ShopBop Friends and Family


  It's ShopBop's annual Friends and Family promotion,  where ShopBop marks everything down 25% with the code INTHEFAMILY14 and I spend all my family's inheritance on jeans and tops that I simply can't live without. Naturally all of my … [Continue reading]

The Mindy Project fashion: Mindy’s leather sleeve cardigan

@samantha_helmig Apr 11

@Possessionista can you locate this sweater? I need it!

  I'm always a little aggravated when a TV show puts together two characters whose palpable sexual tension keeps the show going. Never has this been more the case than Moonlighting - once David and Maddie did the deed, there really was no … [Continue reading]

Clothes from How I Met Your Mother finale


Robin's blue dress Michael Kors On a scale of Lost to Breaking Bad, the How I Met Your Mother finale fell somewhere around Gossip Girl. I mean, it wasn't perfect, but at least it wasn't all a dream. (Dammit, Bob Newhart.) Missing anything ever … [Continue reading]

Minnie Driver’s embroidered maxi from About A Boy

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.34.36 PM

Minnie Driver's Maxi Greylin I've received so many emails about Minnie Driver's tribal dress from tonight's About a Boy that I wanted to get it posted now (even though I haven't seen the episode yet.) Check back for the full About a Boy fashion … [Continue reading]

Nashville Fashion: Clothes from Your Wild Life


Nashville Fashion Rayna's black and white Ikat top Fifteen Twenty When last I watched Nashville (yes I'm an episode behind) bitchy Juliette was back and bitchier than ever. Scarlett rejoined her tour and Juliette was all, "You can't sit with us," … [Continue reading]