Ringer Fashion: Whores don’t make that much

I don’t know what’s more frustrating. That I can’t afford any Ringer fashion. Or that I can no longer tell Siobahn and Bridget apart. Seriously.  And that twist in the end. Who saw that coming?  Mommy dearest indeed. Juliette’s mom definitely is a no-wire-hanger kinda lady. Click here for more Ringer style posts Juliette’s red floral print […]

  Bachelor Fashion: Hometown Dates

I’ll admit it. I’m no better than Ben. I’ve been completely manipulated by Courtney’s good looks and feminine wiles. She’s cleverly withheld her fashion from me for several weeks now – presumably because I started a rumor that she has hooves and breathes fire and is the offspring of Cruella deVille and John Goodman’s character […]