Pretty Little Liars: Surface Tension


Sometimes I think that Pretty Little Liars is setting us up for a spinoff. Negligent little parents. With one kid breaking and entering, and another shoplifting for sport, I wonder if maybe these parents might want to take a break from hosting dinner parties and having affairs with their exes. And try a good, old-fashioned time out.Click here for more posts about Pretty Little Liars Fashion … [Continue reading]

Vanessa Minnillo’s post-honeymoon maxi dress at LAX


photo courtesy of splash news  Help! Hi Dana!Looking for the dress that Vanessa Minnillo was photographed in returning from her honeymoon! - KatherineYou know the worst part of getting married (besides the inevitable fights over money) is that moment when the honeymoon is over.After months of being the center of attention, of being lavished on by your family, friends and complete strangers, it's … [Continue reading]

Bachelorette Fashion: Ashley Hebert’s pleated white cropped cami in fiji


Ashley's white, cropped camisole in fiji$149.00RadenroroI'll admit it. I am not a fan of this whole midriff baring trend. And that's not just because I've had two babies (and a lot more cheetoes.)But I loved the detailing in Ashley's cropped cami this week on the Bachelorette, and was delighted to learn that it's by one of my favorite designers to work with - Radenroro - who also designed Gia's … [Continue reading]

Entourage: Home Sweet Home


When Eric revealed that he and Sloane had broken up, yet again, my first thought was not of Vince's sobriety. But rather, who would I write about if Sloane doesn't have a recurring role on the show.Here's hoping Sloane and Eric reconcile.Otherwise Vince won't be the only one going through withdrawl.Jenny's pink dressMason by Michelle Mason Apron Cut Out Dress, $231.00, RevolveSloan's print, … [Continue reading]

Heads Up: Friendship Bracelets are Back Wednesday, July 27. 12:00PM

A lot of you asked me to let you know when the bracelets will be available. I'll be posting the last of them at 12:00 CST. Wednesday July 27. Leave a comment below if you're interested.  … [Continue reading]

Summer Stems


Pour La Victoire Irina Pump, $139, GiltSometimes I write about the shows I watch.And sometimes I write about the things you are looking for.But my favorite things to write about are the things I truly love.Like these brightly colored platform pumps in delicious candy colors. They're a great alternative to a classic black pump and can spice up an ordinary black mini dress, or a pair of great … [Continue reading]

The Bachelorette Fashion: Ashley Hebert in Fiji


Last night's the Bachelorette was all about unexpected returns. Ryan returned. The half-shirt returned. And in that spirit I'll return later today with the rest of Ashley's clothes, including her amazing geode ring, red blouson dress on her date with Constantine, and anything else you're looking for. Pink Calcite Ring, $120Please note, each stone is unique, and each ring will be slightly … [Continue reading]

Ali Fedotowsky’s orange dress and statement necklace during her interview with Chris Harrison


@Possessionista everything Ali was wearing last night from the necklace to orange dress and nude shoes were fab! where can we get it all!?When I heard that ABC would be doing a "where are they now" segment at the end of the Bachelorette I got excited. Would I finally get the story on Sadie Murray's called off engagement. Or whatever happened to Helene's colorblock wrap dress.But then I realized … [Continue reading]