Marry Me Fashion: Dead me

Annie's lace top: Sea NY

Last night was the 14th epidose of Marry Me, and Jake and Annie aren't any closer to tying the knot than they were in the Pilot when they couldn't even agree on how to get engaged. Unfortunately, on last night's episode Jake died. Don't worry. He didn't really die. His identity was stolen by a jilted computer hacker. But in that moment, Jake and Annie realize what really matters: Jake wants … [Continue reading]

The Mindy Project fashion from Lahiri Family Values

Mindy's light blue blazer: Salvador Perez (similar pictured)

Is there anything better than a Mindy Project episode with Mindy's brother Rishi? This week on the Mindy Project, Mindy goes to get a loan only to find out her credit is shot. She'd co-signed a lease on her brother's apartment, and he hasn't paid rent in months. As you may remember, Mindy's brother, Rishi, is a Stanford-educated biologist turned rapper. Yeah, he's been working on his sick … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion: Pretty Isn’t the Point

Aria's blue sweater/skirt: Lucy Paris

Here's what you missed this week on Pretty Little Liars. Mike's sketchy behavior has reached an all time high, so the Pretty Little Liars searched his unmentionables for clues. Mike's not just hiding the Liars' blood, he's also got some ugly ass jewelry from Forever Silver stashed with his sweat socks. The necklace is written in Morse Code, and when Spencer cracks it, is says, "Made in … [Continue reading]

The Bachelor recap: Episode 7, 8 and Chris Tells All


This week we were treated to a 2-day exciting Bachelor television event. For those of you doing the math, that's 5 hours of the Bachelor. At this point, I feel like I've actually spent more time with Chris Soules than his future ex-fiancee. Part I. Interview with Kelsey: The show kicks off with Chris Harrison doing a one-on-one with the Widow Kelsey, dressed straight from runways of … [Continue reading]

Cougar Town Fashion: Ellie’s cardigan from Feb 10

Ellie's draped cardigan: Velvet

You guys. Am I the only person still watching Cougar Town? I cannot believe that not one person emailed to ask me what color lipstick Jules and Ellie are wearing in the scene when they put on their own makeup without a mirror. In case you are wondering the color is called Whatever Happened To Baby Jane and you can find it in my nightmares forever. Check out more Cougar Town … [Continue reading]

Mindy’s polka dot coat from The Mindy Project


On last night's Mindy Project, Mindy found herself in a pickle, which she probably ate on the plane ride back to New York to tell her boyfriend Danny that she's having his baby. But, naturally, real life stepped in. And by real life, I mean Danny's deadbeat dad and half sister Little Danni, who'd be suspended from school on account of some super shady behavior. Not like Pretty Little Liars … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion: Aria’s pink dress from Feb 5


Last night, the Pretty Little Liars decided to donate blood. And I know it doesn't say this on the Red Cross Website, but in addition to being underweight, underage, or unhealthy, I'm pretty sure being at risk for being framed for murder is a pretty good reason not do donate blood. Meanwhile, Aria's sketchy brother Mike seems to have come into a lot of money. The Liars spied him making a major … [Continue reading]

The Bachelor recap: Episode 6


So I have this idea for the next season of the Bachelor. What if the Bachelor sat in one of those revolving chairs from the Voice and instead of getting out of the limo, each contestant takes a turn telling her secret or tragedy? If the Bachelor was intrigued, he could turn the chair around. But if not? No biggie. You still got to tell your story, and now there's no pity rose bullshit. Also, … [Continue reading]