Discounted Balenciaga on Gilt

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Balenciaga on Gilt There are two things I want more than anything in this world. World peace. And a Balenciaga bag. Not necessarily in that order. Thanks to real life and my proclivity for procrastination, I nearly missed my dream bag, on sale, … [Continue reading]

Nashville fashion: Juliette’s sequin sweatshirt

nashville juliette barnes style

Nashville Fashion: Juliette Barnes sequin sweater Diane Von Furstenberg See it at Neiman Marcus (on sale) When Nashville's Juliette Barnes was nine, her mom unexpectedly cancelled her party at Denny's because she spent all the party money on … [Continue reading]

New Girl fashion: Tinfinity clothes

New Girl Style

Jess (Zooey Deschanel's cape) Corey Lynn Calter See it on Amazon Jess is obsessed with Nick's mouth. Schmidt is obsessed with Cece. And I'm obsessed with Jess's magenta cape from last night's New Girl. This is like the world's most awkward … [Continue reading]

Dallas Fashion: Episode 6


Dallas Fashion: Elena‚Äôs lace front shirt ALC See it at Matches Besides it's over the top soapy campiness, Dallas always manages to surprise me with the range of brands (and pricepoints) it highlights. I've been obsessed with Elena's ALC lace top … [Continue reading]

Hart of Dixie style: Fashion from Where I Lead Me

Hart of Dixie style

Zoe Hart's Hart of Dixie Style floral print wrap skirt Proenza Schouler See it at Boutique 1 We all know Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) is going to end up with George eventually, right? So it was only a matter of time before Blue Bell's own Jason … [Continue reading]