Nashville Fashion: Season 3 premiere


Nashville returned this week, and Rayna James was faced with a very difficult decision - choosing between the men she loves. On one hand, she has Luke: Country Music Royalty, Luke is as successful as he is devoted. Luke proposed to Rayna in a moment made for one of those little squares on the cover of Us Weekly, complete with camera-ready hair and makeup, a 7-carat (his favorite number) ring … [Continue reading]

Parenthood fashion: Interview with costume designer Diane Crooke

Parenthood - Season 4

For six seasons, we've laughed, cried and thrown things at our screen on account of the Bravermans, a fictitious family we only wish were more like our own. As the show enters its sixth, and final, season, I thought it would be fun to talk to Diane Crooke, Parenthood's costume designer, about what it's like to dress America's favorite family. Possessionista: How would you describe each … [Continue reading]

Take 20% off As Seen On TV fashion jewelry from Peggy Li

The New Fall Collection from Peggy Li Designs

In case you haven't noticed, Fall TV fashion is in full swing. And with the return of shows like Scandal, Revenge, New Girl and Vampire Diaries, comes a crop of new fall fashion and cute new accessories from TV's favorite designers. Look, I'm not advocating going out and buying all of Olivia Pope's Gucci coats and Emily Thorne's Valentino dresses (who has the money or the occasion for either?) … [Continue reading]

Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope Style Season 3 premiere


Scandal is back, and it looks like life's a beach. At least temporarily, because while Olivia was playing fantasy island with Jake, Mellie was back in DC grieving for Fitz, Jr. and consuming all of the Capitol's high fructose corn syrup. But then Olivia got a case of  bubbly and word that they found Harrison's body (aside: I had to Google who Harrison was.) Next thing you know, Olivia and Jake … [Continue reading]

Nashville fashion: Interview with Susie De Santo


Tonight is the season premiere of Nashville's third season, and before tonight's exciting live premiere (how cool is that? Will Rayna say yes? Will Hayden Panettiere go into labor?  Will Peggy rise from the dead?) I got to talk to costume designer Susie De Santo. The costume designer, who never stepped foot in Nashville before the shows pilot, gave me the rundown on the best shopping in Music … [Continue reading]

Cece’s green romper from New Girl Dice episode


I’m happy to see that you are ID’ing New Girl again this season!  Any chance you have CeCe’s green shorts romper (from 9/23 episode) on your list?  Would love to know where that came from. Hope all is well! Thanks! Katie Thanks to New Girl, we are all relieved to find out that the only thing worse than being single, is being single in Los  Angeles. This week a newly single Jess dipped her toe … [Continue reading]

Mindy Project Fashion: Season 3 premiere


The first minutes of last night's Mindy Project premiere was a tour de force, like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, without the bloodshed, war, or Matt Damon. And really, are they all that different? I think it was the great General George C Marshall who put it best: Love is a Battlefield. I kid. I kid. (Seriously, you guys did know I was kidding, right? Sarcasm is a lost art these … [Continue reading]

Jess’s floral dress from New Girl Premiere

Jess's floral wedding dress: Eva Franco Renee Dress

So New Girl is back, and the premiere was pretty funny. Jess and her roommates all attend a wedding, and make a collaborative agreement to get laid, dubbing themselves "the sex fist" because there are five of them, and not because the double entendre makes me so uncomfortable you could write an entire episode around my embarrassment even typing the words sex and fist together. To me the most … [Continue reading]