666 Park Avenue fashion: Jane’s lace dress

666 Park Avenue Fashion

There are secrets of healthy people. Don't drink soda. Park far from the store entrance. And always take the stairs. This is particularly true for residents of the Drake at 666 Park Avenue whose elevators are more temperamental than its Upper East Side doorman. Although, upon reflection, the steps at 666 Park Avenue don't seem all that safe either. Check out what else Rachael … [Continue reading]

Nashville Fashion: Juliette Rayna and Scarlett’s Nashville style

Nashville Style

Good things come to those who wait. Like maple syrup. Rayna James' new single. And last week's Nashville fashion. For those of you who aren't watching Nashville, or just have a really bad short term memory, here's a quick Nashville recap: Rayna James is Connie Britton, a country music has-been with marital problems and unfinished business with her recovering junkie co-writer. Juliette … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Ashley’s gold tassel necklace

Revenge Fahsion

Ashley's Revenge Style gold tassel necklace Last night on Revenge, Ashley Madekwe as Ashley Davenport had a blink and you'll miss it scene. The normally scheme-y Miss Davenport had only a few seconds on screen, and in that fleeting moment she wore a gold tassel necklace foreshadowing that she'd later help Daniel throw open the curtains and reveal the Graysons for the scheming, lying finaglers … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Emily Thorne black lace sleeve top

Revenge Fashion

Revenge Fashion: Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) black top with lace panel sleeves similar I should have been skeptical of the "Gift of Revenge." I mean, let's be honest. In what context is Revenge ever really a gift? It's why you can't order Revenge alongside the spring bouquet and mixed fruit baskets from 1-800-Flowers. I mean, the real gift of Revenge is finding out your boyfriend from … [Continue reading]

Emily Maynard fashion: Lace sleeve top


Emily Maynard fashion Emily Maynard's lace sleeve concert tee photo c/o Emily Maynard on Twitter Hey Dana- I am not sure you will ever be free of identifying Emily Maynard fashion. Jeff and Emily may have come to an end, but just like an addict, I need my fix! LOL.  Can you identify this top???  You're the best!!  J. You know everybody takes a day off. I mean, on the seventh day … [Continue reading]

Vampire Diaries Fashion: The Killer Style

vampire diaires

Vampire Diaries fashion Elena’s red tank with velvet front and ruching I’ll admit, the title Vampire Diaries has eluded me for some time.  As a late adaptor, I wasn’t sure where the diary part fit into the whole Elena-Vampire-Love-triangle. So I appreciated this week’s Vampire Diaries intro that included Elena and Stefan pouring their cold, black hearts out into their journals “Are You There … [Continue reading]

Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope style sweaters and gold zipper gray coat

scandal style

  Scandal Fashion Left: Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in a Gucci Grey / Blue wool coat with gold zippers Right: Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in a pink, roll neck cardigan by Escada There is nothing better than watching the President's wife get a verbal lashing on Scandal. Whether it's the president telling her that her job is to bake recipes and let bloggers write about her … [Continue reading]

Glee Fashion: Marley’s striped, plaid shirts from The Role You Were Born To Play


Glee style: Marley's pink and blue checked plaid shirt Also seen on 90210 on Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) here Oh my gosh, you guys. There's a show on TV about a high school glee club. They're the underdogs and they put on these amazing musical numbers to raise awareness for bullying, and acceptance and... Wait, what? You think I'm talking about Glee? Oh no, this show has all these … [Continue reading]