Amber Heard’s grey studded loafer

Amber Heard’s studded loafers Jeffrey Campbell¬† I totally just remembered Amber Heard was from Playboy Club, not PanAm. Which makes this one of the most nonsensical Possessionista posts to day. And there are a lot of them. i absolutely LOVE your blog… checking it is part of my morning routine ūüôā¬†Im obsessed with these shoes […]

  Happy Endings Four Weddings fashion

I am only now just realizing that last week was Happy Ending’s season finale, and it’s future is as unsure as Alex and Dave’s relaysh. Fortunately one thing I wasn’t left wondering about was the Happy Endings fashion from this week which included a sweater I own, a necklace I want, and an accessory I’d […]

  Gossip Girl Fashion: Con Heir

Possessionista here, your one and only source into the scandalous pricetags of¬†Gossip Girl Fashion It seems Blair Waldorf isn’t just settling for Serena’s leftovers. She’s also playing sloppy seconds to Jessica Simpson who wore the same print Etro dress positively ages ago. Careful Blair, too many leftovers can go directly to your hips. Just ask […]