True Blood Fashion: Sookie’s Leather Jacket


With her penchant for flirty floral dresses, I've always suspected Sookie Stackhouse to be a closet 90210 fan.But when she pulled a Kelly Taylor (I choose me) in the season finale of True Blood, I knew Sookie was a die hard Beverly Hills 90210 groupie.Which makes sense that she'd rock this totally killer leather jacket by Madewell. Which would look just as great in BonTemps as it would in Beverly … [Continue reading]

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Fashion: Kyle Richard’s Turquoise Earrings


hi Dana, your blog is awesome!  Could you help me find the turquoise earrings that Kyle wore on this season's premiere episode of the RHOBh? Thanks a bunch! - JulieOf all the things that happened on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last week, I'm pretty sure Kyle's earrings weren't the most noteworthy.They are, however, the only thing from the show I'd wish on any one of you.Click here for … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Finale Fashion


And so we close the book on another chapter of Bachelor Pad.And like a modern fairy tale, there was intrigue. Love.And finally, two nose jobs and a new set of boobs.And they all lived happily ever after. Jackie's Sequin Spaghetti Strap DressAdrianna Papell Live from the Red Carpet$250.00DillardsHolly's One Shoulder White DressLove 21 A Line One Shoulder Forever21Guess Wide Bow Belt (pictured in … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Fashion Spoiler: Michelle Money’s final outfit

Whether or not she takes home the cash, there's no question Michelle Money was the winner of this season of the Bachelor Pad. With her unfailing fashion sense, smokin' new fella, and a totally revitalized reputation (see, editing is everything) Michelle is leaving the Bachelor Pad universally liked by those in, and out, of the house. And she'll do it wearing this. Haute Hippie Camouflage … [Continue reading]

Entourage Fashion: The Finale Sloan’s Orange Dress and Long White Sweater


No matter how good it is, I always hate the ending of a book.Closing the covers on any story is as hard as saying goodbye to a good friend.And the finale of Entourage, left me with that same pit in my stomach as the final pages of Charlotte's Web. Knowing there was so much more left to happen, and that I wouldn't be a part of it.Here's hoping that the Entourage movie becomes a reality.And that … [Continue reading]

Carrie Underwood’s holey, shredded sweater


 I have a friend that wants this sweater.. help!!Knowing Carrie Underwood, this probably isn't the right sweater.If I were to guess, Carrie's sweater may very well be a custom, knitted sweater. That was then custom ripped. And custom shredded.And when she was done wearing it, she has her very own custom garbage person.To throw it away.So here's a great alternative.Who just use the garbage services … [Continue reading]

Rose Gold Manicures


OPI for Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper$9.50SephoraConsidering how vain I am, I'm shockingly low maintenance.I'm often overdue for hair color. I don't get spray tans or facials.But when it comes to my nails, I'm full princess.And I'm loving all the nail art that's emerged in the last year, or so. Though my friends often tease me for painting one of my fingers differently from the rest, or my … [Continue reading]


Cynthia Rowley handmade sunglasses, exclusively for New York Fashion Week$79.00IdeeliCausing the greatest buzz - besides the champagne - were Cynthia Rowley's Fashion Week Sunglasses.Attendees of last night's soiree, wobbled in their stilettos over Cynthia's uber cool tortoise shades and frameless sunnies.The same frames are on sale at an exclusive price over on Ideeli today.Which means the love … [Continue reading]