Minnie Driver’s embroidered maxi from About A Boy

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Minnie Driver's Maxi Greylin I've received so many emails about Minnie Driver's tribal dress from tonight's About a Boy that I wanted to get it posted now (even though I haven't seen the episode yet.) Check back for the full About a Boy fashion … [Continue reading]

Nashville Fashion: Clothes from Your Wild Life


Nashville Fashion Rayna's black and white Ikat top Fifteen Twenty When last I watched Nashville (yes I'm an episode behind) bitchy Juliette was back and bitchier than ever. Scarlett rejoined her tour and Juliette was all, "You can't sit with us," … [Continue reading]

About a Boy: Fiona’s clothes from About a Boy


Fiona's kimono Kite and Butterfly (same designer, different pattern) Were you worried about me? I mean, I was a little worried about me. An entire week without Internet or television. Now I know how it felt to live in the 1800's. We're back … [Continue reading]

Which luxury brand is for you – sponsored by Amuze.com

Introducing Amuze.com, the first online luxury flash sale site

As you guys know, I cannot resist a good flash sale. The operative word, of course, being "good." Lately I feel like my sample sales are a lot of same ole, same ole. When I use flash sales, I'm looking for a big brand from an item I'm coveting at an … [Continue reading]

About a Boy fashion: clothes from About a Plumber

Minnie Driver Mandasa & Akil

Fiona's print blouse: Greylin Necklace: Robyn Rhodes You know, I remember really loving About a Boy as a movie. It was sweet and charming and Hugh Grant plays a bit of a cad who's douchbaggery edges are softened by his friendship with Marcus. But … [Continue reading]