Survivor Fashion: Kim Spradlin’s finale outfit

To be sure, Survivor is not a show that’s exactly synonymous with fashion. Very few of us can rock those little buffs. Still, this season of Survivor, winner Kim Spradlin attended the finale looking as though she’d already won the million bucks. Outplay. Outwit. Outlast. Outdress? Kim’s blouse and cheetah shorts Top: Diane Von Furstenberg  […]

  Emily Maynard’s perfume

I can’t smell through my television, so I can’t tell you if I actually like Emily Maynard’s perfume. But since so many of you are inquiring about them, I thought I’d at least tip you off on Emily’s scents courtesy of Katie from Everyday Southernista who did all the investigating.  For more posts about Emily […]

  Shop the Shows: Glee fashion

Whenever you launch a new TV show, it goes through some changes in the first season. For 90210 it meant getting rid of Ethan, and finding Annie a new love interest. For Cougar Town it meant accepting it’s silly name and using it as the punchline once all the Cougars found themselves in committed relationships […]