Most Eligible Dallas Fashion: Getting To Know You


Amber Venz' lace tank on Most Eligible Dallas, Magda BerlinerI'm going to tell you a secret.And it's not that Courtney and Matt will probably end up together.It's that Courtney's best friend Amber Venz gives me the scoop on Court's adorable duds each week. So I was thrilled that we FINALLY got a glimpse of Courtney's stylist/bestie on this week's booze bus date.And while Courtney's South African … [Continue reading]

Glee Fashion: The Purple Piano Project


I had the pleasure of chatting with Glee fashion genius Lou Eyrich last night who filled me in on Rachel's senior style. Channeling her inner "that girl," for this season's Glee style, Lou decked Rachel in mostly vintage this season. Also vintage Glee? The songs last night. Though, let's me honest. I could probably listen to Lea Michele and Chris Colfer duet the phone book. Click here for … [Continue reading]

Get 15% off at Bauble Bar


A lot of you asked me about a coupon code at Bauble Bar. This literally never happens, but if you like them on Facebook you can sign up for 15% off.And while you're at it. Make sure you like me, too.Because you like me. You really really like me. … [Continue reading]

Up All Night Fashion: Christina Applegate’s blue cowl neck dress


Look. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. If I wanted to watch a show about how unglamorous parenthood is... well I'd just watch my own home videos. Frankly I'm stumped by the whole 10:00 Up All Night timeslot, since the target audience for the show probably goes to bed by 9:30. Present company included. Still, I love me some Christina Applegate, so I'm happy to recap her killer blue … [Continue reading]

Lying Game Fashion: Bad Boys Break Hearts


Mad's Orange Cold shoulder dressJoie Leslie Dress$368.00BloomingdalesIn high school, my best friend Alyssa pissed away our Sophomore year English project writing funny poems for me, while the rest of us toiled away on thesis statements and supporting arguments.But being that Alyssa is, like, the world's luckiest person. the day the project was due, the computer lab had a power surge, and everyone … [Continue reading]

Vampire Diaries Fashion: Elena’s white lace babydoll dress


Photo courtesy of the CW"Hey!  I love your blog. its always so helpful. I'm a big vampire diaries fan and the season premiere aired last thursday. In the ep Elena (Nina Dobrev) wore a white dress at her birthday party. I was wondering if you have any idea where that dress could be found. Thanks so much!" LindsayI'm not sure how many of you know this, but before Nina Dobrev was Elena, she had a … [Continue reading]

Bauble Bar Arm Candy


I have a newfound respect for those fashion bloggers who put together quirky outfits and photograph themselves day after day.You see, I am so totally not one of them.And yet, BaubleBar, my favorite go-to for affordable, on-trend accessories, asked me to pose alongside some of the most notable (Atlantic Pacific and Who What Wear, to name, but two.)And I realized how freaking hard their jobs are.Not … [Continue reading]

Free Agents Fashion: Pilot


Betsey Johnson Crystal Balls and Pearls Frontal Necklace$121.50EndlessI am looking for the fab necklace worn on the season premier of Free Agents by the Executive Assistant Emma.  It was a black, gold and pearl chunky choker that was to die for.  Do you know where to get it? -RandiI don't know whether it's all the reality or all the teen dramedies, but I am basically incapable of watching a 22 … [Continue reading]