A-Z fashion: Zelda’s gray dress


You guys, I have a bad feeling about A-Z. I mean, A was for acquaintences. And B was for Big Glory, but judging by the ratings...could C be for Cancellation? There's so much more I need to know about Andrew and Zelda, mostly relating to what Andrew looks like without a shirt. Can we at least make it to T is for topless? I'm not sure. Check out more A-Z fashion and style … [Continue reading]

What to wear to an outdoor wedding in fall


Hi Dana! Those outfits are all adorable! And perfect for just about every occasion except the one I have coming up this weekend... It's a wedding, but it takes place in northern MN, at a camp, and the dress is described as "semi-formal, think northwoods chic." The ceremony is supposed to be outdoors, followed by dinner, dancing and s'mores/campfire, and the high temp is somewhere in the upper 40s. … [Continue reading]

Marry Me fashion preview: Clothes from Marry Me Pilot


Oh I know what you're thinking. Marry Me is the story of Annie and Jake - too long dating, not yet engaged, who through a series of missteps, er misproposals just can't seem to get it right. If it sounds too hokey, you're partly right. But with Casey Wilson as Annie, she's like a less desperate Penny (and you know how I feel about Happy Endings) The show is jam packed with one-liners, … [Continue reading]

What to buy at the ShopBop friends and family sale


It's my favorite time of the year: The Shopbop annual Friends and Family sale, where everything (pretty much) is 25% off and I buy so much that my husband threatens to divorce me. But damn, I look so good while he does it. I know you guys are busy - with work, and brunch, and weddings, and kids' soccer games, and Real Housewives marathons, that I'd save you some time by creating a … [Continue reading]

Found it on Facebook: Quilted jacket


Dana, Im visiting DC and was literally running to try to stop this girl and ask her where she got her jacket. I only managed to snap a pic. Can you please I.D it for me?? I know, it's been a while since I did a Found it on Facebook. To be honest, there's just so much TV that I haven't had much time to scout down the stuff you're looking for. I'm hoping that pretty soon a bunch of shows will get … [Continue reading]

Project Runway Fashion Recap: A guest post by Jillian S., age 12


A few weeks ago I was introduced to 12-year old Jillian S.  an aspiring fashion designer who's often found practicing her ice skating routines in her self-designed costumes. (How cool is that?) Jillian was assigned a project where she has to write and be published for an audience, and naturally I was so impressed by this well-spoken, and savvy young fashionista that I invited her to contribute to … [Continue reading]

Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope’s tweed jacket for less


Scandal is back to its old ways. Featuring the two things I love: creepy political coverups and sophisticated, fabulous cover ups - coats I mean. Last night Olivia - problem solver and purveyor of booty calls rocked her Armani 2013 collection tweed jacket  (we saw it back in season 2 first.) Even if you've saved your pennies since 2013, you're probably out of luck in scoring Liv's tweet coat, … [Continue reading]

Recap: Ready Set Targetstyle!


Well, I lost. But I think I won. Despite not winning the Ready Set Targetstyle competition, I had the best time. And even though I didn't win (did I mention I didn't win?) the judges had some really great feedback. Mary Alice Stephenson gave my second look a 10, and said my first look reminded her of a nod to Michael Kors. Ikram Goldman said my look was cool and considering the challenge … [Continue reading]