Pretty Little Liars style: Misery Loves Company fashion


Spencer's lace skirt Diane Von Furstenberg Elley skirt Spencer's snap front bow top: Diane Von Furstenberg (See it at Bloomingdales on Sale) I knew something was up with Aria last week. It turns out that it wasn't her fault, with that crazy pirate shrug over that totally adorable dress. Aria's Pretty Little Liars style was suffering for more than just influenza. Seriously, if thinking your … [Continue reading]

Lying Game style: Emma’s lace crochet dress

Lying game fashion

Emma's crochet dress on Lying Game (left) One by Eternal Sunshine See it at ShopBop (right) Zara Of all the love triangles in The Lying Game, there's only one I care about. And it's not whether Ethan will end up with Sutton or Emma. And it's certainly not whether Jordan picks Laurel or Mads And it's definitely not whether Rebecca ends up with Ted or Alec. It's which crochet dress … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Emily Thorne outfits

Revenge fashion

Emily Thorne's Revenge style lace cover up on Revenge Ondandemar See it at ShopBop It's a funny thing when the hunter becomes the hunted. Now that Aidan's sister is presumably dead, it looks like the tables may be turning on Emily Thorne. This week's Revenge hinted at the prospect of Aidan looking for retribution, and blaming Emily Thorne for the death of his sister. I've long wondered … [Continue reading]

bikinis worn on the bachelor


Are you guys kidding? It's three degrees out. My skin is ashy and flaking off like Ally Sheedy in the breakfast club. My stomach has reached pure January proportions, like a cross between the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man and pizza dough. The very thought of getting into a swimsuit brings me to near tears, and I have to get my therapist on speed dial. And some of you are asking for the bikinis worn … [Continue reading]

Carrie Diaries style: Carrie’s sweaters Lie With Me

Carrie Diaries fashion

Carrie Diaries style heart sweater French Connection see it at Bloomingdales I am so happy I didn't meet Carrie Bradshaw before she was an adult. The New York Carrie who stands by her friends, chain smokes and drinks cosmopolitans is a much better version than her teenaged self, all full of angst and Aussie scrunch spray. Who ever thought that the girl we all wanted to grow up to be started … [Continue reading]

90210 style: Misery Loves company 90210 fashion

90210 style

Silver's 90210 style  magenta dress Kelly Wearstler See it at ShopBop If you're like me, then you watch 90210 because it reminds you of the 90's. Like me, you spent your formative years lying on couches in high school or college watching Brenda, Donna and Kelly nurse chocolate milkshakes and broken hearts at the Peach Pit. Tonight's return of 90210 was also the return to 90's nostalgia. While … [Continue reading]

Bachelor Fashion: Lesley pink lace episode 3

Bachelor style

Leslie's pink lace open back dress BCBGeneration See it at Dillards Also available in black on sale at 6 PM It's week three of the Bachelor, and it seems that all the girls have pretty much given up wearing pants in the relationship. Or at all. As their desperation grows, their skirts keep shrinking. At the end of the Guiness Book of World Records kissing, I was afraid Lesley might … [Continue reading]

Rayna James concert outfit worn on Nashville


Rayna James Nashville style sequin wrap top L'Agence (See it at StyleBop) Rayna James snake print pants Seven for All Mankind (on sale at ShopBop) ccz: How is there nothing on the web telling me who makes Rayna James' #Nashville concert outfit?!?! @Possessionista @ccz @carolynconrad Looping in the brains behind #possessionista ... Dana ... any idea?? You know, you guys have to meet me … [Continue reading]