Girls Fashion: Jessa’s pants

First of all, are you watching Girls on HBO? It kills me. And I HAVE to find out where one of the characters (jemima kirke) pants are from on last night’s episode-who else can help me but you!!! – Carolyn You know there’s all this contro about Girls and its bad sex. But the truth is, […]

  Glee Fashion: Choke

I think Sue Sylvester and I have a lot in common. I mean besides the track suits. Sue and I both have a habit of making inappropriate jokes at inopportune times, and have no qualms about launching super preachy lectures of what’s right and wrong without ever acknowledging that we might actually be complete and […]

  Emily Maynard’s silk romper

Emily Maynard’s silk print romper Whitney Eve via HauteLook When it comes to the Bachelor/Bachelorette, there’s a fine line between sleuthing and stalking. Taking screenshots from promo videos and blowing them up to inspect details? Sleuthing. Peering into Emily’s windows and sneaking through her house to inspect the labels inside her enviable wardrobe? Stalking. Fortunately, […]