Glee Fashion – First Time


You always remember your first. Your first date. Your first kiss. And the first time you actually forgot to write about Glee fashion  on your weekly fashion blog. After nearly a week of being a tease, I finally got around to doing the deed; watching this week's episode, I mean. After spending countless hours debating whether or not I was ready, I finally committed to giving myself over to … [Continue reading]

Lauren Graham’s striped cardigan on Parenthood


While watching Parenthood this week, I couldn't help but think about how missed traditions shape us as adults as much as the ones we partake in. For Amber, her father disappointing her each birthday has played as much a part in her adulthood as those intimate family dinners where Coach and Bonnie Bedelia wax poetic about their familial dysfunction. Similarly, for months you've been telling … [Continue reading]

Cassie’s plaid tunic shirt in Secret Circle


Photo courtesy Liane Hentscher/The CW © 2011 The CW Network, LLC. It's no secret I love me some teen dramas - Pretty Little Liars, Lying Game...But what is a secret is a few weeks ago, I was all but ready to drop Secret Circle like a hot potato.And not because I'm giving up carbs.But then last week, Secret Circle took a turn for me, and the plot suddenly sucked me in as though Cassie herself had … [Continue reading]

Taylor Swift Pink Sweater at CMAs


Photo By Mark Humphrey/API'm not one of those people who was ever able to take a test, having only read the Cliff's Notes. So when Country Music Is Love asked me to guest post my best (and worst, yay!) looks from tonight's Country Music Awards, I knew it meant settling in for three hours of songs (and people) I've never heard of.Fortunately, my good friend Taylor Swift was there. Wearing an … [Continue reading]

Kourtney Kardashian two tone boots


"Hey Dana! So I have been tirelessly looking for two-tone riding boots like these on Kourtney Kardashian: I cannot find a decent pair anywhere! Kourtney's are Chanel, obviously out of my price range, so I was wondering if you have come across any similar ones this fall? I found a few that were $600+ but I am not about to spend that, and then the cheapest ones I have found (DSW) literally look THAT … [Continue reading]

Annie and Naomi’s sequin dresses on 90210 – Vegas Maybe


I keep saying to these little starlets whose naked pictures get leaked to the Internet, "don't take the pictures if you don't want someone to see them." The same can be said for kids from 90210 videotaping their shotgun wedding in Las Vegas. Because it's not true what they say. What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. This is true for videotapes of quickie marriages. Not to … [Continue reading]

Leslie Mann’s turquoise top in Modern Family


Leslie Mann's turquoise, cold shoulder topsimilar Elizabeth and James Penelope Top$265Cusphi i know this is kind of really really hard to find but i was watching modern family and i absolutely loveee this shirt. (if the picture doesn't work, it's the blue shirt that the bar lady wore to visit cam)i was wondering if you could possibly try to find it for me. if not, i totally understand you seem … [Continue reading]

Faye Resnick’s sequin off the shoulder dress – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills style


photo courtesy of Bravo TVWhere did Faye Resnick's get her sequined dress on tonight's HWOBH?? -StephanieI know I'm Jewish, but when I heard that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were having a seance, I have to admit I had to check my calendar.Because it sure felt like Christmas.The only question was whether Santa was going to be smoking an electronic cigarette.Alas, it was all for naught, … [Continue reading]