Hi guys! Just a quick note to tell you that I’ll be on vacay for the next 7 days – and not sure about the whole wi-fi sitch, much less the primetime lineup in Rio. Here’s the deal. While I’m gone, just leave the items from the shows I’m missing in the comments below, then […]

  Some thoughts

I was gutted by the news of Robin Williams death tonight. How could someone so vibrant and filled with humor be hiding such sadness and darkness? But the truth is, it’s not altogether unfamiliar to me. I know this isn’t really Possessionista-y of me, and I’m not in any way trying to capitalize on the death of […]

  What I wore

  Flower sleeve shirt: Equipment La Soula candy necklace Waaaahhh! I don’t live in the Chicago area. Love the shirt and necklace you’re wearing.  One of the hardest things (besides fitting into my jeans and astrophysics) is trying to figure out the right outfit for an event. You never want to look like you tried […]