Vampire Diaries Fashion: Elena’s white lace babydoll dress


Photo courtesy of the CW"Hey!  I love your blog. its always so helpful. I'm a big vampire diaries fan and the season premiere aired last thursday. In the ep Elena (Nina Dobrev) wore a white dress at her birthday party. I was wondering if you have any idea where that dress could be found. Thanks so much!" LindsayI'm not sure how many of you know this, but before Nina Dobrev was Elena, she had a … [Continue reading]

Bauble Bar Arm Candy


I have a newfound respect for those fashion bloggers who put together quirky outfits and photograph themselves day after day.You see, I am so totally not one of them.And yet, BaubleBar, my favorite go-to for affordable, on-trend accessories, asked me to pose alongside some of the most notable (Atlantic Pacific and Who What Wear, to name, but two.)And I realized how freaking hard their jobs are.Not … [Continue reading]

Free Agents Fashion: Pilot


Betsey Johnson Crystal Balls and Pearls Frontal Necklace$121.50EndlessI am looking for the fab necklace worn on the season premier of Free Agents by the Executive Assistant Emma.  It was a black, gold and pearl chunky choker that was to die for.  Do you know where to get it? -RandiI don't know whether it's all the reality or all the teen dramedies, but I am basically incapable of watching a 22 … [Continue reading]

Pippa Middleton Fashion: Turquoise Dress and Studded Bag


Hey Dana, Any chance you'd be able to identify Pippa's recent teal dress/blazer/and studded bag? The booties? Ehh. Thanks! Katie Of late, the free world is talking about Pippa's booties. But for once it's not that booty. And sure, I give her royal hotness props for amping up her royal footwear (seriously, can we NOT see another pair of sensible wedges?) But it was only once I caught a … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Fashion: Ashley Spivey, Hebert and Jackie Gordon at Us Weekly Most Stylish New Yorkers Party


Photos courtesy of Wet Paint and Us WeeklyLeft: Jackie Gordon in Alberto Makali c/o Lending LuxuryLeft Middle: Ashley Spivey in BCBG Right Middle: JP Rosenbaum looking adorableRight: Ashley Hebert in Ayin Pant and top, both Radenroro and KV Bijou earringsWhen I first started tracking the fashion of the ladies of the Bachelor, I heard from plenty of naysayers.The Bachelor, they argued, was the very … [Continue reading]

Rachel Bilson Lace Maxi Skirt


  "Hi! I am in love with a skirt Rachel Bilson wore leaving House of Pies July 8, 2011. Could you help please!  -Anvy" Clothes, like love, sometimes appear when you stop looking for it. Take, for example, this lace, tiered maxi skirt that Rachel Bilson was spotted wearing in July. For the last two months I have exhausted every last option trying to track down Rach's  lace maxi … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Up in Flames


Tuesday was a particularly shitty day, after coming home empty handed from the Missoni for Target debacle, I was brokenhearted not to have my usual Pretty Little Liars to fall back on. But then, like a gift from the Hollywood gods, I turned on the CW and there was the whole West Bev gang, like a group of old friends, waiting to give me a poorly acted hug.In true 90210 fashion, the season premiere … [Continue reading]

Jessica Alba in Show Me Your Mumu


 Gypsy Skirt. Worn as a Dress.$136.00Show Me Your MumuJessica Alba is not normal.Seriously. No one should look this amazing mere weeks after giving birth.Hell, I don't look this good, and I'm three years post partum.But one thing Jess and I do have in common is our undying love for the uber comfy, boho chic, California cool gauzy skirts, oversized tunics and hippy pants by Show Me Your Mumu.I'm … [Continue reading]