Project Runway Fashion: All About Nina – Nina Garcia’s glitter, maze pattern top


Hi! I was wondering if you could find out what the blouse Nina Garcia is wearing in the latest episode of Project Runway.  The one with the pink sleeves and sparkly design on the front.Thanks!AshleyYou know, last week's episode of Project Runway was called All About Nina, and it occured to me that I have been missing out on a killer opportunity to write about the fashion of someone who always gets … [Continue reading]

True Blood Fashion: Luna’s horse sweater


Where can we grab the horse sweater, featured on Sam Merlotte's girlfriend (True Blood)! Thanks!! -RoxyOne of my favorite games is "6 Degrees of Possessionista" where I spot items on one show that have been previously featured in previous columns.So it's no surprise to see a True Blood/Glee crossover. Despite the complete lack of anything similar between the two shows, in real life stylists Lou … [Continue reading]

Big Brother Fashion: Daniele Donato’s bandana hoodie


photo courtesy of Because You're AddictedHi, I love your blog! I'm a loyal follower :). Would you please help me figure out what brand hoodie Dani of Big Brother was wearing on her birthday? Thank you so much! All best, giaIn Big Brother the one thing they always promise is to expect the unexpected.Case in point? This sweatshirt.Which I never expected anyone to ask about.*shrugs*exact: Lucky Brand … [Continue reading]

Kim Kardashian’s grey honeymoon dress

  krisa Goddess Dress in pewter -- $231 Camelia Boutique Solana Beach, CA 858.481.8616   Hi Dana,  I was wondering if you could use your magic and ID the taupe maxi dress Kim Kardashian wore as she headed off on her honeymoon with Kris Humphries? It is gorgeous! Thanks,  Kiran I read several (valid) opinions pointing out that all the Kim Kardashian wedding coverage has only … [Continue reading]

Secret Circle fashion preview


This fall purple is the new yellow.And feathers are the new sequin.And witches are the new vampire.So I'm totally excited about Secret Circle, the new teen drama (fine I can't totally give them up, sue me.) that's like Dawson's Creek meets  the Craft (hands for those who know which movie I'm talking about.)I got a chance to chat with my pal Maya Mani, who I first met when she did the costumes for … [Continue reading]

True Blood Fashion: Sookie’s red wrap robe


@Possessionista where can I get Sooki's red dress on tonight's episode of True Blood??!!I've always suspected Sookie to be a bit of a slutty lingerie type of gal. Despite her proclivity for sweet sundresses and heart-print hoodies, I think that when the lights come down (and the vampires get up) Sookie drops her good girl act.And is just as naughty as the dead dudes she counts among her … [Continue reading]

The Lying Game Fashion: Being Sutton


Look, I know ABC Family means well. All these cautionary tales about teenage pregnancy, and cyberbullying.But I would be remiss if I didn't at least aknowlege my frustration with how the Lying Game glossed over Char's intent to leave the tags on her new dress, and return it after she wore it so she could send her brother the money.It's one of my biggest pet peeves - even in scripted dramas - when … [Continue reading]

Entourage Fashion: Motherf*cker Dana Gordon’s black bag


Hi, I was wondering if you could find out the designer and style name of Dana Gordon's bag on last night's Entourage. She has it with her when she is leaving Ari's office. Thanks so much!  MauraI'd have to say that anyone who runs around town with Ari Gold probably has more baggage than your average 30-something.Decked in a bespoke suit by Stephen Seo, Dana Gordon put all her baggage on display … [Continue reading]