Middleton Fashion and Style Guide

My entire life, I’ve believed that I was secretly a princess, switched at birth with someone seemingly ordinary.

And that somewhere out there, there was a girl with limp hair living her life as the heir to a throne that was rightfully mine.

And clearly, the Middleton sisters, Kate and Pippa, had the same idea when they went and found themselves an heir to the throne and the cover of multiple Us Weekly covers.

Unline our US starlets, what separates the Middleton sisters from, say, the Hilton sisters is their understated ladylike taste. Middleton style often includes mass market pieces (called “High Street” across the pond) like Zara and Reiss, Diane Von Furstenberg and Cynthia Vincent, as well as custom pieces by Jenny Packham.

Middleton fashion has been lauded for it’s ability to be both current and classic. Without being overtly revealing, the Middleton style is all about ladylike femininity. Pippa Middleton’s fashion often incorporates body  hugging silhouettes and bright colors. Pippa Middleton has often been photographed in cornflower blue, blush and bright red. Also refreshing about Middleton style is the sisters’ propensity for re-wearing items, and on occasion sharing clothes.

While accessories remain minimal, Pippa middleton fashion also is notable for her taste in handbags, making English designer Modalu a household name in the past year.

While Pippa Middleton has been recognized by her bag (and her bootie) it’s big sister Kate Middleton fashion that earned her the crown. On a recent tour of North America, princess Kate’s feet were on display. From a coveted pair of sensible LK Bennett wedges to Kate Middleton’s sebagos while boating in Canada, Kate Middleton fashion is all about the pumped up kicks.

Of late Kate Middleton style has also incorporated flattering, understated day dresses. A recent dress by Reiss, which Kate Middleton wore to meet the Obamas sold out from Reiss’ website within hours.  The Duchess is frequently photographed in slender silhouettes in solid, understated colors. She gravitates toward nude and blush tones, though she has also worn bolder colors by Alexander Wang, Issa and Jenny Packham for evening events.

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