Arrow Fashion: Damaged style

Arrow Fashion

It's pretty clever of Oliver Queen to have his henchman put on an American Apparel hoodie and go stir up some trouble downtown while Oliver was playing host to a Hugh Hefner inspired crowd of future convicts. After all, nothing says, "learning about consequences" like throwing a prison-themed house party, complete with cage-dancing strippers in orange jumpsuits. Still, what I want to know … [Continue reading]

Holiday Gift Idea: Bauble Bar

Bauble Bar

  You know what today is right? November 7. Which means you have about six weeks before you start panicking about what to get your best girlfriends for the holidays. Luckily Bauble Bar is here to help. Bauble Bar has come up with a great holiday gift idea. This collaboration with Essie nail polish lets you build your own gift set including 3 Bauble Bar bracelets (there are a … [Continue reading]

Courtney Kerr + Possessionista on OpenSky

Courtney Kerr style

  You may have heard of this little show called Most Eligible Dallas last year on Bravo? The show made an instant style star of Courtney Kerr, a Dallas-based personality with killer personal style and a mouth that gets her into almost as much trouble as my own. As you can imagine, we were fast friends. Since the show, Courtney has launched an unbelieveable style blog and even … [Continue reading]

How I Met Your Mother fashion: Lily and Robin’s HIMYM style


Lily's heather cream sweater with buttons on the side They say that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This is as true of the election in Florida as it is for Victoria and her ultimatum that Ted stop being friends with Robin on this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother. Anyone with a 7th grade education and fairly good recall remembers the Friends episode when … [Continue reading]

Gossip Girl fashion: Serena’s rhinestone bird necklace

gossip girl style

Possessionista here, your one and only source into the scandalous pricetags of Gossip Girl fashion. It would appear that everyone on the Upper East side is kind of a fake. Whether it's golden boy Nate Archibald and his house of cards for a newspaper, or Serena Van Der Woodsen's newest beau and his not-so-immaculate love life, everyone in New York has a secret to hide. The rhinestone … [Continue reading]

90210 style: Into the Wild fashion

90210 fashion

If you'd have told me that I'd find some of the best TV fashion on a 90210 episode centered around - wait for it - glamping, I would have thought you were crazier than Erin Silver without her mood stabilizers. But tonight's 90210 fashion was kind of awesome, right? I mean, Annie's striped skirt? Silver's waxed jeans and red ankle boots. And, of course, no Vanessa. There were so many … [Continue reading]

666 Park Avenue Fashion: Jane’s Diabolic style

Jane's sweater from 666 Park Ave

Ahhh Jane's sweater! Is it Kate Spade? We want it for all of our holiday parties! — 666 Park Avenue (@666Park) November 5, 2012 666 Park Avenue is full of secrets. Who are the men in the basement? What's inside Gavin's spooky box? Why are the elevators at the Drake so damn angry all the time. And where the heck was Robert Buckley last night? But clearly there's one mystery that has eluded … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Illusion Style

Revenge Fashion

666 Park Avenue Fashion vs.Revenge Fashion who wore it better?: Both Emily Thorne  (Emily Van Camp) and Jane Van Veen (Rachel Taylor) wore this deep plunging V-neck Alexander McQueen red dress Tonight on Revenge Victoria Grayson remarried her frenemusband (that's a frenemy who's also your husband.) Not only did she snub Herve Leger, opting for a gauzy, charcoal Vera Wang dress in lieu of her … [Continue reading]