Possessionista in Tres Awesome


PHOTO COURTESY OF TRES AWESOME In the 8th grade my life was forever changed when I met Marni B at summer camp.She was one of those friends that I'd known my whole life, even though we'd just met.And we bonded over boys, and bugs, and for some reason we'd refer to everything as tres. (i.e. the food was tres disgusting, and that new boy Jared was tres adorable.) We'd collapse into giggles annoying … [Continue reading]

Curly in the City Clutches


If you're not hip to blogger culture - and I'm not - then you probably don't know that right now the uber-stylish fashion bloggers are way into the American Apparel leather clutch and DIY-ing the hell out of it in unique ways.But thanks to the magic of the social interweb, I was introduced to my new favorite Etsy shop, Curly in the City, a chicago-based gal who specializes in seriously cool (and … [Continue reading]

Locked in a toy store. Possessionista goes wild in Charm and Chain


All grown up friendship bracelets by Frieda & NellieAs a little girl, I used to wish that one day we'd be shopping in a toy store and I'd somehow get separated from my mom. The store would close and I'd be locked in. Free to play - alone - with all the toys that were otherwise off limits to me. As a possessionista, I have the same fantasy, though instead of a toy store, it's Charm & Chain, one of … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars: Never Letting Go (fashion show)


Like Jason DiLaurentis, I totally lost an entire night. It just so happens that during mine, I just missed Pretty Little Liars. And not the murder of my manipulative, calculating, tanorexic sister. There were literally SO many items in this episode, I'll be updating throughout the day. Got something you can't live without from Pretty Little Liars fashion? Email me, and I'll add it. Click here for … [Continue reading]

Michelle Chang Jewelry on Etsy


Sterling baby elephant necklace and baby skull ring, both about $100, Michelle Chang JewelryDo you know what I just realized?Etsy is like American Idol for crafty people.Hundreds of thousands turn out. A few make it big time.And a handful have absolutely no clue what they're doing.Over the course of time, you'll watch Etsy artists grow. And hone their craft.And in the end, one will stand out among … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria’s “A” necklace


Where can I find Aria's black "A" initial necklace on The Devil You Know? Thanks, CarolineI have a confession. I'm in a bit of a funk. Whether it's the lack of inspiring TV fashion, or the general heat, I'm feel like I'm missing my mojo.And when that happens, the best thing to do is to find something - a token or trinket - to remind me who I am.In this case, it's this affordable, little enamel … [Continue reading]

Possessionista Alys Grace Ad – and 15% off storewide


photo courtesy of Liz Irene photographyA few months ago, the folks at Alys Grace asked me to be their first "national" extraordinary woman.For two years, the Menlo Park boutique, that I first learned about from Ali Fedotowsky, has highlighted women who not only love to look good but who care about what's important in life. In a nutshell, they're beautiful inside and out. I was beyond flattered to … [Continue reading]

New Girl Fashion: Zooey Deschanel’s red and white promo dress


I was wondering if you could track down the dress that Zooey Deschanel is wearing in the commercials for The New Girl on FOX? - Lauren I'll admit it. The news that Rachel, Finn and Kurt will not be returning to Glee rocked me to the core. And clearly Fox isn't waiting for the bodies to turn cold, before turning the wardrobe of the McKinley High glee club over to the new girl. Watch … [Continue reading]