Possessionista Intervention


Today I introduce a new feature called "Possessionista intervention." Dear Jennifer Garner, I get it. You're pregnant. And tired. But would it kill you to get your jeans shortened? And maybe a pair of ballet flats. No one is expecting you to bring down SD-6. Let's give the sneakers a rest, shall we? Love, Possessionista For those of you who keep insisting that Jennifer Garner … [Continue reading]

Kristin Cavallari Draped native-inspired cardigan


Can you ID this awesome jacket Kristin Cavallari is wearing at this pumpkin patch?  Thanks! Alana In honor of Halloween, I thought I'd post a little treat of my own. Kristin Cavallari in a pumpkin patch, wearing a sweater that I would be happy as happy to wear to pick pumpkins. Or to pick a bar fight. You know, the Kristin Cavallari version of Trick or Treat. Click here for more … [Continue reading]

Possessionista Halloween Costume Ideas


As much as I complained about getting dressed up for halloween, there are few things I enjoy more than Facebook pages the day after Halloween. I love trolling other people's pages, checking out their costumes and parties and finding inspiration for next year.If you've got a fun, unique, adorable costume, email me a picture. I'll be posting my favorites on the Possessionista Facebook page. On … [Continue reading]

Happy Endings Fashion: Scary Endings


Here's a confession.I love dressing up.But I hate dressing up.As in Halloween. In fact, I have a party tomorrow and still don't know what to wear. I'd hoped that this week's Halloween episode of Happy Endings would give my husband and me some inspiration for costumes.But he insists that no one would get that we were dressed as "Penny and Max."Got a great idea for a last minute halloween costume? … [Continue reading]

Reese Witherspoon’s Herringbone Cardigan


Herringbone Cardigan $88.00 Madewell   Hey there,  I saw this sweater of Reese Witherspoon and would love to know where to find it. Do you think you and your readers could work your magic? Thank you, Allison We all have that friend on Facebook who posts vague things in her status, just begging for attention.  In fact, some of us are that girl. Reese Witherspoon. Seriously, … [Continue reading]

Emily Thorn’s red dress – Revenge Fashion – Intrigue


If there's one thing I've learned from watching Revenge, it's that you should always be careful. You never know who may be watching. This is just as true when pushing your boss's ex mistress down a flight of stairs, as it is trolling the Internet leaving belligerent remarks in the comments section. Just remember, you never know who installed a camera. Or, in my case, an IP … [Continue reading]

Cassie’s corset dress in Wake – Secret Circle Fashion


Cassie's flower print corset dressRebecca Taylor strapless silk corset dressSaks Fifth Avenue The first time I realized my parents had become old, we were driving in my car and my father complained that the music was too loud.This is kind of how I feel during Secret Circle.Maybe it's my eyes, but damn, if everything isn't too dark on this show.Dark clothes. Low lights. And such an eerie … [Continue reading]

Pippa Middleton’s Zip Jacket


Pippa Middleton's Zip Up coat Zip Up Coat $159.00 Zara Although I own more jackets and coats than anyone in Texas would ever need (15? maybe 20?), that doesn't stop me from coveting this one from Pippa Middleton. Who makes it? Must. Have. It. Love your website and thanks! - Stephanie M The other day, I met with my friend Kiran for our monthly mutual admiration society, where we sit … [Continue reading]