Parenthood Fashion: Nora


Legacy Shoulder Bag$450.00JW Hulme Co.I no longer watch Parenthood exclusively for its fashion or for entertainment.Sure I enjoy the witty banter and the intimate family dynamic between the Bravermans, but in truth, the reason I watch Parenthood is medication management.Because every Wednesday I find myself in tears at some point during this show.Which reminds me that I've forgotten to take my … [Continue reading]

Kourtney Kardashian orange snake top


  Kourtney Kardashian orange snake print top Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent lace up blouse, Snake $289.00 Singer22   Love them or hate them, the Kardashian girls have covetable clothing. Possessionista, I am in love with Kourtney's awesome orange and snakeprint tunic. Find it for me, please!! - Jillian It seems, these days, you can't step outside without hitting a Starbucks. Or a … [Continue reading]

Ringer Fashion: A Whole New Kind of Bitch


For the last week I have moved hell and high water to track down Juliette's bird print multi color dress. I have harrassed Cynthia Bergstrom and her team at Ringer to help me with this ID.In fact,  I am more concerned about finding Juliet's dress than I am about Gemma's whereabouts.That makes two of us, doesn't it, Bridget?Click here for more posts about Ringer fashionSarah Michelle Gellar's … [Continue reading]

Lying Game Fashion: Sex, Lies and Hard Knox High


Everyone thinks Emma is the nice twin. In the meantime, she'll steal your life. Your boyfriend. Even your dress when you're not looking.Don't believe me? Ask Rachel Berry and Emma Pillsbury who awoke to find Emma from the Lying Game wearing all their polka dot dresses and neck tie blouses.Which explains why Glee wasn't on this week.Click here for more posts about Lying Game FashionEmma's polka dot … [Continue reading]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion: Kyle’s gold hoop earrings


Kyle's Gold Hoop EarringsGold Plated Swarovski Crystal Double Hoop Clip Earrings$495.00Jennifer Miller JewelryI confess.Lately watching TV has started to feel like homework. Especially the Housewives franchise.Fortunately I have Jennifer Miller Jewelry.Like that smart kid who you cheat off of.Only sparklier. … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Duplicity


What am I? Chopped liver? Charlotte's flutter sleeve A Line Dress Dolce & Gabbana If Revenge teaches us only one thing, it's that you should always brush your hair and put on a little lipstick. You never know what might end up on the jumbotron at then next ladies' luncheon. Which makes me think that I might want to amp up my wardrobe for future therapy appointments. Not to … [Continue reading]

90210 Fashion: Party Politics


It's rallies like last night's, that make me yearn for the old days, when Brandon Walsh became  de facto president of CU when Josh Strickland was in a tragic car accident only minutes after winning the election. And walk on roles for mediocre musicians could turn you into the next Color Me Badd. It's good to know that in the world of Beverly Hills, 90210, the more things change. The more … [Continue reading]

Modern Family Fashion: Door to Door – Julie Bowen’s ruffle floral tunic and brown bag


"Hey!  I loved the purse that Claire wore on the most recent (Oct 6) episode of Modern Family. Any ideas where I can find something similar?" -RueI am forever screaming at careless drivers who plow through crosswalks without slowing for my automotivally challenged bretheren.Seriously. You have to stop at a crosswalk in most cities. Even if there's no stop sign. Look it up.So I felt for Julie … [Continue reading]