Sarah’s Print Dress from True Blood

Anna Camp’s print dress on True Blood Cache (I know!) @Possessionista can you please ID Sarah Newlin’s jersey print dress from True Blood, seen this week & last week? – Althea When it comes to TrueBlood’s vampires Beel [sic] and Eric Northman, I can see past all the bloodlust and accept them for their Vampire-y […]


  Mistresses Fashion: Joss’ necklace

Robyn Rhodes Cole Necklace Use code JOSS20 for 20% off Let’s be honest. If you behave like any of the women on Mistresses, you’re probably not getting a diamond any time soon. Unless of course you’re thinking of Joss’ diamond necklace from this week’s episode. Then you can get one for 20% off. See more […]


  Outfits from Mistresses Ultimatum

Joss’ exact skull shirt is from Angl Similar here Before Mistresses, I took a hard line on cheating. Unacceptable under any circumstance. But after several weeks of the ABC drama that features four women with various infidelity issues, I’ve learned there is actually a cheating hierachy. At the bottom? Cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend. Reprehensible. Next […]