Loeffler Randal Starla sandals for less


Hello! I love the Loeffler Randall star sandals! I just can't afford the $175. I'm a 20-something in Manhattan for crying out loud. Anything inspired by them they may be slightly cheaper? I'm a sucker for stars and shine. Thanks! Jersey I have loved the Loeffler Randall starla sandals since I first wrote about them here. But while I was debating whether or not to spend the $175 on what is … [Continue reading]

40% off all sale at Club Monaco


  Last night I was hunting down the fashion from Suits and I came across this very similar (if not exact) layered silk top from Club Monaco. To actually find something from Suits that fell within my budget?  Well this must be what Mike feels like every time he thinks he's stuck it to Harvey. As I dug further into the Club Monaco website, I realized that all their sale stuff is an … [Continue reading]

Found it on Facebook: July 18


What's up creepers? This week's Found it on Facebook finds are some of my faves, and I'm not just saying that because bloggers love alliteration.  Well that's not the only reason. This week we stalked some teacher's instagram, an ad for a jewelry line, a blog for watches and some girl's wedding pictures. I'm just keeping a paper trail because if I'm going down, I'm taking every one of you with … [Continue reading]

Young and Hungry fashion from Young and Pregnant

Caroline's floral dress: Ted Baker

  On last night's Young and Hungry, Gabi was asked to prepare a formal high tea to celebrate her boss Josh and his engagement to Caroline. Oh, but what would Miss Manners say of Gabi's faux pas of throwing her pregnancy test in her boss's waistbasket. Nevermind how she offended everyone with those egregious socks and sandals. Check out more Young and Hungry … [Continue reading]

Andi Dorfman’s zip front shorts from the Dominican Republic


"Any chance you know where the black (or navy) shorts with the yellow zippers and slits on the sides are from?? I really love them! - Charlotte" Like our remaining time together, Andi Dorfman's Bachelorette fashion is getting shorter. This week in the Dominican Republic, Andi traded in her wool coats for silk maxis, her scarves for scarf prints and her leather pants for silk shorts. I think we … [Continue reading]

Best handbags at any budget


I am in the market for an everyday bag. Something like the Chloe Marcie bag but since I love your style, would love to see your recommendations for a cool bag! - Julie Shopping for handbags can be a downright daunting task. Despite the endless options, finding the perfect everyday bag might be right up there with Lululemon running out of those floral crop pants you've been dying for. In terms … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion from July 15 Run Ali Run


There's a lot going on in Rosewood this week - mostly seasonally inappropriate beanies and graphic tees. And I'm starting to worry about Spencer and her recent predilection towards overalls and other smocktype cover ups.  Meanwhile, it seems Hanna Marin has traded in shoplifting with Mona for dressing like an extra from Reality Bites - though I can't deny I covet Ashley Benson's rad new do every … [Continue reading]

Do not click on this if you hate awesome, free stuff


You know what I hate? When I buy really cool stuff, and I get really cool stuff for free. So I totally hate that KV Bijou who made Andi Dorfman's blue earrings from the Bachelorette is offering this free turquoise necklace with every purchase of Andi's earrings. So annoying right? Uch. I can't. I'm sure you probably hate awesome, free jewelry too. But in the event that you're like, … [Continue reading]