What I wore – to meet Sofia Vergara


I am NOT a personal style blogger. I love clothes like nobody I know, but I'm not super comfortable posing in front of the camera like my fellow fashion bretherin (sisterin?) To be honest, if it's not Saturday night, I'm much happier in jeans (these are my favorites) and a tee shirt than mixed prints and a horsehair clutch. But it's fun to dress up for a special occasion, and even more fun when … [Continue reading]

Found it on Facebook. August 15, 2014


TGIF. I don't know whether it's the weather or all the first day of school photos in your Facebook feeds, but you guys are definitely thinking about fall. From cozy sweaters to fall-inspired jewelry, this week's Found it on Facebook is definitely all about transitional fashion (which works, because I am totally transitioning into weekend mode.) Got something you saw on Facebook, Pinterest … [Continue reading]

Mistresses Fashion: Joss’s outfits from Coming Clean


I can't be the only one who, when Dom confessed to Savi that he'd slept with Toni, screamed at their TV "THEY WERE ON A BREAK." Only minutes later than one of the other Mistresses mirrored my (and Ross's) sentiments did I realize that I'm among cheesy TV kindred spirits. If there's one part of Mistresses I'm most looking forward to, it's the moment where Anna goes full Jennifer Jason Leigh … [Continue reading]

Young and Hungry fashion from Young & Carless


On this week's Young & Hungry, Gabi says goodbye to the beloved car left to her by her mother. Real life inspiration for Young and Hungry, Brokeass Gourmet Gabi Moskowitz, shared her recipe for "There's No Place Like Home Chicken Soup with Dumplings inspired by her own mom: INGREDIENTS 1 stewing chicken (about 5 pounds) $4 12 cups water 2 8 oz cans low sodium chicken broth $2 2 … [Continue reading]

Sponsored: Secrets from a celebrity hair stylist

photo 1

This is a sponsored post for Head & Shoulders. Opinion (and hair) is mine alone. This weekend I was in Los Angeles to visit the set of Sofia Vergara's new Head & Shoulders commercial. Before meeting with the Modern Family star, I had the privilege of brunching at The Everleigh (yum) with Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook Jones to answer all my burning questions … [Continue reading]

Royal Pains fashion August 12, 2014


It seems like things are going to hell in a handbag (albeit a cute one) for Divya on Royal Pains. First she loses her digs to mold then to meddling. And now Sashi's paternal grandmother is going totally Not Without My Daughter on Divya. Look, there is no one I think more up to filling Sally Field's shoes than Divya, but the woman hasn't slept in 5 months. Maybe we could ease her into Sally's … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion from August 11


The thing about Rosewood is everybody gets a second chance. Whether it's Mona, who got to reinvent herself as the Alpha, or Allie DiLaurentis who has literally risen from the dead - it's always a new day in Rosewood. And now that Ezra is okay, it's another chance for Aria and Ezra. Even Melissa and Spencer have another go at being best sisters forever. That's right. Everyone gets a second … [Continue reading]

Bachelor in Paradise fashion: Episode 2


This? This is what you give me? I give you blood, sweat and two hours every week and the best you can give me is a headpiece and a dress that looks like it was made from a recycled optometrist's eye chart? You all deserve whatever you catch in the ocean. Last night on a very special episode of Bachelor in Paradise we we learned the truth about why Michele Kujawa left Paradise. When … [Continue reading]