Carrie Diaries splatter paint bag

Carrie Diaries style

Carrie Diaries style and fashion Carrie Diaries splatter paint bag Get the look:  Foley and Corrinna See it at Revolve I've been coveting this splatter paint bag from Foley + Corinna for some time now, but wondered if it wasn't a little too 80's for me. So when I received some promo shots from The Carrie Diaries, showing Carrie Bradshaw stumbling around New York with this splatter paint, … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars style: Premiere

Pretty Little Liars style

Hannah's Pretty Little Liars style blue polka dot dress See it at Anthropologie I must have done something very, very good to get back to back premieres of the Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars. I ID'd most of the Pretty Little Liars fashion last week, but there's one dress I left out (so I'd have something to talk about tonight.) Hanna's belted polka dot dress was so sweet, I'd almost … [Continue reading]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck crystal necklace on the view

Elisabeth necklace the View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck crystal necklace on the view See it at J Crew Today - Tues Jan 8th ... OMG - the statement necklace that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has on ... where can I find it??? - Lyn It's shocking to me that anyone noticed what Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore on the View today. I was too busy staring at Bradley Cooper. That's one "View" I'll never get tired of looking at. … [Continue reading]

Ashley Tisdale studded leather jacket


  Ashley Tisdale studded faux leather jacket   Motel Rocks Tammy Jacket   Take 20% off until Jan 20 If you believe the tabloids (and who doesn't?) then you know that Jef Holm has a type. And she's a two-timing blonde. So I totally believe that Jef Holm has been secretly texting Ashley Tisdale because I read it on WetPaint. And also, Ashley Tisdale is a two timer. I mean, … [Continue reading]

Pitch Perfect Chloe studded top

Britney Snow studded top

"Possessionista have you seen Pitch Perfect?  Lots of cute clothes but I especially want the ID of the hot pink studded top that Brittany Snow wears near the beginning of the movie.  Any clue? Thanks Mindy" Pitch Perfect may be the greatest movie ever made. And I say that without any sarcasm. It's heartwarming, funny and has a soundtrack that could make anyone dance. It's like Bring it On set … [Continue reading]

Carrie Diaries style: heart print tank


Carrie Diaries style Carrie's heart print tank Marc Jacobs See it at Net A Porter Also seen here on Client List Also seen here on Glee It seems like Eric Daman has a heart on for Marc Jacobs. His little must Anna Sophia Robb and her friends Not-Charlotte, Not-Miranda and definitely Not-Samantha are all spotted throughout the season of the Carrie Diaries rocking the 80's inspired line. And … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Fashion: Dresses worn on the premiere of Sean Lowe as Bachelor


I would like to tell you that I hope Sean Lowe is happy with his journey on the Bachelor. That I hope he finds love. And I hope that each of his 27 women ends up fulfilled. But that would be a lie. Because I don't actually care if Sean finds love. All I care about is myself, and it's clear from these pictures that not one of Sean Lowe's 25 bachelorettes (save for Kacie Boguskie) has ever … [Continue reading]

Happy Endings fashion: Jane and Penny colorblock sweaters

Happy Endings Fashion

Happy Endings fashion Penny's colorblock sweater Free People See it at Zappos Penny: What would Kerry Washington do in scandal? Brad: Demand to see the president and then almost make out with him. Now that Happy Endings is on twice a week, there's really no reason that any of you is not watching it. Not only did costume designer Keri Smith include two of my favorite colorblock sweaters … [Continue reading]