Stassi necklace from Vanderpump Rules

stassi necklace

Thank you for finding this!!! Can you ID her necklace she wore on the finale tonight at the last dinner at Sur? It had the giant crystals. I thought it might also be Amrita but I can't find it on her sight. So amazing! Thanks again for this! - … [Continue reading]

Lindsay blue dress on the Bachelor

bachelor blue dress

You know how people will say that when someone is really nice, that they actually get prettier? Well, I think that's also true for the Bachelor's Lindsay's style. Maybe it's the lack of competition, but I got more requests for Lindsay's Bachelor … [Continue reading]

AshLee gold necklace from the Bachelor Gypset


AshLee's gold Bachelor necklace CC Skye See it at Boutique To You Here in Chicago we're positively swimming in snow. This time last year I was in sunny Los Angeles, and I'm missing Sunny Hell-ay more than ever. Last night I felt a pang of envy … [Continue reading]

Trend: Bubble necklaces and statement baubles

Dana Weiss - Ombre Bib Necklace

  Get the look: Robert Chiarella ombre statement necklace See it at OpenSky Yesterday I got to be a guest on Chicago's WGN morning news, where I dished about the best and worst Oscar fashion. And while I'm always excited to be on camera (and my … [Continue reading]

Lindsay mint skirt Bachelor overnight dates


You kind of expect the girls to bring out the big guns on the fantasy suite date of the Bachelor. After all, this is really the last chance the ladies get to show Sean that she's the one. And since these dates were all PG-13 at best, Sean Lowe's … [Continue reading]