Katharine MacPhee’s studded hobo

Katharine MacPhee’s studded bag RomyGold Hi Dana! I’m a huge fan of both your site and your twitter account and was hoping you could help me out by ID-ing Katherine McPhee’s studded purse Thanks for your help! Lauren  This weekend I saw my best friend’s daughter in a play where the star of the show gets replaced by […]

  House of Consignment Fashion: Finale

House of Consignment taught me two very important things. Hard work does pay off.  And I’m a lousy detective. Turns out NicoleGate ended with a sequin and glitter hot pink slip (not a new brick and morter in Los Angeles.) But what I was most disappointed about was the lack of “closure” for the season […]

  Cougar Town Fashion: Southern Accents

If my husband were mayor, here’s a list of things I’d demand. No pets dressed in human clothes. No people who pronounce it nuc-ular. No stores that carry clothes that look spray painted. No sensible shoes. Air conditioning in all work out facilities. No bluetooth in public venues. No bringing gluten-free pita into regular restaurants […]