Courtney Robertson’s striped bikini in Vegas


Courtney Robertson's striped bikiniBeach BunnyiI love your blog! Just wondering if you know who makes Courtney Robertson's bikini Thanks! JennyThe other day Courtney Robertson tweeted at me.I'm not sure whether it was to extend an olive branch or to … [Continue reading]

Hollie Cavanaugh’s aztec sequin dress on American Idol


Embellished Pipalli Dress, All Saints Can you help me find this dress that Hollie Cavanagh wore on last nights episode of American idol. Im in love. Thanks  As a parent, sometimes life gets away from you. And it's only through photos, and … [Continue reading]

90210 fashion: Tis Pity


When I like something, like a shirt, or a potato chip, I tend to go overboard and get it in every color (or flavor.) And so does Annie Wilson, whose 90210 fashion makes it clear that her affinity for mullet hem skirts and cropped tops borders on … [Continue reading]

House of Consignment Fashion: Finale


House of Consignment taught me two very important things.Hard work does pay off. And I'm a lousy detective.Turns out NicoleGate ended with a sequin and glitter hot pink slip (not a new brick and morter in Los Angeles.) But what I was most … [Continue reading]

Ritual Cleanse Review: A Real Girl does a juice cleanse (and lives)


So I promised you guys I'd tell you about the juice cleanse (reader Emily Fuller was the winner, and I'm curious about her progress. Emily please let us know your experience once you've done it.) I'm doing this with my friend Rob, so it's interesting … [Continue reading]