Emily Maynard bachelorette makeup and beauty


If you want to see a person's flaws put them in a tense situation.Or film them in HD.But put her under both and Emily Maynard is still near flawless. In part thanks to the makeup artist at The Bachelorette, Gina Modica, who filled me in on Emily … [Continue reading]

Nordstrom Half Yearly Pretty Little Sale


Hanna's pink jeansElizabeth and James. Nordstrom Half Yearly SalePatience, like saving yourself for marriage and a good wardrobe, is a virtue.So while you're not supposed to covet thy neighbor's anything, I'd be lying if I didn't say I've been … [Continue reading]

Emily Maynard’s turquoise ring cookie date


Emily Maynard's two stone turquoise ringRobyn Rhodes , $95 Do you know what ring  Emily was wearing with the blue top on the cookie date? Thanks.In a recent interview Emily Maynard confided that if any of the 25 suitors from her season had approached … [Continue reading]

Shop the Shows: Girls, Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie


With a majority of my must-watch shows having wrapped last week, I found myself waxing nostalgic for some great primetime fashion inspiration.Without the company of Blair, Serena, Zoe and Rachel Berry, I looked to my real life friends at Stefani Bags … [Continue reading]

Ray Ban Aviators on Ideeli


Ray Ban Aviators via IdeeliIt's no secret, I'm a bit of a sunglasses hoarder.If there's one pair that is my go-to day after day it's my Ray Ban aviators. In fact, my favorite pair aren't even mine - they belonged to my husband's ex-girlfriend. I … [Continue reading]