Shop your…shoes?

  Click picture to see the entire collection So, as I mentioned, we’re moving. On one hand, it’s great. I’m cleaning out my closet, getting rid of the clothes and shoes that I don’t wear anymore. And streamlining my wardrobe to a place where I’m not surprised to find that I actually own something before […]

  Des Hartsock sequin tribal skirt

Photo c/o Tribal Treasure Skirt click for both white and teal colorway @Possessionista#bachelorette outift – Dada via Twitter Michael Yo from OMG! Insider got the scoop from Desiree Hartsock about her journey and the connection she felt with the remaining weepy manfriends. And, in a nod to her roots (she lived in a teepee, […]

  Baby Daddy fashion episode 2

   Riley’s metallic dot top Forever 21 When it comes to Baby Daddy’s Riley’s love life, it’s all about timing. And the same could be said for her Baby Daddy outfits. Because, at least at this moment, neither the fella, nor any of her pieces, are available. Check ot what else Chelsea Kane wore on […]

  Dress like Chloe Goodwin from Goodwin Games

I’m moderately (okay completely) obsessed with the fashion from Goodwin Games. Costume designer Reiko Kurumada (of How I Met Your Mother style, too) has created an amazing palette for Chloe Goodwin that features neutral grays, blacks, whites and oxblood infused with pops (and occasionally explosions) of yellow in her clothes, accessories and handbags. (She even carries […]


  Carrie Underwood tassel sandal

@Carrie_UK love those sandals! Any ideas, @Possessionista?! Kim, Via Twitter You know, in general I only write about TV fashion, but considering there’s nothing on tonight, I can either post finds from Real Housewives of New Jersey, or we can all bend the rules and include Carrie Underwood because she was on American Idol. And […]