Bachelor Pad Fashion Preview: Holly Durst’s striped sweater and boots


Although I could probably remember every brand of every item ever worn on the Bachelorette since Jillian's season, I can't seem to remember Holly Durst from Matt Grant's season. This may be because I was 100% team-Shayne Lamas since the second I set eyes on her over-peroxided head, but I think it's more likely that I just don't remember Holly because Possessionista didn't exist then. Which, I may … [Continue reading]

Mila Kunis Skirt in Friends With Benefits


Hi Dana! I am a religious follower of your blog, and immediately thought of it when watching ""Friends With Benefits"" last night. I am hoping you can ID some of Mila Kunis's wardrobe from the movie? Her her gray tulip skirt on the stairs when they decide to pick up on other people. Thanks!! AimeeMeet Dylan. A guy who no longer believes in relationships.Meet Jamie. A girl who no longer believes in … [Continue reading]

Jill Zarin’s Sequin Dress for a good cause


Aidan Mattox Sequin DresseBay@Possessionista where can I find this gorgeous sequined dress Jill Zarin is wearing in this photo?! Thanks so much! - BrittanyIt's hard to tell from this picture, exactly who makes Jill's dress, but it rendered me a great opportunity to give a shout out to one of the best Bachelorettes in the franchise's history. Despite her penchant for Silly Bandz, Ashley Spivey will … [Continue reading]

Big Brother 13: Jordan Lloyd’s grey crochet flower sweater


Photo courtesy of Reality BBQUpdate: The exact is from Ruche. I'm checking to see if it's still availableThanks to Ally for the tip My favorite part of Big Brother 13 has to be Jordan and Jeff. After years of a hiatus, it's nice to see Nick and Jessica back together on the small screen. Awwww Jordan. Why the sad face? Still grappling with the humanity's deepest mysteries. I'll help you out. … [Continue reading]

Big Brother Daniele Donato’s blue and red tribal print top


Do you know where Danielle from Big Brother got her blue aztec shirt? I can't find a single picture of it online, but it's the shirt she wears to nominate Rachel and Brendon. Thanks for you help! - MelissaCritics of Big Brother would say that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to win this half-witted reality game show.And they would be correct. Because two-time loser Brendon, a current … [Continue reading]

Former Bachelor Contestants to Sell Clothes on EBay for Charity


Remember these? Emily Maynard's blue shirtdress, ruffle romper, colorblock bandage dress and coveted cowboy boots are all available on eBayI often get (snide) comments about how much the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants spend on their clothes.And that, if they had any decency, they'd donate it all to charity.Apparently someone has been reading the blog.Starting this afternoon, some of your … [Continue reading]

Bethenny Frankel’s hot pink mini dress at the skinnygirl sangria launch


Hi Possessionista, Wanted to find out what Bethenny's hot pink little number is. Hot pink + sangria...B is just too good to be true :) Thanks!! AndiAll summer long I have worked to perfect my white-wine-based sangria recipe. And now that I finally have done it (my recipe follows below) I'm excited to put it side-by-side with Bethenny's skinnygirl version.Admittedly, hers will be skinnier than … [Continue reading]

Bachelorette Fashion: Ashley Hebert’s gold hoop earrings on Good Morning America


Raine Earrings$24.00Penelope Guse code POSSROCKS0811 for 10% off storewideThey say that when there's ringing in your ears, it's because someone is talking about you.And right now everybody is talking about Ashley Hebert.So it's only fitting that she has these giant Penelope G gold rings in her ears.Want everyone to start talking about you?Snag a pair for yourself, and let the earring-ing begin. … [Continue reading]