Beyonce’s snakeskin tunic

Polo Poncho$118.00Show Me Your MumuI need to know who's snakeskin blouse beyonce is wearing!?! Please! -ElizabethWhen I was pregnant, the style was all skintight, fitted and stretch jersey.A good look for most, but not for I - who gains 65 lbs. Mostly in Cheetoes.Oh how I wish I'd know about Show Me Your Mumu when I was pregnant.Luckily for me, Show Me Your Mumu is equally forgiving. Whether … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Benefit of the Doubt


Dear Annie Wilson, We need to talk. Look, I know you're young. You're going to make your share of mistakes, in true 90210 fashion. And I think I've been patient with you. Did I judge you when you stole Naomi's boyfriend? Twice? (yes.) Did I lecture you when you drove drunk and killed that hobo? (a little.) And when you almost sold your eggs to pay for your college education, did I … [Continue reading]

Possessionista on Facebook


I sort of pride myself on being one of those people that doesn't have to be popular.I've always been content with my core group of close friends.With one exception.Facebook.You see, when it comes to Facebook, I like to collect friends like jeans and platform shoes.In mass.I'm working on a project right now that is contingent on building the Possessionista Facebook following, so as needy as this … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Guilt


I had a conversation with a journalist the other day. We were debating Revenge fashion. She lamented that she wished the costimes took more of a risk, pushing envelopes a la Gossip Girl, while I defended the choices. I think they're true to the characters - understated, on-trend and always label centric. Perfect for someone who has money - but little personal style - and always dresses for … [Continue reading]

Ringer Fashion: The Poor Kids Do It Every Day


shirt: Chloeskirt: TartIf Henry is arrested for Gemma's disappearance, I am sure that it's only a matter of time before Bridget is named an accessory.And so, in her honor, I've decided to focus on her  Ringer accessories.Let's see how your Jimmy Choos look with an orange jumpsuit, Bridge.Click here for more posts about Ringer fashionBridget's lace up ankle bootiesMiu Miu Suede Lace-Up Ankle … [Continue reading]

Kristin Cavallari’s cropped twiggy top


Twiggy Cropped Tee by One Grey Day$38.00 (less 25%)Excess BaggageNow that Kristin Cavallari is off Dancing With The Stars, it seems fitting that she might want to curb her spending. Case in point, this super trendy Twiggy shirt that retails for $71.00. My friends at Excess Baggage tell me the shirt is on sale for $38.00. And get this: everything in the store is 25% off.Making it just as great for … [Continue reading]

Emily Maynard Fashion: Emily’s nude dress and blazer


I LOVE this outfit that the very fashionable Emily Maynard wore! The blazer, dress, shoes, necklace.... I think the whole ensemble is incredibly cute!Can you please ID this look? - AmyYou may have noticed I changed the look of Possessionista a few weeks ago. And while I personally think it looks much cleaner, my tinkering with the code behind it has led to my dropping off the face of the earth.At … [Continue reading]

Happy Endings Fashion: Secrets and Limos


You know how that girl you can't stand always says, "I'm totally Carrie Bradshaw?"Or that semi-funny girl from your sorority is always bragging that she's "just like Bethenny Frankel."Well, I am pretty sure I'm Penny Hartz.Just sub "vision blog" for "vision board."I'll be over here, perusing my Us Weekz.a. MAH. zing.Click here for more posts about Happy Endings FashionAlex's sheer, lavender … [Continue reading]