Lindsay Lohan’s court appearance maxi and vest


Pussycat did you see Lindsay loans outfit to court? Do you have any clue who makes it? Lindsay Lohan is taking a page straight out of the book of Madonna. Only instead of reinventing herself she is reinventing fashion.First it was leggings. Then self-tanner.And now? Lindsay's created an entirely new category of clothing.You've heard of day-to-night? Well she's doing court-to-nightclub.Like this … [Continue reading]

Miley Cyrus’ tribal print cardigan


Could you tell me where Miley got this cardigan? I love it! - MelanieHollywood can be a jungle.Just ask Miley Cyrus.When she's not smoking salvia or getting a tattoo, Miley Cyrus is learning the navigate the wild streets of Hollywood. Trading in her "kicks" for this Robertson-sourced animal print cardigan, I can't help but wonder whether Miley is trying to camouflage herself, or like the animal … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars: Picture This


Pretty Little Liars Aria's philosophy on men is just like my philosophy on clothes.I'll go to any length to get the one I want. No rules can keep me from them. No challenge to difficult to overcome. And once I finally get it, I'll be over it just as fast.And onto the next one.Except in my case it's shirts. And not murderous neighbors.Potato, Potahto.Click here for more posts about Pretty Little … [Continue reading]

Got the Blues? Kyle’s sapphire teardrop earrings


Faux Sapphire Teardrop Earrings, $150.00, Jennifer Miller JewelryWith the Bachelor nearly over, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills still months away, I feel nostalgic for the reality shows I love to recap.You might say I have the blues.To ease my pain, Jennifer Miller Jewelry just sent me this year's version of Kyle's emerald teardrops in sapphire blue.Which just may leave my favorite … [Continue reading]

Kristin Cavallari’s tribal print maxi skirt


This skirt is AMAZING, do you know where I can find it? -Jesse Fashion, like love, is all about timing. It's not enough just to love someone. It's got to work out for your lifestyle. Your career. Your readiness. Just ask Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. The same could be said for Kristin Cavallari's skirt. Had the Hills babe worn this skirt a little earlier, Jesse would have … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Fashion: Episode 1


While listening to Kasey repeat ad nauseum the words "protect" "manipulator" and "protect" (yes, it bares repeating), I had the opportunity to brainstorm some Bachelor Pad spinoffs:Vienna and Jackie: Mental and Yentl.Jake and Kasey: D-list celebrity deathmatchErica Rose: When Bedazzlers attackJake Pavelka: True Dud.Gia's sheer, black, lace maxiShakuhachi Lace Maxi Dress$149.99Urban … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Fashion Preview: Holly Durst’s striped sweater and boots


Although I could probably remember every brand of every item ever worn on the Bachelorette since Jillian's season, I can't seem to remember Holly Durst from Matt Grant's season. This may be because I was 100% team-Shayne Lamas since the second I set eyes on her over-peroxided head, but I think it's more likely that I just don't remember Holly because Possessionista didn't exist then. Which, I may … [Continue reading]

Mila Kunis Skirt in Friends With Benefits


Hi Dana! I am a religious follower of your blog, and immediately thought of it when watching ""Friends With Benefits"" last night. I am hoping you can ID some of Mila Kunis's wardrobe from the movie? Her her gray tulip skirt on the stairs when they decide to pick up on other people. Thanks!! AimeeMeet Dylan. A guy who no longer believes in relationships.Meet Jamie. A girl who no longer believes in … [Continue reading]