Rose Gold Manicures


OPI for Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper$9.50SephoraConsidering how vain I am, I'm shockingly low maintenance.I'm often overdue for hair color. I don't get spray tans or facials.But when it comes to my nails, I'm full princess.And I'm loving all the nail art that's emerged in the last year, or so. Though my friends often tease me for painting one of my fingers differently from the rest, or my … [Continue reading]


Cynthia Rowley handmade sunglasses, exclusively for New York Fashion Week$79.00IdeeliCausing the greatest buzz - besides the champagne - were Cynthia Rowley's Fashion Week Sunglasses.Attendees of last night's soiree, wobbled in their stilettos over Cynthia's uber cool tortoise shades and frameless sunnies.The same frames are on sale at an exclusive price over on Ideeli today.Which means the love … [Continue reading]

Possessionista Fashion’s Night Out at Cynthia Rowley


As you know by now, last night was Fashion's Night Out, and despite the crummy Chicago rain, hundreds of Possessionistas turned out to meet me at Cynthia Rowley.Sprinkles provided adorable (and delicious) mini cupcakes, and Bliss Spa demonstrated its new Fablulips treatment.My readers sipped champagne, thumbed through the fall lookbook and posed for pics with yours truly, thanks to my favorite … [Continue reading]

Gossip Girl Fashion: Blake Lively’s chiffon skirt and striped tank


THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO VOTE FOR ME FOR MOST VALUABLE BLOG. Let's Do this.  (Don't forget, if you vote, you should submit your contact information to me. If I win, I'm giving the $50 gift card prize to one of you!) I'm in love with Blake Lively's date with Leo look in Australia - do you know where I can get my own Leo I mean date outfit like Blake's? - JessePossessionista here, your one and … [Continue reading]

Lying Game: Twinsense and Sensibility


This week on the Lying Game, Sutton told down-on-her-luck twinsie Emma that she's ready for her life back.But the way I see it, Sutton should be thanking Emma. While Emma is doing great PR for Sutton - winning over her boyfriend, parents, sister, friends and the law enforcement officials of Scottsdale, Arizona - Sutton has been freed of all ties.Including a flat iron.Click here for more posts … [Continue reading]

Pippa Middleton’s Blush Maxi


Hi Dana!  Can you tell me where Pippa got the peach/nude maxi?  thank you!! Can't wait for u to win best blogger :)  - Kristen Can you imagine being so famous that your WAXING appointment would be of national importance? I mean, seriously? The headline on this photo reads, "Pippa Middleton wears nude maxi dress to her waxing appointment." And in a departure from Pippa's usual supershort … [Continue reading]

Entourage Fashion: Second To Last


All week people have been asking me about Sloan's purple bag.And all week I've been like, "what the hell are you guys talking about."Turns out I missed the memo on the back-to-back episodes of Entourage last week.Which I'd much rather miss, than my period.Eh, Sloane?Jordie Bag$595.00DonatienneRockstar Cargo Pants$154.00Blue Heaven BoutiqueDolce Vita Spencer Heel$91.82Endless … [Continue reading]

Most Eligible Dallas: Make Love Not War


When it comes to the "right to bare arms" I'm more of a tank top than handgun kinda girl.Still I couldn't ignore the scene with Courtney Kerr at the gun range and in particular her flowy white tee shirt.Which would look adorable in a march on Washington.Regardless of which side you stand on.Vince Dolman Sleeve TeeSaksNecklaces by Amber VenzFor more of Courtney Kerr Fashion visit here … [Continue reading]