Bachelor Pad fashion: Episode 4

Michelle Money's tribal tank: Rebecca Virtue

This week, Bachelor in Paradise is like a date with Marquel. You know, back to back. On Monday we picked up where last week left off, with me feeling depressed that Elise was gone. Michelle was saved by the love of Bukowski and although Robert had given Sarah his rose, Money was still holding out for a date, which never came. Insert obvious Bachelor in Paradise sex joke here. Protein … [Continue reading]

DIY: Joss’s Chardonnay Late Nights Boys tee from Mistresses


I've had more than a few requests for Josslyn's Chardonnay. Late Nights. Boys. tee from Mistresses, but sadly the shirt is more elusive than Aprils faked-his-own-death-deadbeat husband. Dying for your own? Here's a guide to getting a similar one designed by you: American Apparel juniors unisex atheletic tee, liberation font, white under base option. $25.99, Skreened … [Continue reading]

Young and Hungry fashion from Getting Played


You guys know (well most of you do, some of you are just skimmers) that I'm a huge Friends fan. As crazy as it sounds, there are so many things about Young & Hungry that remind me of Friends, and not just Emily Osmet's delivery which sounds just like Courteney Cox if you close your eyes. This week's episode of Young & Hungry was reminiscent of that episode of Friends when everyone … [Continue reading]

Bachelor in Paradise fashion from episode 3


It's week three of Bachelor in Paradise, and as the saying goes, the third time is the charm. Or the time you get pregnant. The show opens where we left off, with Michelle regretting her decision to give Marquel the rose, and Elise regretting wearing that lucite eyesore of a dress that reminds me of a Bat Mitzvah centerpiece from the 80's when Danni Ronco shows up with a date … [Continue reading]

Want to meet Sofia Vergara? Head & Shoulders searches for the next Vergara to be #PartofOurFamily


The following is a sponsored post for Head & Shoulders. The opinions are entirely my own. Especially the part about Sofia Vergara having really, really amazing hair. Everyone knows that good hair is as much about what we put into it as it is our DNA. And though we may curse our parents for limp locks or super course strands, everyone needs a little help when it comes to getting … [Continue reading]

What I wore – to meet Sofia Vergara


I am NOT a personal style blogger. I love clothes like nobody I know, but I'm not super comfortable posing in front of the camera like my fellow fashion bretherin (sisterin?) To be honest, if it's not Saturday night, I'm much happier in jeans (these are my favorites) and a tee shirt than mixed prints and a horsehair clutch. But it's fun to dress up for a special occasion, and even more fun when … [Continue reading]

Found it on Facebook. August 15, 2014


TGIF. I don't know whether it's the weather or all the first day of school photos in your Facebook feeds, but you guys are definitely thinking about fall. From cozy sweaters to fall-inspired jewelry, this week's Found it on Facebook is definitely all about transitional fashion (which works, because I am totally transitioning into weekend mode.) Got something you saw on Facebook, Pinterest … [Continue reading]

Mistresses Fashion: Joss’s outfits from Coming Clean


I can't be the only one who, when Dom confessed to Savi that he'd slept with Toni, screamed at their TV "THEY WERE ON A BREAK." Only minutes later than one of the other Mistresses mirrored my (and Ross's) sentiments did I realize that I'm among cheesy TV kindred spirits. If there's one part of Mistresses I'm most looking forward to, it's the moment where Anna goes full Jennifer Jason Leigh … [Continue reading]