Mindy Project Fashion and Style Guide

For ages, people have been emailing me asking me to cover a fashion for “normal women.”

So when Fox premiered the Mindy Project I said a Hail Mary.

Er. Mindy.

Mindy Kaling serves as a producer, writer and the star of the Mindy Project, and the Mindy Project style reflect’s Mindy Kaling’s own fashion. Kaling, an outspoken, confident comedienne, exudes confidence in her curves and easily transitions from Anthropologie clad retro vintage babe to Herve Leger sex kitten.

In the premiere, Kaling’s Mindy Project fashion includes a custom sequin dress, vintage butterfly tunic and an iconic Herve Leger bandage dress that should silence the critics about Mindy Kaling’s size. As the show progresses, the Mindy Project style pulls from retro-inspired lines like Free People, and Modcloth’s private label. Kaling is a big fan of online retailer Modcloth and works as a brand ambassador for the company.

Kaling wears styles that emphasize her curves, from form fitting bandage dresses to separates. The clothes on the Mindy Project include vintage inspired skirts, feminine blouses and bold colored cardigans.

Polka dots take center stage in Mindy Project clothes. Mindy often mixes and matches patterns: tiny dotted blouses complement a bold striped blazer. Later in an episode a Mindy Project outfit includes a polka dot shirt layered under an charming heart applique cardigan by Commes Les Garcons.

Costume designer Salvador Perez (he also did Liz and Dick with Lindsay Lohan and Pitch Perfect. Mayje.) admits that the item is more important than the label sewn into it. In the second episode, Mindy Kaling wanted her title character to wear a chambray bustier. Though they originally planned on having a piece custom made for the Mindy Project, ultimately they chose a store bought Juniors bodysuit from Macy’s.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from the Mindy Project its that – wear what fits your body without being concerned about the brand (or the size.) And like Mindy Kaling, be comfortable in your skin in confident in what you wear. That’s how you can make Mindy Project fashion your own.

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