Back Zip Boots


Ash Scott Equestrian Boots$335.00shopbop"I was just told by a friend that you can literally find anything fashion-related. I saw a picture of a pair of boots that I am completely obsessed with but cannot find who makes them.... PLEASE HELP!!  Thanks so much!" - SarahI have a philosophy: Own your crazy.Ten years ago, we were expected to keep our neuroses hidden; today we flaunt them like oversized … [Continue reading]

Zoe’s jacket, shorts and Lemon’s eyelet dress on Hart of Dixie


I will never forget how scary the Blair Witch project was; having no idea what was going to happen, the entire movie had me on the edge of my seat. And then again, years later, that same eerie-spine-tingly-hair-standing-on-end at that final moment of The Sixth Sense when you realize that Bruce Willis is dead. (I didn't ruin it, did I?) So you can imagine how bad it sucked when I tweeted that … [Continue reading]

Parenthood Fashion: Forced Family Fun


My friend Azure coined the term "unicorn chaser" for when you see (or read) something really, really disturbing. You need a "unicorn chaser" to wash away all that sad, dark, ugly stuff.And today Parenthood was my unicorn chaser.Last night I stayed up entirely too late finishing "We Need to Talk About Kevin," (a must read for any parent, or anyone literate, frankly) and it left me feeling haunted … [Continue reading]

Heeled Platform Oxfords for less


Report Lance Oxford$69.95NordstromPablo Picasso went through a blue period.Which frankly is was a waste, since restricting oneself to one color seems unneccessarily limiting.On the other hand, I am going through a shoe period, in which I simply cannot get enough footwear, often building entire outfits around my chausseur du jour.I have been on the hunt for a platform oxford like Taylor Swift and … [Continue reading]

Juliette’s striped dress on Ringer


Juliette's striped tank dressMarc by Marc Jacobs silk simone dressBergdorf GoodmanMemory is a funny thing. I can't remember that my kids have a birthday party next Saturday, but a quick glimpse of Juliette's striped dress on this week's Ringer, and I can remember that it's the Marc by Marc Jacobs simone dress.I can remember that Lemon wore it on Hart of Dixie. And that Michelle Obama wore the … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Emily’s Green Dress


Emily's green dress Emilio Pucci Gathered Jersey Dress $1650 My-Theresa They say the best revenge is looking great.  And never has this been more true than at Victoria's latest dinner party during this week's Revenge: Charade.  As usual, Victoria adhered to her strict dress code: "bandage dress chic" and the company was icier than the vodka luge at Daniel's bar mitzvah. And … [Continue reading]

A note to readers via email, Bloglovin and Google Reader

If you're reading this on just scroll down. This will be latin to you.Dear Possessionista readers on Bloglovin, Google Reader, email, etc,First of all, thanks. Thanks for your support and love.And loyalty?You may have noticed, annoyingly, that lately you're only getting a little snippet of Possessionista. I know it's annoying and inconvenient and the whole reason you subscribe … [Continue reading]

Penny’s lace dress and green sequin dress from Happy Endings


The other day I ran across an article about friendship bracelets that referred to Possessionista as an "independent crafts blog... with an odd sense of humor."This was bizarre to me for two reasons. The first being that I don't think my sense of humor is odd (okay maybe the eating disorder thing is a little offcolor);And secondly, I am not exactly sure what you could extract from Possessionista … [Continue reading]