Gossip Girl fashion: Blair Waldorf’s earrings

Blair waldorf earrings

  Possessionista here, your one and only source into the scandalous pricetag of Gossip Girl fashion. There's only two episodes left of Gossip Girl. Two episodes to make fun of Dan Humphries hair. Two episodes to wonder if Serena Van Der Woodsen will ever find her pants. And two more episodes to reveal the baubles that grace the ladies of the Upper East Side. To celebrate Gossip … [Continue reading]

Vampire Diaries fashion: Elena’s dress

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 8.59.14 PM

Vampire Diaries fashion Elena's tapestry floral dress from Vampire Diaires See it at: Hautelook ($68) Not a member of Hautelook? Join here. In the same way that Elena is sired to Damon on the Vampire Diaries, I suspect Leigh Leverett, the Vampire Diairies' brilliant costume designer is sired to Free People. The boho inspired brand has almost as many appearances on the hit CW show as Nina … [Continue reading]

Hayden Panettiere black dress on Nashville

Hayden Panetierre Dress from Nashville

 Nashville Fashion Hayden Panettiere black dress with high low hem and spaghetti straps from Nashville on December 5, 2012 Buy it: Gypsy05 via AMAZON (on sale) After a shockingly successful duet with arch nemesis Rayna James, Juliette Barnes decided to create beautiful music with another unexpected pairing on this week's episode of Nashville: her virgin boyfriend Sean. Sorry, Juliette, but … [Continue reading]

Glee Fashion: Rachel Berry sequin white dress

Rachel Berry Fashion from Glee

Glee Fashion Lea Michele as Rachel Berry wears a sequin embellished, corset white gown to perform at NYADA on Glee: SwanSong December 6, 2012 See it at: ShopBop I've never been particularly talented in the fine arts. I can't dance. I'm a below average singer. And my talent for playing Chopsticks on the piano is almost as laughable as my use of chopsticks when I go out for sushi. So … [Continue reading]

New Girl fashion: Bathtub

Jess's New Girl style Colorblock sweater

Jess's New Girl style colorblock sweater Theory See it at:  Nordstrom Love New Girl fashion? Check out my weekly New Girl style ID on InStyle here I've been sitting here for over an hour, trying to think of what to say about this week's New Girl. But the fact is, I was so damaged by the burning image of Schmidt's lightning bolt suit that I'm stunted. Emotionally. Physically. And … [Continue reading]

Sage’s druzy necklaces on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Sage Necklaces

Sage's jeweled necklaces (similar pictured) Meira T click for more details There are at least a few of us who'd love to know who makes Sage's necklaces from Gossip Girl. Thanks! :) - Em Possessionista here, your one and only source into the scandalous price tags of Gossip Girl Fashion. Gossip Girl's resident shit stirrer Sage is good at two things. Causing trouble. And wearing … [Continue reading]

Parenthood fashion: Amber colorblock sweater

Amber's leather jacket

Parenthood Fashion: Amber (Mae Whitman) olive leather motorcycle jacket I think we can all agree we don't watch Parenthood for the fashion. We watch Parenthood for the writing. For the drama. For the depth of the characters. For the familiarity. The hope that everything will work itself out in the end. And maybe we watch it - just a little - for the hope of seeing Dax Shepherd's … [Continue reading]

Hart of Dixie fashion: Sparks Fly

Rachel Bilson style

Hart of Dixie fashion: Zoe Hart's melon orange cap sleeve top You know how sometimes you have an "oh shit" moment? (Yeah, some of you just unsubscribed. I get it.) Like the moment you realize that maybe Wade is bored of your "body as a wonderland?" Or you try to woo a girl only to find out she wants you to break a window with your fist and steal a dog in a Juicy Couture tutu? Or you realize … [Continue reading]