Vampire Diaries fashion: After School Special

Vampire Diaries fashion

I'll admit it. When Rebecca snapped Elena's neck on the Vampire Diaires, I momentarily forgot she was immortal. And for one brief, shining moment I thought to myself, "finally! An end to Elena and her wet blanket love triangle." But alas, you can't have the Vampire Diaries without the chick who's actually writing in the diary.  So, at least for now, it seems Elena will live to cock tease the … [Continue reading]

Lying Game Fashion: Cheat Play Love style


Sutton's polka dot top Lying Game fashion Hinge See it at Nordstrom In the epic tale of Oedipus, the Greek king killed his father and married his mother. But in the Lying Game, it was party girl  Mads slept with her stepbrother, while the queen of mean, Sutton,  pursued her sister's boyfriend. What do you want from me? It's ABC Family. Not Greek Mythology. Love Lying Game style? … [Continue reading]

Olivia Pope white jacket Scandal

Outfits from Scandal

Scandal Fashion Olivia Pope white Jacket Ann Demeulemeester See it at FarFetch It took a while to bring Huck to justice. And just slightly longer for me to track down the killer asymmetrical button white jacket Olivia Pope wore on last week's Scandal. Sometimes you have to be patient and trust people in order for the facts to reveal themselves. And hopefully for President Fitz to … [Continue reading]

Juliette Barnes Red Dress Nashville Fashion

Red Dress from Nashville

Nashville Fashion Juliette Barnes red dress on Nashville Mandalay See it at Unica Melrose @Possessionista Who made @haydenpanettier's red lace concert dress? #Nashville via Twitter On Nashville, Hayden Panettiere's character Juliette Barnes once quipped that you wouldn't like her if you got to know her. And while there's no love lost between Juliette Barnes and reigning country diva … [Continue reading]

Parenthood fashion: Jasmine grey black sweater

Parenthood fashion

Parenthood fashion   They say when you get married, you don't marry the person. You marry the family. In my house, the rule is whoever the parent belongs to, that's the one who does the talking. And in general, this has worked out for us pretty well. So Tuesday night when Crosby and Jasmine decided to confront Jasmine's mom about undermining their authority in front of Jabbar, and … [Continue reading]

Maya Brenner state necklaces on Opensky

Courtney Kerr necklace

  A few years ago, when Possessionista first started taking off, the folks at Maya Brenner sent me their iconic silver state necklace, metaphorically so I could always remember where I come from. But also because I'm a bit of an ass at times, and in the event that someone beats the crap out of me and I suffer a head injury, at least I can remember the general vicinity of … [Continue reading]

New Girl Fashion: Zooey Deschanel red coat blue pajamas

Jess red houndstooth coat

Jess's New Girl Houndstooth Jacket Karen Millen (modified by costume designer Deb McGuire) New Girl Fashion Nobody loves DIY quite as much as Zoey Deschanel. She's like a human Pinterest board. So it should come as no surprise that when New Girl costume designer Deb McGuire couldn't find a jockey-inspired coat to fit this week's New Girl storyline, the award winning costume designer Pretty in … [Continue reading]

Hart of Dixie style: Old Alabama fashion


Zoe Hart's shoulder patch red jacket Of Two Minds Jalouse jacket See it at Kyle by Alene too (Kyle Richards from Real Housewives store. I know!) Like Zoe Hart, I find it hard to keep things bottled up. And whether it's something that annoys me, or the rest of the clothes from Hart of Dixie, I find that sometimes it's better just to let it all out. So here's the rest of this week's Hart of … [Continue reading]