Emily Maynard Fashion: Emily’s nude dress and blazer


I LOVE this outfit that the very fashionable Emily Maynard wore! The blazer, dress, shoes, necklace.... I think the whole ensemble is incredibly cute!Can you please ID this look? - AmyYou may have noticed I changed the look of Possessionista a few weeks ago. And while I personally think it looks much cleaner, my tinkering with the code behind it has led to my dropping off the face of the earth.At … [Continue reading]

Happy Endings Fashion: Secrets and Limos


You know how that girl you can't stand always says, "I'm totally Carrie Bradshaw?"Or that semi-funny girl from your sorority is always bragging that she's "just like Bethenny Frankel."Well, I am pretty sure I'm Penny Hartz.Just sub "vision blog" for "vision board."I'll be over here, perusing my Us Weekz.a. MAH. zing.Click here for more posts about Happy Endings FashionAlex's sheer, lavender … [Continue reading]

Cinder-Tenley: Catching Up with Tenley Molzahn


Remember that part in Cinderella, where she finds out she's going to the ball, and then all the neighborhood mice and birds work together to create a gorgeous gown and accessories for Cinderella's big day?Well this is just like that.Only less woodlawn creatures.I've received dozens of requests for real life Disney princess, Tenley Molzahn's latest looks, and so I hooked up with Tenley's fairy … [Continue reading]

Most Eligible Dallas Fashion: Finale


Well she did it.Courtney Kerr went and hooked up with Manboy Matt Nordegren, only to find herself once again in the friend zone, on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens couch.Look, I'm not expert when it comes to body language, but judging from the stance on Watch What Happens Live, the only thing less likely that Courtney and Matt finding true love, is Most Eligible Dallas finding a second … [Continue reading]

Lying Game Fashion: Finale


The only thing more surprising than seeing Sutton drive her car into the water, was finding out this was the mid-season finale of Lying Game.Saying goodbye to stylist Mimi Kaupe after weeks of corresponding was a lot like saying goodbye to a friend who'd I'd grown to count on.So I understand why Emma would keep her true identity a secret. Especially before opening all those … [Continue reading]

Project Possessionista: Possessionista attends her first fashion show


Yesterday I had the privlege of attending Chicago Fashion Incubator's runway show, highlighting up and coming Chicago designers.I don't know much about fashion - but I've watched enough Project Runway to understand and appreciate great clothes.For me it was my Nina Garcia moment. Here are the looks that were safe from elimination.Which look was your favorite? Leave it in the comments … [Continue reading]

Bad Hair Day : Coal hats from Planet Blue


Coal Karolyn Beanie$40.00Planet BlueSomething totally embarrassing happened last week.I was at my 3-year-old's hip hop class in a suburban tuxedo (yoga pants and a ponytail) and I started chatting about Possessionista with the other mothers.One of them says to me, "Omigod! I read that.""You do?" I replied. "That's me!""Yeah, you look different in your pictures."*Crickets.*It's time for a … [Continue reading]

TJ Maxx Fashion Chops Results

We Did It!Actually, you did it. Thanks to all of you, Possessionista won the TJ Maxx/Marshalls Fashion Chops competition. As a prize, I win a $500 shopping spree that I am giving to one of you. So if you voted, and never let me know, please make sure to enter here. I'll be drawing the winner at 9AM tomorrow morning.And a promise. You gave me Most Valuable Blogger. You gave me FashionChops. Now I … [Continue reading]