Former Bachelor Contestants to Sell Clothes on EBay for Charity


Remember these? Emily Maynard's blue shirtdress, ruffle romper, colorblock bandage dress and coveted cowboy boots are all available on eBayI often get (snide) comments about how much the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants spend on their clothes.And that, if they had any decency, they'd donate it all to charity.Apparently someone has been reading the blog.Starting this afternoon, some of your … [Continue reading]

Bethenny Frankel’s hot pink mini dress at the skinnygirl sangria launch


Hi Possessionista, Wanted to find out what Bethenny's hot pink little number is. Hot pink + sangria...B is just too good to be true :) Thanks!! AndiAll summer long I have worked to perfect my white-wine-based sangria recipe. And now that I finally have done it (my recipe follows below) I'm excited to put it side-by-side with Bethenny's skinnygirl version.Admittedly, hers will be skinnier than … [Continue reading]

Bachelorette Fashion: Ashley Hebert’s gold hoop earrings on Good Morning America


Raine Earrings$24.00Penelope Guse code POSSROCKS0811 for 10% off storewideThey say that when there's ringing in your ears, it's because someone is talking about you.And right now everybody is talking about Ashley Hebert.So it's only fitting that she has these giant Penelope G gold rings in her ears.Want everyone to start talking about you?Snag a pair for yourself, and let the earring-ing begin. … [Continue reading]

So You Think You Can Dance: Christina Applegate’s Sequin Top


@Possessionista Christina Applegate's off the shoulder sequin top (maybe dress??)?? Who? Where? #help - JackieWhen I have trouble sleeping, I turn to Nick at Night as a sort of entertainment Ambien. In the last five years, I have nocturnally made my way through the Golden Girls, Fresh Prince, The Nanny, Everybody Loves Chris, and now I am onto Married With Children.So I felt doubly lucky that I … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Preview: Gia’s champagne kimono


I know that God watches reality TV.How else can you explain Gia as a two-time contestant on the Bachelor Pad.Like I said, God watches reality TV.And wasn't looking forward to Vienna's fashion any more than I am.Aaia Dress $249 RadenroroGia's ring, Starry Night by Bitapourtavoosi, $50.00, Etsyinterested in Gia's dress? Leave a note below. If there's enough interest Radenroro will re-release the … [Continue reading]

Giuliana Rancic’s pleated hot pink chiffon Fashion Police dress


Please help find the dress that Giuliana wore in the clip above. Thank you, love your site, you're the best!! :)  -DianeYou can dress for men. Or you can dress for women.But Giuliana's vintage, chiffon pleated dress falls into the "none of the above category."Dressing for herself.I am sure that as many men as women will hate Giuliana's hot pink confection, but I personally loved everything about … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Save the Date


I'm giving Mandi Line, wardrobe designer for Pretty Little Liars, the night off tonight.Partly because it's her birthday.And partly because there were hardly any costume changes tonight.Emily spent a majority of the night in a hospital robe, while Hannah wore this 80's inspired neon pink dress from that mall royalty you know as Bebe.And speaking of mall royalty, do you know what I saw this … [Continue reading]

After the Final Rose: Ashley Hebert’s fashionable media tour in New York


I'd like to say that I'm happy for Ashley Hebert, with her newfound stardom, her enviable wardrobe (see below) and her super hot fiancee.But the truth is, I feel a little like Julia Roberts in "My Best Friend's Wedding."I've got four days to break up a wedding and steal the bride's fella.You see, the only thing I am more jealous of than the dresses Ashley has graced doing Regis & Kelly, Good … [Continue reading]