Modern Family Fashion and Style Guide

Modern Family isn’t a show that necessarily makes you think about fashion, but in fact, Modern Family fashion is just as fun as the show. Between Julie Bowen’s casual mom style, Sarah Hyland’s young fashion and Sophia Vergara’s overtly sexy wardrobe, Modern Family style is nothing to laugh at.

Every once in a while Modern Family has a moment that’s absolutely shocking. I’m not referring to the over-the-top jokes. Last season Julie Bowen had tongues wagging when she changed out of her usual Seven for All Mankind jeans and American Apparel hoodies for a breathtaking royal blue halter dress from BCBG. Bowen’s athletic frame is often hidden under oversized sweatshirts and bootcut jeans, but when she dresses up as Claire Dunphy, her Modern Family fashion shows that even moms can clean up nicely.

We’ve watched daughter Hailey Dunphy grow up in front of us. Actress Sarah Hyland’s alter-ego’s style vascillates between teen and young adult. Her mostly Urban Outfitters heavy wardrobe includes skinny colored jeans, motorcycle boots, intarsia sweatshirts and plaid shirts. Although there are occasionally other brands in Hailey’s Modern Family wardrobe, Urban Outfitters various lines are so prevalent that many media outlets have surmised a back end collaboration with Urban Outfitters, though neither ABC nor Urban Outfitters has confirmed this.

And Sophia Vergara as Gloria, Modern Family fashion can be described in one word. Boobs. From her own line of faux wrap tops from KMart to animal print sweaters from Moschino, Gloria’s style includes fitted, tight tops, dresses and sweaters to highlight her womanly figure.

One of the characters with the most interesting Modern Family style is Cam. His boldly printed shirts on Modern Family are some of the most coveted men’s fashion on TV. Costume designer Alix Friedberg custom designs each of Cam’s print shirts. She sources the fabrics from all over the world, and then each shirt is made one of a kind exclusively for Modern Family.


4 thoughts on “Modern Family Fashion and Style Guide

  1. Jeff McAllister

    Where can I purchase Cam’s poinsettia cowboy shirt?

    1. Dana Weiss

      Most of Cam’s shirts are one of a kind, made by the costume designer.

  2. Ray Britton

    Sure look like Robert Graham shirts to me

  3. Mark g

    I want Mannys button up short sleeve shirts he wears on the show. Who makes them?

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