Kristin Cavallari colorblock red and purple dress


  exact: Top by Ani Lee, Skirt Lucca Couture ID courtesy of stylist Lindsay Albanese   Two amazing things happened in the world of Kristin Cavallari and Possessionista today. The first is that Kristin is rumored to be working on her relash with Jay Cutler, meaning there's still a chance that she'll move to Chicago and still be my best friend. The second, and more immediate, is … [Continue reading]

Gossip Girl Fashion: Yes then zero


Blair just saw Dan's hair. My reaction, exactlyPossessionista here. Your one and only source into the scandalous pricetags of the Gossip Girl elite.Summer has come to an end, and it seems our upper east siders have each done a bit of growing.Particularly in the folicular region.With Dan and Nate's hair competing for the anual Hair Don't competition, Chuck was free to continue to cross ways to get … [Continue reading]

Hart of Dixie Fashion: Pilot


Judging by the response on Twitter, Hart of Dixie has a long train ride ahead of itself. Lucky for you,  I love a great trainwreck. Sure there were unrealistic moments. But there were also the makings of a great TV show. Boxed wine and an "I didn't know I was pregnant" moment. When all was said and done, Rachel Bilson was adorable. The clothes were incredible. And I'd be lying if I … [Continue reading]

The Secret Circle Fashion: Bound


I'm starting to realize that Secret Circle is the CW version of Pretty Little Liars.It's just that instead of bitches, these kids are witches.Except Faye. (She's actually both.)Click here for more posts about Secret Circle FashionFaye's leather jacketLine Simon Leather Jacket$455.00BloomingdalesDiana's floral dressFree People Ditsy Floral Challis Dress$46.80BloomingdalesCassie's short sleeve … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria’s earrings


Photo Courtesy of ABC Family and WetPaintomg i would love to know where aria's earrings where from? Thanx! KiannaThey say it takes a village to raise a child.And it takes just as many to track down Pretty Little Liars Aria's gigantic earrings.It's taken me several weeks, and just as many experts, to finally get to the bottom of Aria's earring mystery. But finally we have answers, thanks to the … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Rush Hour


This week, the girls of West Bev, or Cal U, went through Rush.And while critics may say that a sorority is for buying your friends,  I have to confess that I met some of my best friends in my college sorority.However, if a sorority is for the purpose of purchasing friends, then 90210's Naomi Clark probably doesn't need one considering she already has all the best friends she can handle.The one who … [Continue reading]

Parenthood Fashion: Lauren Graham’s Black lace and tulle dress


Alice by Temperly Fabienne DressNet-A-Porter"Hi Dana, I think you are the only one who can possibly find this dress: Lauren Graham wore a gorgeous black dress for her birthday party scenes in the season premiere of Parenthood last night and I can't find it anywhere. Any idea of who made it?Thanks! ~Sarah"So I have never kept it a secret that my ultimate goal is to have a TV show.And to be a size … [Continue reading]

Courtney Kerr’s low back dress: Most Eligible Dallas Fashion


The Dress$425.00Amber VenzThe most intriguing part of Most Eligible Dallas is not the relationship between Matt and Courtney. Or Matt and Neill. Or frankly Matt and the entire squad of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.It's Courtney's custom low back dress from the Diffa event.Designer (and Courtney's bestie) Amber Venz has made a very limited number of these dresses available.Grab yours. Lest the … [Continue reading]