Pretty Little Liars: Emily’s cutout shoulder sweater in I Must Confess


Alexander Wang Cutout Halter SweaterNeiman Marcusdo you know the brand of the black top Emily wears in I Miss Confess.  It is the cutout shoulder top she wears to dinner with Ashley Marin and out with Maya.  Thanks! Love love your site - ElleLast week's episode of Pretty Little Liars was called "I must confess."and I must confess when it comes to Emily's wardrobe, I pretty much skip over it.And … [Continue reading]

Most Elligible Dallas: When Pigs Fly


I know it must be difficult to be single in any town.But to be single in Dallas seems nearly insurmountable.The men are either gay, have harems, or talk about their pee on a first date.All of which seem infinitely worse than being single in Dallas.Or anywhere else, for that matter.Courtney's pink flowy maxi dress and turquoise necklaceDress: ZaraNecklace: Amber VenzCourtney's print maxiBlu Moon … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Pad Fashion:


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So should this shirt.Sometimes, late at night, I find myself ruminating about that which I can't control.My mind races, and I'll start asking my husband a hundred questions at once.And the only way to slow it down is medication.I tell you this, because I empathize with Melissa who was clearly in over her head tonight on the Bachelor Pad, getting, not only, … [Continue reading]

Glee Fashion: Quinn/Dianna Agron’s tribal print sleeveless dress


Quick reminder to Vote for me for most valuable blogger. It takes less than a second and costs you nothing.Do you have the scoop on this one, m’lady? - HeidiI know that people love Glee Fashion, present company included. But up until now, I have never seen a character whose style best reflects my own.Then earlier this week, photos from the set of Glee leaked of Quinn in the Hell is Hot These Days … [Continue reading]

Free Agents Fashion Preview

Quick reminder to Vote for me for most valuable blogger. It takes less than a second and costs you nothing.Lafayette 148 New York Clarissa Silk Taffeta Blouse$248.00Saks Fifth AvenueTo be honest, my tv preferences are a little immature.I watch shows that are either a) reality or b) teen dramas. So this fall, I'm trying to diversify, adding a few adult comedies to the mix for my more mature … [Continue reading]

Molly Mesnick’s Sequin Aztec Skirt


How cute is she? Seriously?Regrets? I have a few.On the top of that list? Not writing about Molly Mesnick during her season on the Bachelor. Though, to be fair, Molly will be the first to admit her style has grown incrementally since those days.Oh, and also, Possesionista wasn't around then. Still we all deserve second chances.So when Molly tweeted this picture from her night out with friends, a … [Continue reading]

Hart of Dixie Fashion Preview: Rachel Bilson’s taupe sweater in the preview


Of all my favorite female television protagonists, I think Summer Roberts tops the list. I mean, at least until she became a smelly, animal-saving, hippie Brown student. So I am so excited about Rachel Bilson's return to primetime as Dr. Zoe Hart, the New York-turned-Southern doctor who's going to find love and possibly herself, all whilst wearing amazing drop shoulder sweaters (see … [Continue reading]

Ashley Spivey and Hebert at the Bliss event in New York


Left: Ashley Hebert in Cynthia SteffeRight: Ashley Spivey in Urban Outfitters In high school, I remember a time where three of my friends had a sleepover. They didn't invite me, and then proceeded to call me from the sleepover and tell me all about it. Bitches. Last night I had a similar experience when my (still) best friend from high school met up with Ashley Spivey and Ashley Hebert for the … [Continue reading]