How I Met Your Mother Style: Robin lace top

How I Met Your Mother fashion

  Hannah's metal sleeve baseball jacket See it at Forever21 When you give up a habit - whether it's smoking or sleeping with young women - it's natural for that urge to stick around, like a ghost limb or the after taste of onions and peppers. You know what I'm talking about, right? This week, Barney urged Ted to sleep with his young hipster girlfriend out of respect for Barney's … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars style: Aria’s blue sweatshirt


Aria's blue sweatshirt on Pretty Little Liars Exclusive pre-order from SoLow Style, $77 Aria Montgomery is not the only one keeping secrets. The prettiest little liar rocked SoLow's burnout sweatshirt in her drug-induced flu this week on Pretty Little Liars. And only Possessionista can tell you how to get Aria's denim blue Pretty Little Liars style sweatshirt before it's available anywhere … [Continue reading]

AshLee Frazier lace dress from the Bachelor


Part of why I started Possessionista is because I love TV. But part of why I started Possessionista is because I couldn't find stuff that I was looking for. I'd google it. I'd research it. I'd call clothing designers and beg them to rerun stuff. So I feel your pain. A lot of you have mentioned how sad you are that the Ashlee Frazier lace dress from the Bachelor is out of stock. Others … [Continue reading]

New Girl Fashion: Pepperwood style

New Girl Style

The thing I love about New Girl, besides the obvious: Zooey Deschanel's outfits, is how there's one quirky little game or shtick that the show throws out there that makes you think about the episode long after it has ended. Like how your tongue is filling up your mouth right now. See, you can't unfeel in now. This week, it was the concept of the "pogo." You know, that one flaw you have … [Continue reading]

Mindy Project style: Mindy Kaling fashion

Mindy Kaling style

Like all little girls, Dr. Mindy Lahiri of the Mindy Project dreamed big. That one day she'd marry rich. Or marry an old dude and inherit his money. What she didn't account for was that she'd be sleeping on a hospital couch scheming to have one night stands with holistic midwives with self programming showers. But then again, I didn't dream of spending 9 hours on my butt watching TV under … [Continue reading]

Cougar Town Fashion: Between Two Worlds

Cougar Town Fashion

  When I was 12, my parents moved my family to Maryland. I have never felt so cool or mysterious as I did that first week at school. The kids in my class were ready for the new girl, and for the first time I could be whoever I wanted to be. I could be funny or cool, I could be the best dressed (I was. The denim overalls and pink gap sweater I wore that first day was still one of the … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars style: Misery Loves Company fashion


Spencer's lace skirt Diane Von Furstenberg Elley skirt Spencer's snap front bow top: Diane Von Furstenberg (See it at Bloomingdales on Sale) I knew something was up with Aria last week. It turns out that it wasn't her fault, with that crazy pirate shrug over that totally adorable dress. Aria's Pretty Little Liars style was suffering for more than just influenza. Seriously, if thinking your … [Continue reading]

Lying Game style: Emma’s lace crochet dress

Lying game fashion

Emma's crochet dress on Lying Game (left) One by Eternal Sunshine See it at ShopBop (right) Zara Of all the love triangles in The Lying Game, there's only one I care about. And it's not whether Ethan will end up with Sutton or Emma. And it's certainly not whether Jordan picks Laurel or Mads And it's definitely not whether Rebecca ends up with Ted or Alec. It's which crochet dress … [Continue reading]