Pretty Little Liars style: fashion from PLL dead to me

Pretty Little Liars style

Pretty Little Liars style Hanna's overalls RVCA See them at Revolve Her plaid shirt is Free People also seen on 90210 and Glee I'm known for several things. My amazing hair. My sense of humor. My modesty And my overalls in college. In fact, the aforementioned have provided fodder for many a joke at my expense. And I promised my best friends that I'd never again return to the … [Continue reading]

Bachelor fashion: episode 5 Sean Lowe


It's obvious from this week's Bachelor fashion that Sean Lowe's ladies are at the end of their suitcases. Between Selma's bedazzled turban (yes I know you loved it) and Lesley M's vintage Topshop (it's from 2010, y'all) it's time for these ladies to restock their wardrobes (and introduce Sean to their families.) This week, we saw just about the last of the rose ceremony options. Selma wore pants, … [Continue reading]

Dallas Fashion: Elena patchwork skirt


  Dallas fashion: Elena Ramos (Jordanna Brewster) patchwork skirt on Dallas Stella McCartney See it at My Theresa Ever have one of those days where you put on two different shoes, spill coffee down your white blouse, or realize your shirt is on inside out? Even Elena Ramos has one of those days, once in a while. Sure, it seems like everything is finally going her way. She's marrying … [Continue reading]

Zosia Mamet red keyhole dress on Jimmy Fallon

Zosia Mamet Jimmy Fallon

Zosia Mamet of Girls red keyhole dress on Jimmy Fallon   Hi, OBSESSED with Zosia's dress here, do you know who makes it? -Jennifer When it comes to the girls of Girls, it's usually Lena Dunham making headlines for her nudity. But this week, co-star Zosia Mamet stepped out to do the late night circuit on Jimmy Fallon. And, in a far cry from her alter ego Shoshanna, the offspring of … [Continue reading]

Elementary Lucy Liu striped bow sweater


Lucy Liu's striped bow sweater on Elementary See it at Gap @Possessionista Dana, do you know who makes Lucy Liu's sweater?- Katie via Twitter I stayed up entirely too late last night watching the...wait for it...Superbowl and then got into a bit of a Twitter tussle over Elementary. It turns out there's quite an Elementary following, and not just because Lucy Liu as Watson's wardrobe is … [Continue reading]

Scandal Style: Olivia Pope pink shawl wrap coat

Olivia Pope Pink coat

Scandal Fashion "I love the Pink Overcoat / Trenchcoat Olivia Pope was waring on last night's Scandal! Can you find it please? Thanks!" - Ronda I should have known that when Olivia Pope wore this gorgeous pink shawl collar jacket again on last night's Scandal, that you'd be clamoring for it. When it comes to outerwear - or frankly anywhere, Olivia Pope can do no wrong. Unless she's rigging … [Continue reading]

Emily Maynard love stoned tank

love stoned emily maynard

@Possessionista where did Emily get this tank?! Love it! Via Twitter I always laugh when I get these requests (and they come in by the dozen.) Not because I don't think Emily Maynard has adorable style (I do) but because I can barely see this tank enough to know if I love it or not. The truth is, the best part of this picture isn't the tank, but that Emily herself  always looks so adorable you … [Continue reading]

Beyonce open back white dress at the Super Bowl press conference

Picture c/o Christopher Polk/Getty Images. Click for source

‎...I want Beyonce's white dress.I'm obsessed. Time to call in expert Dana Kessler Weiss via Facebook I’m really happy for you; I’mma let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best leather mini white dresses of all time! One of the best dresses of all time! Want to know what Beyonce was wearing to the Super Bowl press conference? Got something you're looking for that was worn … [Continue reading]