Cougar Town Fashion: Style from I Should Have Known It


  Ellie's Cougar Town Style Colorblock sweater Enzo Costa See it at ShopBop Cougar Town may have hit its stride since moving to TBS, but I'd say it's Ellie who has emerged the real fashion star of the newest season of Cougar Town. With her delicately embellished tops and sophisticated knits, Ellie is leading the cul de sac gang with her Cougar Town style. While I love the bold print … [Continue reading]

Allison Williams sweater dress on Mindy Project

Allison Williams dress Mindy project

I'm not going to go into the whole thing about why I worship Allison Williams and I love her on Girls and I love her even more as Eye Patch on Mindy Project because all you care about is the sweater dress that she wore at the cocktail party and also, I think her story arc is over. So here's the dress. bye. click here for the rest of the clothes worn on Mindy Project this week and the rest … [Continue reading]

Happy Endings Fashion: Penny’s blue engagement dress

Jane and Penny both saw the blues when Happy Endings wasn't picked up for a fourth season. Costume designer Keri Smith returned to TV for the Goldbergs. Happy Endings stars Adam Palley and Casey Wilson both made cameos on Mindy Project

Penny's Happy Endings fashion lace engagement party dress Dolce Vita See it at ShopBop You probably don't know this about me but I stalk Casey Wilson on Twitter. Like Penny, I tend to fall down, offer way too much information and invent words  for my own use. Also I'm self-centered, loud and I have loved the blue Dolce Vita dress she wore to her engagement party for almost as long as Penny has … [Continue reading]

Mindy Project fashion: Mindy’s dress from Harry & Sally


Mindy Project fashion Mindy Kaling gray, heather cardigan See it at Madewell First seen here Mindy's navy print hen blouse: JCrew Like Mindy Kaling, I have a lot of best friends. My best friend from high school. My best friend from college. My best friend from the city. From work. From pre-school. The girl I go to to have my make up done. My hair stylist. My therapist. My dermatologist. My … [Continue reading]

Hart of Dixie style: Lovesick Blues fashion

Hart of Dixie fashion

  Lemon's fuzzy white sweater IRO I am not generally a germophobe but utter the word Influenza and I immediately invest my entire life savings into disposable face masks and Bath and Body Works' anti-bacterial soaps. And since the only thing I'm more afraid of than the Flu is superstition, I'm not about tempt flu fate by making this a personal anecdote. So let's just get to this week's Hart … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion spoiler


Theory Darua Dress Seen on Pretty Little Liars See it at 6PM Like I said, I get pretty stoked for a new Pretty Little Liars and so I have a little secret about tonight's Pretty Little Liars episode that I'm going to share with each of you. One of the little liars will be wearing this (on sale!) colorblock red dress on tonight's Pretty Little Liars. (And nobody knows about it but me and "A" … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion: Hannah’s paris top


  Hannah's bow tie tee from Pretty Little Liars Maje "From Paris with Love" tee See it at Lane Crawford Hannah Marin has come a long way since her days of ruffled Rebecca Taylor dresses and sticky fingers. Thanks to Aria and Caleb, insecure Hannah of baby fat and shoplifting has traded in her feathered hair and floral dresses for an edgy do and a steadfast resolve to protect her best … [Continue reading]

90210 Style: Annie, Silver and Naomi’s Kansas fashion

90210 style

Silver's 90210 style cocoon tribal shawl Urban Outfitters Last night's 90210 featured gunshot victim Annie Wilson in a dreamlike alternate reality. While under, Annie imagines what her life would be like if she had never moved to Los Angeles. As Kansas Annie, she's estranged from Dixon, engaged to her high school boyfriend and has never murdered a hobo or been a hooker. Meanwhile, on the … [Continue reading]