Sarah Herron beauty interview: Possessionista exclusive

sarah herron lipstick

When Sarah Herron appeared on last week's Women Tell All, I think more people were intrigued by fan favorite Sarah Herron's lip color than what Tierra would say. Or maybe I'm just projecting. Either way, my mailbox exploded asking about Sarah's beauty regimine, how to get her cat-eye, what color lipstick she was wearing, and all her beauty secrets. So, naturally, I caught up with the … [Continue reading]

Dallas Style: Furious Fast Fashion


Pamela's lace dress Fendi modified by the Dallas Costume Department I have a bone to pick with the producers of Dallas. They spend entirely too much time focusing on the Ewing Boys and not nearly enough time getting closeups of Rebecca-Call-Me-Pamela and Elena's Dallas style. And it's a shame, really. Because costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin is brilliant when it comes to attention to … [Continue reading]


Thanks to everyone for letting me know that my comments weren't working. I think it's fixed now. Go ahead and leave a comment telling me how much you love me, so I know it's working again. Love, Needy … [Continue reading]

Jillian Harris wedges

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 2.26.01 PM

photo c/o Jillian Harris Hi! I have attached a picture of Jillian Harris - Are you able to advise where here shoes are from???? Thank you!!!!!!! -Angela via Facebook Jillian Harris is good at three things: Balancing a wine glass on her head. Making over your house. And making you want a pair of shoes that's no longer available. Never was that more evident than during her season … [Continue reading]

Miss Jessie’s pillow soft curls


Miss Jessie's Pillow soft curls "For people who hate ramen noodle hair" Try it at Target After years (and years and years) or straightening, flat ironing and generally just beating my hair into submission, I've started to embrace the idea of my natural curls again. On a Saturday night, you'll often find me in front of the mirror trying to recreate Michelle Money curls, or Googling "Victoria … [Continue reading]

Hanna Blue Pearl Necklace from Pretty Little Liars

blue necklace pretty little liars

Hanna's blue and pearl necklace from Pretty Little Liars fashion Kate Spade See it at Nordstrom Can you tell me where to buy the necklace Hannah is wearing (pearls and blue beads) with the Target dress? - Theresa The other day, while writing up a blog post, my 7-year-old told me he doesn't feel like I listen. To which I replied, "huh?" Because, of course, I wasn't listening. Whether … [Continue reading]

Kim Kardashian crystal bib necklace

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  Kim Kardashian's bib necklace Similar: Stella Dot Possessionista do u know where this necklace came from? -Rayelle I don't generally cover Kardashian fashion. There's just so many of them. And they're always wearing clothes. Except Kim in that one video. But I digress. When Rayelle sent me this email  I thought Kim's necklace looked familiar. Because I'm obsessed with this very … [Continue reading]

Glee, Hunger Games and More: Dana Schneider Jewelry


Left to right: Rachel Berry's gold apple slice necklace and Marley Rose's open flower necklace Featured on Glee What do Rachel Berry, Katniss Everdeen and Lisbeth Salander have in common? One is a drama geek. One survived the hunger games. And one will hack your computer. But they all share one thing in common and that's Dana Schneider jewelry, the designer behind Katniss' Mockingjay pin, … [Continue reading]