Hot in Cleveland Fashion: Interview with Lori Eskowitz-Carter


Tonight is the season finale of Hot in Cleveland (the new season starts November 5, set your DVRs) and what better way to wrap up a great season, than my talking to industry legend Lori Eskowitz-Carter, the costume designer for Hot in Cleveland (who also counts Whitney, Will & Grace among her resume.) about how she dresses four TV legends for the small screen. Possessionista: How would you … [Continue reading]

Manhattan Love Story fashion: Exclusive interview with Brittany Griffin, costume designer


Manhattan Love Story is the tale of Dana and Peter, two New Yorkers looking for love. Before we get a peek into their inner monologues, I thought it might be fun to get a peek into their closets, courtesy of Manhattan Love Story Costume Designer Brittany Griffin. Brittany and I discussed New York style, Dana's favorite jeans and  how to dress for your very own Manhattan Love … [Continue reading]

Manhattan Love Story fashion preview


  Long before I was the Possessionista, I was just a bored couch potato wasting my weekends binge watching America's Next Top Model marathons. And, by far, my favorite contestant (besides Shandi who got drunk in the hot tub) was Analeigh Tipton, who didn't win but got to be in Crazy, Stupid, Love with Ryan Gosling, which is, in my opinion much more of a prize than a year's modeling … [Continue reading]

Fall TV Fashion Preview: A to Z Fashion


One of the fall pilots I'm most excited about is A-Z and not just because I haven't had a crush on a TV actor like this since Ricky Schroeder rode into my heart on a toy train in Silver Spoons. In a sorta small screen take on 500 Days of Summer, we're introduced to romantic Adam (Ben Feldman, swoon) who works for a Tinder-type dating site and believes in destiny. Across the way is level-headed … [Continue reading]

Bachelor in Paradise fashion episode 6

Lacy's neon floral kimono: Pasadena

Last night on Bachelor in Paradise, we learned that the only thing Cody Sattler is more committed to than Michelle Money is his front leg in side angle. So, namaste, bitches, we have one week left of Bachelor in Paradise. This week we learned that Cody has professed his love to Michelle Money (seriously, who hasn't?) and the fabulous Miss M is not taking it in stride. While Cody is "whey" … [Continue reading]

Young and Hungry Finale fashion: Young and Thirty


In honor of Friends' 20th anniversary, last night's Young & Hungry finale channeled one of my favorite Friends episodes of all time, when Chandler found himself in love with Joey's girlfriend Cathy. On last night's Y&H, it's the eve of Caroline and Josh's big day, and Josh's birthday, but when Caroline forgets a gift - which is only slightly worse than a pen that's also a clock - Gabi … [Continue reading]

Royal Pains fashion: A Bigger Boat

Divya's embroidered top: Calypso

What in the absolute hell you guys? This week on Royal Pains some kid contracted a heartworm along with his dog. Only he contracts it in his wrist and when Dr. Hank removes it, it's like 6 inches long and looks like something you'd order at the Spaghetti House. Super gross. Divya is totally recovered from her Not Without My Daughter Moment, and Emma uncovered the identity of … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion finale: Taking this one to the grave


Last night's Pretty Little Liars had all the makings of early PLL. You know, great clothes, totally unexpected twists and, well, Toby's totally lousy acting. I've felt a little lackluster about the Liars all season, but last night's finale sucked me in once again. As opposed to Toby's acting which just sucks. Full stop. What did you think of the Pretty Little Liars finale? Check out … [Continue reading]