Pretty Little Liars fashion: Winter Premiere


Pretty Little Liars returned last night, and in typical Pretty Little Liars fashion, it was for a funeral. Because where are you going to wear your new Alice + Olivia cocktail dress if not to pay your respects to your maybe dead frenemy? Mona is dead, and the Little Liars think Allie did it.  Aria and her band of leather clad misfits drive around Rosewood checking for cell tower pings against … [Continue reading]

Girlfriends Guide fashion: Episode 5

Abby's chain halter dress: Tom Ford  Look for less: Laundry

It's Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce episode 5, and it looks like Abby's got some major competition. While Abby's stock continues to tumble, her adversary Cleo Stevens - who in my humble opinion sounds more like a telephone psychic than a mommy writer - is having her 15 minutes. Backburner baby is the hottest trend, advocating child neglect so that mommy and daddy can drink and have sex. So … [Continue reading]

The Mindy Project Fashion: Clothes from Stanford

Mindy's pink party dress: Herve Leger (modified by the Mindy Project costume dept)

It's back to school for Mindy Lahiri and as she enteres the hallowed halls of Stanford, Dr. Lahiri only has one thing in mind: should she try out for an acapella group or inprov. This fellowship isn't anything like first semester at a big 10. Mindy mistakenly shows up for a "bash" in a hot pink bandage dress, only to find it's not a party- it's a 300 person lecture, and Mindy's humorless … [Continue reading]

Chris Soules Bachelor Fashion: Episode 1


Last night was the Bachelor three hour premiere complete with a red carpet pre-show. Everybody who's anybody was there. And by anybody, I mean all the former Bachelor contestants because none of them have jobs. And, no, selling multi-level-marketing vitamin supplements don't count, former baseball player. Basically, the red carpet was an audition for Bachelor in Paradise 2, with the most … [Continue reading]

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce fashion: episode 4

Delia's hot pink v neck dress: Victoria Beckham  Look for Less: Stella & Jamie

  Episode 4 of the Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is the episode where the Girlfriends go back to junior high. First Abby goes on a date with a boy she has a crush on, and all her friends are kinda like, "you can do better." Then all the girls talk behind Phoebe's back because they see her making out with a boy behind the bushes.  Everyone goes to an awards dinner, which is basically … [Continue reading]

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce Fashion: Episode 3

Phoebe's yellow and gray applique dress: Zadig & Voltaire

If you watch the Real Housewives then you've been subjected to promos for The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce ad nauseum. (You know, Bravo's First. Scripted. Drama!) So, then you probably know that episode three is the vibrator episode. You know, Abby is caught with a giant vibrating purple neck massager as her soon-to-be ex-husband quips, "I thought we weren't introducing the kids to our significant … [Continue reading]

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce Fashion: Episode 2

Phoebe's brown leather dress: Tom Ford  Look for less: Vince Camuto

At this point Abby is getting a divorce. Her book tour is DOA and she's spending time with the "fast moms." You know the ones, right? They're the ones everyone talks about. For Abby, those friends are Lyla and Phoebe - the ones taking Abby on the town and showing her what happens behind the red velvet rope, once the diamond ring comes off. Phoebe is matchmaking Abby with her cutthroat … [Continue reading]

Girlfriends Guide Fashion: Episode 1


I'll admit I was skeptical about watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. After all, why would Bravo need to script a show about women in failed marriages, when they have an entire franchise of reality shows basically designed to drive women to divorce. If you haven't watched it, here's the show in a nutshell. Abby's got it all. She's this uber-successful book author - one of those self-help … [Continue reading]