Teresa Guidice tie dye dress pool party: Real Housewives New Jersey


 hi, do you know who makes teresa's yellow maxi dress she wore at the pool party on RHNJ?? Thnx! - Natalie (Go like Possessionista on Facebook and you could see your requests here too!)  The problem with the Real Housewives franchise, if I may wax … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Forever Hold Your Peace


You know, 90210 is nothing if not subtle. I mean, that kind of foreshadowing. First Ivy's husband dies. Then Ivy tries to kill herself. Annie kills someone. Then she takes someone's faith. Silver thinks she's pregnant. Then learns she wants to … [Continue reading]

Girls Fashion: Jessa’s pants


First of all, are you watching Girls on HBO? It kills me. And I HAVE to find out where one of the characters (jemima kirke) pants are from on last night's episode-who else can help me but you!!! - CarolynYou know there's all this contro about Girls … [Continue reading]

Cougar Town fashion: It’ll all work out and Square One


When it comes to Cougar Town, I've got bad news and good news.The bad news is the cul de sac gang is moving. The good news is they're moving to a new home on TBS in 2013. Which is a relief, because with all of Laurie's crazy ass colorblocking, and … [Continue reading]

Little Wish by Possessionista for La Soula


Little Wish by Possessionista for LaSoula diamond necklace/wrap bracelet, $95nuggent necklace/wrap bracelet, $35I have to admit, as a child of the 80's, I'm a big fan of the return of neon. (I had a hell of a jelly bracelet collection in my day.)But … [Continue reading]