Revenge Fashion and Style Guide

When it comes to camouflauge, sometimes fashion is our best disguise.

Which explains why sometimes people adapt their wardrobes to their surroundings. This is especially true in the case of Emily Thorne, who has gone to great lengths to blend in with her surroundings. Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp is just as apt to swap dresses as she is to swap investment tips with her swanky Hamptons neighbors.

Though Emily’s Revenge style often skews older than her age, she’s a veritable coat hanger for the who’s who of fashion – wearing everything from Armani and Missoni to Prada and Fendi. Emily’s Revenge fashion is as much about levelling the playing field and putting her on equal ground with her arch nemesis Victoria (played deliciously by Madeline Stowe) as it is about keeping up with the Joneses.

Emily’s Revenge style depends on sophisticated cuts and understated patterns. Often incorporating unique details, like her Pucci v-neck green dress during dinner at the Graysons, or the much-talked-about Jason Wu red twistneck halter she wore on the Fourth of July.

Unlike her best friend Emily, Ashley, played by Ashley Madekwe, takes more risks with her Revenge fashion. Dabbling in contemporary brads like Theyksien’s Theory, Alexander Wang, Alice + Olivia, and DKNY, the event planner shows variety in color, cut and silhouette. Her dresses are often bold, colorful and make her stand out, rather than blend in. Her daytime wear often comes from TopShop, Zara, and skews trendier than Emily, who is her peer socially, but not economically.

The youngest character has the broadest Revenge fashion. Charlotte, played by Christa B. Allen’s wardrobe skews both high and low, wearing high end designers like Dolce and Gabbana, contemporary lines like Amanda Uprichard, and casual pieces from Forever21. Her clothes are fresh and young, often on trend with details like ruffles, feathers and sequins. Only when trying to impress her mother’s friends does Charlotte skew more conservative, like the red lace dress she wore at the Fourth of July luncheon for her mother.

Victoria Grayson’s Revenge fashion is as cool as her demeanor, opting almost entirely for a wardrobe of Herve Leger bandage dresses. With little variety or creativity, it seems Victoria is someone who dresses to publicize her wealth, but probably has little personal style or individuality.

To recreate Emily Thorne’s Revenge style, focus on sophisticated classic silhouettes and designs, primary colors and minimal details. If you prefer Ashley’s trendier style, incorporate bold colors and patterns with updated silhouettes. If you’re more of a Charlotte, look for feminine details: ruffles, lace, and embellishments. And if you want to replicate Victoria Grayson’s icy perfection, look for body conscious cuts, in deep, jeweled tones.

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