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Manhattan Love Story is the tale of Dana and Peter, two New Yorkers looking for love. Before we get a peek into their inner monologues, I thought it might be fun to get a peek into their closets, courtesy of Manhattan Love Story Costume Designer Brittany Griffin. Brittany and I discussed New York style, Dana’s favorite jeans and  how to dress for your very own Manhattan Love Story. 

Possessionista: Tell me a little about Dana’s style?
Brittany Griffin: Dana has just moved to New York and over the season we will see her style transition from bright Southern Belle to textured, dark New Yorker. She is a bit quirky- always wears a pin whenever she can.

KURT FULLER, CHLOE WEPPER, JADE CATTA-PRETA, NICOLAS WRIGHT, JAKE MCDORMAN, ANALEIGH TIPTONPossessionista: How is it similar to your own style? How is it different?
Brittany Griffin: I’m very into dressing simply and comfortably and I think Dana has that mindset as well. That being said, as costume designer you always need to take yourself out of it. It’s not my style, it’s not Analeigh’s style, it’s Dana’s style. We work together to create this imaginary person and we work hard to make her appear as real as possible. 
Possessionista: Where do you shop for Dana’s clothing?
Brittany Griffin: I love Century 21, its by far my favorite store in Manhattan.
mlsPossessionista: Are there specific brands you use for Dana? What are some of your favorites?
Brittany Griffin: Fave jeans for Dana: BLK Denim and Paige, Go to purse: Foley & Corina, I also love Madewell, Gap, Anthropologie, Sam Edelman, Urban Outfitters and Topshop
Possessionista: The show is set in Manhattan. How does New York influence the way you style Dana?
Brittany Griffin: As New Yorkers, sometimes it feels like we are dressing for battle. Battling the crowds on the subway, the God awful weather, the constant walking. I try to take that all into account. There are some characters like Amy who don’t have a lot of battling to do in their day to day but Dana is always on the go and she needs to be ready for anything.
manhattan-love-story-teaser-abcPossessionista: What or who is your inspiration for Dana’s style?
Brittany Griffin: I’m inspired by the people in my life and the people that I see everyday in New York. I find myself mashing them all together to create a style for her. As far as celebrity inspirations go, I look to Kate Bosworth, Michelle Williams and Alexa Chung. 
manhattan-love-story18Possessionista: Are there other characters whose style we should watch for? 
Brittany Griffin: I love all of the character’s styles, there’s a little piece of my heart in each one. I worked hard to try to represent as many different types of New Yorkers as I could.  There’s Chloe who is a funky, young, New Yorker born and raised. Amy is always coordinated and fashion forward. Amy’s husband, David, really has fun with his wardrobe. In my mind, Amy picks out all of his clothes for him because she’s such a control freak. Peter is very understated but is a guy that knows what works for him. Dana is the cool girl next door that has a je ne sais quoi. Tucker is a dapper British man, I was very inspired by pitti uomo street style, the way that those men are able to put the strangest things together and they end up looking incredible.  
Possessionista: If Dana were a real person, could she afford to wear these clothes or should viewers suspend belief?
Brittany Griffin: That’s definitely something that I think about for Dana. She can afford what she is wearing for the most part but she is living with her very wealthy friend, Amy, so sometimes I think she borrows pieces from her. I am very lucky on this show that I have Dana whose clothes are very accessible and then I have Amy who can go full tilt fashion fantasy. 
Manhattan Love Story premieres September 30th on ABC. 

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