Parenthood Fashion: Lauren Graham’s Black lace and tulle dress


Alice by Temperly Fabienne DressNet-A-Porter"Hi Dana, I think you are the only one who can possibly find this dress: Lauren Graham wore a gorgeous black dress for her birthday party scenes in the season premiere of Parenthood last night and I can't find it anywhere. Any idea of who made it?Thanks! ~Sarah"So I have never kept it a secret that my ultimate goal is to have a TV show.And to be a size … [Continue reading]

Courtney Kerr’s low back dress: Most Eligible Dallas Fashion


The Dress$425.00Amber VenzThe most intriguing part of Most Eligible Dallas is not the relationship between Matt and Courtney. Or Matt and Neill. Or frankly Matt and the entire squad of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.It's Courtney's custom low back dress from the Diffa event.Designer (and Courtney's bestie) Amber Venz has made a very limited number of these dresses available.Grab yours. Lest the … [Continue reading]

Big Brother Fashion: Daniele Donato’s lace metallic dress


Another question from Daniele Donato's closet: Do you know where she got that gorgeous metalic lace dress with the scoop back that she wore on the show finale last night? I have searched through blogs and blogs and no one seems to know! Thanks!! JustineYou know how there are certain people in your life, and they're annoying and irriatating, and seemingly always there?But then one day they're not? … [Continue reading]

Parenthood Fashion: Hey if you’re not using that baby


Parenthood is sort of like flossing.Something you know you should do, but there just never seems to be enough time.This year I made a resolution to floss.And watch Parenthood.I'll tell you I'm doing really well on one of these two commitments.Click here for more posts about Parenthood fashionHattie's orange shirtdressSunday Stroll Dress for Madewell$84.00ShopBopHaddie's monogrammed … [Continue reading]

Ringer Fashion: She’s Ruining Everything


Bridget's Black, one sleeve, gold embellished evening dressKaufman FrancoI am only committing to writing about Ringer until episode six.In part because stylist Cynthia Bergstrom only designed the first six episodes.And partly because I'm just not sure it's going to last for many more episodes than that.What do YOU think about Ringer? Leave your comments below.Click here for more posts about Ringer … [Continue reading]

Most Eligible Dallas Fashion: Getting To Know You


Amber Venz' lace tank on Most Eligible Dallas, Magda BerlinerI'm going to tell you a secret.And it's not that Courtney and Matt will probably end up together.It's that Courtney's best friend Amber Venz gives me the scoop on Court's adorable duds each week. So I was thrilled that we FINALLY got a glimpse of Courtney's stylist/bestie on this week's booze bus date.And while Courtney's South African … [Continue reading]

Glee Fashion: The Purple Piano Project


I had the pleasure of chatting with Glee fashion genius Lou Eyrich last night who filled me in on Rachel's senior style. Channeling her inner "that girl," for this season's Glee style, Lou decked Rachel in mostly vintage this season. Also vintage Glee? The songs last night. Though, let's me honest. I could probably listen to Lea Michele and Chris Colfer duet the phone book. Click here for … [Continue reading]

Get 15% off at Bauble Bar


A lot of you asked me about a coupon code at Bauble Bar. This literally never happens, but if you like them on Facebook you can sign up for 15% off.And while you're at it. Make sure you like me, too.Because you like me. You really really like me. … [Continue reading]