Happy Endings Fashion: Blax Snake Home


The most underrated comedy Happy Endings is back.And with it came high waisted jeans, affordable Zoe Chicco necklaces.And more neuroses than my last therapy session.In a word? A-MAH-zing.Click here for more posts about Happy Endings FashionAlex's high waist jeansJ Brand Bette Jean$218.00CuspNecklace by Zoe ChiccoJane's coin/disk necklaceGold Plated Wavy Disc Necklace Style – S/B/N137/G: … [Continue reading]

Ringer Fashion: It’s Gonna Kill Me But I’ll Do It


They say that every Ringer cloud has a silver lining.For Bridget, losing her sister meant finding love, and an amazing new wardrobe.Which doesn't mean that I generally condone fleeing the scene of a crime.But, people, this is Gucci we're talking about.Click here for more posts about Ringer fashionOne shoulder leather dress, GucciCardigan, probably Vince but not confirmedSiobhan's deep v … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Let the Games Begin


Let's face it. 90210 is my guiltiest pleasure.Annie's a hooker and Dixon's on drugs.Sill who am I do mock 90210 fashion, acting or storyline.They're no worse than, say, my screencaps.Click here for more posts about 90210 fashionIvy's navajo print leggingBDG Abstract Legging$39.00Urban OutfittersAnnie's off the shoulder sweaterRubbish Marled Sweater$39.00NordstromSilver's cheetah (or is it leopard) … [Continue reading]

X Factor Fashion: Cheryl Cole’s T Strap Peep Toe Mary Janes


Dana, Let me just express to you how upset I am that Cheryl Cole was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger on the X Factor because you would have had another show to add to your fashionable watch list.  On that note..Can you please ID these shoes and dress too if you wish that she was wearing before Simon went all douchey and fired her? Thank you so much! Cassie I'm not going to lie.I was a little … [Continue reading]

Gossip Girl Fashion: Beauty and the Feast


UPDATED: Blair's blouse is available in white on Gilt. Right now. Blair's yellow ruffle front top Exact: Peter Som (find c/o the CW) Similar: Ruffle Front Cinched Top, $15.00, Sugar Lips @Possessionista where do i find Blair's yellow sleeveless top?? #GG - Jessica Possessionista here. Your one and only source into the scandalous price tags of the gossip girl elite. If … [Continue reading]

Possessionista Exclusive: Steve Madden Discount Coupon Code


Don't forget to vote for Possessionista for your favorite TJ Maxx look every day and then let me know, so you'll be entered to win the $500 shopping spree15% off $75 minimum – enter code PossessionMadden at checkout. Ends October 31st!Sometimes, when I want something, but I'm not sure if I really need it, I wait for the universe to give me a sign.I've been going around and around on these Steve … [Continue reading]

Hart of Dixie Fashion: Parades and Pariahs


Poor Zoe Hart. It's been a rough few weeks in Blue Bell Alabama. She learned she's an illigitamate love child. Everyone hates her. Oh, and she's forgotten all of her pants back in New York. Fortunately Zoe Hart has legs that seem to go on forever. Or, at the very least the entire fall season. Someone asked about Zoe's small necklace. Hart of Dixie fashion assistant Cameron filled me … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Greek Tragedy


Having run out of old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes to imitate, the writers from 90210 have now dug deep to pull storylines from bad Anna Farris movies.As if there's any other kind.Naomi as the spurned house bunny takes to starting her own sorority of misfits, who are surprisingly not that unattractive if they'd just take their glasses off.And, sure, they overhear Naomi call them - wait for it - … [Continue reading]