New Girl Fashion and Style Guide

Zoey Deschanel’s alter ego Jess Day came on the scene and fashion took a giant step back. In a good way. New Girl Pink Stripe Dress

As the “New Girl” Jess’s New Girl Fashion rejeuvenated the retro-inspired dress movement, breathing new life into brands like Anthropologie, and Modcloth and singlehandedly encouraging everygirl to troll her local vintage and secondhand shops for flared sundresses, striped tops and polka dot sweaters.


Costume designer Deb McGuire of Friends fame, is having a ball dressing Jess. Her New Girl fashion is vintage inspired. Deb splits her time between vintage shops and mainstream labels like Milly, Shoshanna and JCrew.


During it’s first season New Girl style caused near frenzy levels. A one shoulder purple dress Jess wore during the wedding episode was immediately one of BCBG’s sister brand Max and Cleo’s most sought after dresses. A striped Shoshanna sweater never made it into production, but the clothing designer received hundreds of requests for the New Girl fashion sweater (it was eventually released in a different colorway.)

During season 2, photos leaked of Jess on set wearing a flared, ribbon striped yellow dress. The vintage piece by “Coco” was paired with a Corey Lynn Calter box bow belt. The New York Post chose this outfit (And Jess’s New Girl style) as one of Fall’s Most Fashionable Leading Ladies. (Possessionista contributed to this article.) New Girl Stripe Ribbon Dress


To recreate Jess’s New Girl fashion, start with Anthropologie and Modcloth who both offer great selections of vintage inspired and retro dresses. Look for girly details like lace and ribbons. ASOS is another great online outlet for vintage inspired, affordable dresses. Search for dresses with a fit and flare silhouette, and pair them with feminine belts to recreate Zoey Deschanel’s New Girl style.

Part of Jess’s signature New Girl style is stripes and polka dots. These bold, recognizable prints are easily recognizable on New Girl, and a staple in Jess’s wardrobe. Both trends are readily available everywhere from Forever 21 and H&M to J Crew and Neiman Marcus. Mixing and matching prints is a signature style of New Girl. The quirkier the better!

And finally, don’t forget your sweater. If you channel Jess Day’s New Girl style you’ll never go cold. A solid colored cardigan will always add to your New Girl inspired wardrobe and it’s practical too.

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