Nashville fashion: Juliette Barnes green church dress

Juliette Barnes fashion

Hayden Panetierre as Juliette Barnes green church dress Nashville Fashion @possessionista I need Juliette's dress from tonight's Nashville episode!!! Can you help?! — Justine Gershak (@justinegershak) December 6, 2012 Nashville on ABC had two totally unexpected accomplishments this season. 1) Making me actually like country music 2) Not getting cancelled. To celebrate this … [Continue reading]

Happy Endings fashion: P&P romance style

Alex's shearling jacket

  Okay so last spring break my family and I went to Arizona and we saw a woman fall into the fountain at a restaurant. As my husband is recounting this story to a close family friend, she interrupts to ask, "was it Dana?" So I totally get Penny's clumsy ways. Not to mention  her Happy Endings fashion including an affinity for drapey Helmut Lang vests and Parker dresses. This … [Continue reading]

How I Met Your Mother fashion: Lobster Crawl style

Robin's striped sweater HIMYM

Who hasn't done something crazy to catch the eye of a guy you liked? Before I met the guy who would eventually live to tolerate me, I once left a note with the doorman of a guy I met in th elobby of my friend's condo. I baked cookies. I "accidentally" showed up at at nightclubs. And during my senior year of high school I scheduled  an entire college campus visit just to see a guy after … [Continue reading]

Mindy Project fashion: Clothes from Mindy Project two to one

Mindy Project fringe cardigan

Mindy Project Fashion Mindy Kaling's Mindy Project blue faux collar intarsia sweater Like Mindy Kaling, I've been trying for some time now to find balance. Whether you're a successful gynecologist, or a TV Fashion blogger, there needs to be some balance: time for work, for friends, for family. And  time for personal hygiene. Truth. And whether you're forcibly removed from your … [Continue reading]

90210 style: 9021-00th episode style

90210 fashion

It's the 100th episode of 90210. Which means after 99 episodes  (oh wait, I just got last week's episode title) they finally acknowleged that Annie dropped out of college, Cousin Emily was a psycho and Jasper never quite got over his dead hobo induced Arsonist phase. It's also a moment for us all to reflect on how we've grown since high school. The former fat girl can become a lingerie … [Continue reading]

Nashville Fashion: Lovesick Blues style

Scarlett's black lace dress from Nashville

In the South they have a saying, "the higher the hair, the closer to God." The same can be said for the price tags of Nashville style this week which included Chanel, Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti, Elizabeth and James and  Mandalay. If it's also true, the bigger the pricetag, the closer to God, then this week's Nashville fashion is downright holy. Which just may explain how Nashville has … [Continue reading]

Gossip Girl fashion: It’s really complicated style

Blake Liveley fashion

Sage's embroidered trench coat from Gossip Girl Possessionista here, your one and only source into the scandalous price tags of Gossip Girl fashion. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the stuffing. But since everyone's off carbs and gluten, we'll have to stick to the other kind of dressing. For our favorite Upper East Siders it wasn't just a fashionable Thanksgiving, but also a … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Revelations dresses

Revenge Ashley Davenport style

Revenge Fashion: Ashley Davenport's print floral dress: Jason Wu First seen on Rachel Weisz photo source This week on Revenge, Victoria Grayson was all, "bitch stole my man" when it came to Ashley Davenport and Conrad Grayson's sex tape. (Also, um, gross.) But when if comes to her Revenge Fashion, the rest of Hollywood was more like, "Bitch stole my look." The fabulous Ashley Davenport … [Continue reading]