Modern Family Fashion: Haley’s turquoise jeans and wolf top in Disney


Last night we went out for dinner with friends and then for dessert a few blocks away. I pulled a Gloria, wearing 6" stilettos for the first time (and imbibing a little more champagne than was probably necessary.)The resulting stroll went somthing … [Continue reading]

The Bachelorette Premiere Emily Maynard’s sequin mesh gown


I just stopped by from Disney on Ice to meet these gorgeous fellas.There are certain moments in a woman's life that she never forgets.Her wedding.The birth of her children.The first night of Emily Maynard's season of the Bachelorette.Okay, maybe I'm … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Dueling Parties

90210 Fashion

When I planned my wedding, I went round for round with many of Chicago's top party planners. In all of those interviews, tastings, and referrals, not once did any of the planners confess to hosting a party that burned down, had the cops arrive, or … [Continue reading]

Hollie Cavanaugh’s turquoise striped strapless dress on American Idol

Hollie Americal Idol

Photo courtesy of American Idol Do you know where Hollie Cavanagh's blue and white strapless dress and wedge shoes are from that she wore on the elimination show on May 10, 2012?  -Lauren It's curtains for Hollie Cavanaugh. And I'm not just … [Continue reading]

New Girl Fashion: Jess’s pearl beaded bow sweater


Jess's pearl beaded bow sweater Kate Spade Ellis Sweater  Um @Possessionista? RT @VladaGelman: Seriously, where do I get Jess' top from #NewGirl?  You know what I was thinking? When New Girl comes back next season, are they going to have … [Continue reading]