Frizzy hair solution: The Luxury of Time by Kerastase


I have to confess something to you guys, and I'm not proud of this. I haven't had a haircut in 14 months. Last September (like 2013) I got bangs and a long bob and I've regretted it every day since. My hair is finally at the perfect length - if I ever get trapped in a tower and need to be rescued by a prince who uses my hair as an impromptu ladder, I mean. So I was super excited … [Continue reading]

Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope’s clothes from Baby made a mess

Olivia's plaid cape: Limited (use code NIGHT for 20% off)

I am more into Scandal than I have been since season 1. I'll be honest, the entire season that Kerry Washington was pregnant was pretty much a throwaway for me. And not just because I like seeing Olivia in a vertical shot. But this season, Olivia Pope is back - and she's fixing things. Which is what Olivia Pope does best. Well, that and making out with the President. This season, I feel like … [Continue reading]

About a boy fashion: Fiona’s cut out gray dress


Does anyone else think there's a wierd thing going on between Parenthood and About a Boy? Like with the conclusion of Parenthood right around the corner, About a Boy is becoming like a Bizarro Parenthood? Don't get me wrong. I mean, Will will never be Zeke. Hell, Fiona will never even be Sarah Braverman. My point is just that both shows feature socially awkward, seemingly well-intentioned young … [Continue reading]

Marry Me Fashion: Annie’s black and white sweater


Fall's Freshman TV shows are tanking faster than Jake and Annie's attempts at getting engaged. With Selfie, Manhattan Love Story and A to Z officially DOA, we're going to have to put all our romantic hopes and dreams in Jake and Annie's basket - which just may be in the basement with Jake's mysterious prenup papers. And probably the unaired episodes of Animal Practice. Check out more … [Continue reading]

True Tori fashion: Episode 2


Now that Tori Spelling knows her husband's mistress is, like, way fug (my words; not hers) she is ready to move forward with cutting off his balls. Okay, not really, but not being pregnant makes Tori realize she doesn't want to procreate with Dean anymore and pressures him to get a vasectomy. Dean balks because they make beautiful babies and also because he thinks this is crossing the line of … [Continue reading]

Save 40% of Gap Friends and Family


I got a little excited when I saw the new Gap stripes and fairisle holiday collection. I'll admit, I ordered both versions of the sweater yesterday - and don't intend on returning either. But then a reader let me know that she had this sweater in 7th grade, and then I remembered, I did too. So, I'm not sure if this is nostalgia or some kind of style arrested development. Feel like this … [Continue reading]

True Tori fashion: Clothes from Season 2 premiere

Tori's lace blouse: Joie 
Similar: JCP

True Tori is back and worse than ever. Not only did we have to hear about Tori and Dean having sex 16 days in a row, and watch Tori Spelling pee on camera, but I also learned that Mystery Girls was cancelled!!! This week, Tori confronted her demons. And by Demons, I mean the UsWeekly article that featured the picture of Dean's mistress Emily Goodhand. When Tori finally came face to face with … [Continue reading]

Vanderpump Rules fashion: Season 3 premiere

Stassis fringe pumps: Messeca

At the end of last season, it seemed the kids of Sur were headed in their separate directions. Stassi was off to New York. Presumably Tequila Katie would be hitting rehab. Jax was probably headed to Vegas. And Kristen (bless her heart) was headed straight to hell after sleeping with her bestie's ex. But my, how the mighty have fallen. On last night's Vanderpump Rules, the gang was all back … [Continue reading]