Kelly Ripa’s blue lace long sleeve dress

ASOS angel eye lace dress, $43.00 @KelliTennant: I HAVE to have @KellyRipa dress from the show today. Omg.” YES. Help @Possessionista?I don’t generally watch the news. The way I see it, if something important happens in the world, it’ll happen on Twitter. But this morning, someone asked me to ID Kelly Ripa’s blue long sleeve lace dress. Kelly’s Live fashion […]

  Nordstrom Half Yearly Pretty Little Sale

Hanna’s pink jeans Elizabeth and James. Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Patience, like saving yourself for marriage and a good wardrobe, is a virtue. So while you’re not supposed to covet thy neighbor’s anything, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been coveting Hanna from Pretty Little Liars pink jeans all week. Apparently the shopping […]