Young and Hungry fashion: Gabi’s donut tee from Young and Secret

Gaby's donut shirt: Madison and Berkley

On last night's Young and Hungry, Gabi put her relationship with her bestie at risk when she asks Sophia to pretend she's the one dating Gabi's co-worker instead of the personal chef. Things get sticky when Sophia snags Lourde tickets from Josh's boss's fiancee and Sophia doesn't stick to the recipe. The lesson is that life, like cooking, doesn't always turn out the way you expect it, but that … [Continue reading]

Then and now: Possessionista x La Soula build your own charm necklace


My friends and I love to watch as old trends we wore as kids resurface as parents. We've quietly sat by while our kids rediscovered jelly sandals, friendship bracelets and safety pin shoe accessories. But the one thing I haven't seen (yet) are those plastic chain charm necklaces we rocked in the 80's. As much as I loved this trend, I have to confess my personal style is a little too grown … [Continue reading]

Royal Pains fashion from Oh M. G.

Divya's red halter maxi dress: Maiyet

This week in weird medical conditions that only exist on Long Island, Hank and Divya treated a woman with flulike symptoms that turned out to be strokes and an olifactif savant with shaky hands and impaired balance who can't identify the smell of summer blossom and vanilla grass, or something. Seriously, if it's not about Emma Who I pretty much just tune out. Check out more Royal Pains fashion … [Continue reading]

Which Bachelor in Paradise contestant are you?


Part of what makes Bachelor in Paradise so fun is that, on some level, we can identify with all these characters. After all, who among us hasn't stalked Graham Bunn on Facebook? Truly, love is the uniting bond between us all. We just want to be happy. And loved. (Just ask Chris Bukowski who spent half the day trying to track down Deerfield Abby who he met in a bar.) Wondering which Bachelor … [Continue reading]

Win it! Ariel Gordon Love Knot Ring as seen on Andi Dorfman


During her season on the Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman was rarely seen without her Ariel Gordon love knot. It's no coincidence (or maybe it is) that she found love on her season and now Andi and her hunky Hottiance™ Josh Murray are living it up in Atlanta while 16 former Bachelor contestants (each sans love knot) are trying to find love in Paradise. I guess the question is, do you want this … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion from March of Crimes

Emily's leather trim cardigan: Barneys

You know what's confusing to me? Rosewood is such a small town, it has only one eye doctor. One school. One hospital. One coffee shop. And, yet, according to Caleb they have Maggiano's, which is apparently Hanna's favorite. Interesting. I had her pegged more as a Chick Fil A kinda girl. Check out more Pretty Little Liars outfits   … [Continue reading]

Mistresses Fashion from Coming Clean

Joss's beaded tank: Lucky

Tonight as I watched back to back episodes of Mistresses and Pretty Little Liars, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the two. I mean, think about it. Both shows focus on four women dealing with the mystery of someone who's returned from the dead. They take turns alternating between being stalked  but unknown sources and making really bad relationship decisions with unavailable … [Continue reading]

Bachelor in Paradise fashion August 4, 2014

Ashlee's colorblock maxi cutout dress: Monica Wise

Welcome to Paradise! Chris Harrison has traded in his turtlenecks for linen pants, and the folks at ABC brought back some fo your favorite Bachelors and Bachelorettes (plus a few who never made it past the first rose ceremony) to compete for love and a year's supply of Valtrex. The way Bachelor in Paradise works is, according to the show, ABC has brought in your favorite Bachelor rejects (their … [Continue reading]