Possessionista wishlist: Monogrammed bracelets from Giles & Brother


Okay, so technically this isn't a gift guide, but it is on my wishlist. And here's how it happened: I went to coffee with my friend Stacy today. I tell you this only so you have some context, because I suspect you'll be hearing a lot about Stacy in the posts to come, assuming she's still speaking to me. You see, Stacy has the most unbelievable collection of vintage jewelry of anyone I've … [Continue reading]

Gifts for new moms, new babies and moms to be


1|Lazypants|2|Preggatinis: Mixology for Moms to Be|3|Twelve Little Convertible Diaper Bag|4|Monica and Andy organic muslin whale blanket|5|Minnetonka baby moccasins|6|Sophie the Giraffe Teaser|7|Mustachifier|8|Paper Source custom stamp (for thank you notes)|9|Q Handmade Necklace|10|Isolabody Vanilla Latte Scrub|11|Off Coffee Cup|12|Faux Shearling slippers New moms and moms to be are some of the … [Continue reading]

About a Boy Fashion: Fiona’s Green Floral Dress

Fiona's green floral dress: Dolce Gabanna (slightly different style pictured)

  My children know that from about November 25 to December 1st, you don't touch the radio. Because I love the Christmas channel with unbridaled passion. I'll belt "All I want for Christmas" at the top of my lungs. I get giddy when the Waitresses ask if  "You forgot cranberries, too?" And I've even gotten my little one to chime in during Jingle Bell rock. Last night's About a Boy … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion: How the A Stole Christmas dresses


In the most messed up retelling of A Christmas Carol since, well, A Christmas Carol, Mona returned from the dead looking like a zombie Lady Gaga to haunt Allison DiLaurentis from the grave and mess up every Little Liar's Christmas. Dressed in beaded gowns, looking like prostitute snow angels, the Pretty Little Liars continue to date emotionally unavailable men and make no headway into "A" is, or … [Continue reading]

Mindy Project fashion from Christmas

Mindy's black and white plaid dress: Karen Millen (on sale!)

  I think I've been doing the Mindy Project wrong all along. All these years, I 've been watching Mindy Lahiri like she's my friend. But last night's episode (which I loved) made me realize that Mindy Lahiri isn't my peer - she's my younger self. She's a complicated pretending to be simple. And she's just trying to figure it all out. The thing that I loved so much about last night's … [Continue reading]

New Girl Fashion from Christmas: Jess’s plaid sweater

Jess's plaid sweater on New Girl: Equipment

You guys. First of all, nobody has friends like the friends on New Girl. Am I right?  I mean, my friends wouldn't get off the plane to Hawaii just to make sure I didn't spend Christmas alone. My friends will barely get off their barstool to make sure I don't go to the bathroom alone. But my real issue with last night's New Girl is not the realization that my friends are basically assholes … [Continue reading]

Win it: Keurig Rivo cappuccino and latte system


The other day I walked into our local Starbucks and was making small talk with the Barista. I noticed a wall full of boxes and asked what was going on. She explained that they'd received a shipment of the holiday praline and chestnut coffee. "Gross," I said before clamping my hand over my mouth. I really shouldn't talk before my morning coffee. She laughed, "that's because you like your … [Continue reading]

Best Gifts for Hostesses: Possessionista Gift Guide


1|Birds of a Feather wine stopper|2|Heritage Catchall|3|Olive Wood Serving Spoon|4|NPW dominoes|5|FERM living espresso cups|6|Monogram Moscow Mule|7|Pommes Frites candle company in Sweet Grapefruit|8|Celestial coaster company|9|Asymmetrical candle holder|10|Plant mobile foodie survival kit| It's at this point where all the holiday parties are starting, and I always find myself stumped for … [Continue reading]