any indication of Siobahn’s pregnancy, but it will be interesting to see how the stylists integrate maternity looks into Siobahn’s Ringer fashion.

By contrast, her recovering drug addict sister Bridget’s Ringer style is much more accessible. Her casual, boho style often includes flowy top and jeans, drawing from contemporary brands like Free People. Her casual style includes crossbody bags, bell bottom jeans and drapey cardigans, reflecting a simpler lifestyle than her New York class sister Siobahn.

Siobahn’s step-daughter Juliette plays the typical indulged New York princess; with an equally indulgent wardrobe. Juliette’s Ringer style vascillates from a $700 Theysens Theory metallic dress (also seen on Revenge style maven Ashley) to a swallow-print strapless dress by DEPT. Juliette’s wardrobe includes a line dresses from Marc by Marc Jacobs, as well as print dresses from Anthropologie.

The saddest goodbye on Ringer was best friend Gemma’s tragic departure. Towing the line between uptown socialite and hipster, Gamma’s wardrobe was a compilation of contemporary brands like Aidan Mattox, Alice + Olivia and Nordstrom’s own house brand of jewelry.

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