Big Brother Fashion: Daniele Donato’s gray heart fringe top


Photo Courtesy of Reality TV BBQCan you PLEASE let me know where to get the grey off the shoulder fringe top that Daniele wore on  Big Brother?? I am dying to get it- so cute!  THANKS!Last go round, blonde Daniele was all Roxy Surfer Girl, and she embraced it with cute, pastel colored hoodies and print shorts. But this time, Daniele Donato has traded in her blonde locks to play as pissed off … [Continue reading]

Most Valuable Blog


click here to voteA few weeks ago I asked you to help me get nominated for CBS Chicago's Most Valuable Blog competition. The prize is a $50 gift card to Amazon.And a kickass title of Chicago's Most Valued Blogger.As a mostly shallow person, I only care about the title, so if I win, one of you can have the gift card. Just vote for me here  and then leave your email address here. (obviously this is … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Touched by an A -ngel


You know how they say life imitates art?Well my life imitates Pretty Little Liars.Put the phone down. I didn't kill my best friend or sleep with my teacher, or anything that lurid.It's just that while watching Aria blurt out to Ezra her teacher-cum-boyfriend that she'd kissed her neighbor-cum-murderer that I realized that I, too, have strayed.In planning for the upcoming fall season (and it's … [Continue reading]

Emily Maynard’s black lace mini skirt in Vegas


Hi Miss Possessionista, I started following you via twitter a little over 3 months ago and I'm addicted! And totally amazed by your ability to hunt down so many garments, accessories and shoes! I love it!!  The black skirt Emily Maynard is wearing is a MUST HAVE. I will not survive without it.  Please help!! Love your blogs and witty tweets! Keep em coming! JaneThey say what happens in Vegas stays … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Fashion: Episode 2


If there's one word I would use to describe Jake PAvelka, that word would be tenacious.It doesn't matter how many times you knock him down, insult him, break his heart, Jake will never give up on his one true love.Fame.Unlike me, who is totally phoning in the Bachelor Pad fashion recap. Partly because, who are we kidding, there was little to report on, and partly because, just for this moment, I'm … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Fashion: Jackie Gordon’s sequin beaded shoulder dress


Sure, most people walked away from the Bachelor Pad three hour premiere feeling like they'd just lived through the Jake and Vienna show, but what left us wanting more wasn't what Vienna said to Jake, but what Jackie wore on her date with Jake.Well played, Jackie GordonTibi Silk Embellished DresseBay … [Continue reading]

Leslie Bibb on Conan O’Brien


"Hi! I just heard about your site from Kelly Raspberry on the Kidd Kraddick in the morning radio show, and I think you might be just what I need. On June 28, 2011, Leslie Bibb was on Conan O'Brien and she wore a smokin hot black lace romper.  Where in the heavens can I get that? Hopefully not at a ""nothing under $2000 couture boutique""!"I am probably one of three people who remembers Popular.But … [Continue reading]

Mila Kunis Lightning Bolt Necklace in Friends With Benefits


Hi, Dana. Would you happen to know where I can get the lightning bolt necklace Mila Kunis wore in Friends with Benefits? I've looked online, but can't find one exactly like it with the long chain. It was so cute and went perfectly with everything she wore. Thanks for your help, you're the best! I read your blog everyday! Sometimes two or three times! LOL :o) AnnaUpdated: Mila's exact necklace is … [Continue reading]