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Elementary Fashion and style guide

elementary style and fashionIn 2012, Elementary premiered on CBS. A contemporary take on a classic story, Elementary is the tale of Sherlock Holmes and his trusted advisor Watson. Sure, it takes place in New York instead of London, and Watson is played by the stylish and gorgeous Lucy Liu, rather than some stuffy British dude. And her Elementary fashion skews more towards sleek silhouettes, lush fabrics, and simple accessories rather than dark capes and monacles

Watson’s updated look was created by Elementary costume designer Rebecca Hofherr, who collaborates weekly with Elementary star Lucy Liu to create a monochromatic wardrobe, mixing high and low labels to create her unique Elementary style.

In this exclusive interview with Possessionista, Hofherr spills the beans on what’s in Watson’s closet and why Watson is just like you and me.

Possessionista: What’s your inspiration for Watson’s style
Rebecca Hofherr: My inspiration for Watson came from NYC working women. Most of us have somewhat of a uniform but mix it up every now and then. We have our expensive signature piece and combine it with t-shirts from Zara or army jackets from the Gap. I wanted Watson to feel like that…..like almost all women could relate to her style……which I call fashionable and functional. One thing with Watson I try to avoid is trends….she has a more classic easy feel to her wardrobe. Plus I don’t want to watch the show in 10 years and regret fashion choices.

elementary-fashionPossessionista: How much input does Lucy Liu have in her wardrobe? Is it collaborative?
RH: Lucy is very collaborative! She has an amazing sense of style and a great eye for clothes. I welcome her input and opinions. Plus Watson has about 200 outfits throughout our 24 episode season so sometimes I need some creative collaboration.

Possessionista: Every week we see Watson wearing white cardigans? Is that her signature? Where did that come from?
RH: Watson’s white jacket is her signature piece. It’s almost the only ode to the original books that Watson takes with her fashion because it’s like a uniform in a way.

clothes-from-elementaryPossessionista: Where do you shop for Watson?
RH: I shop everywhere for Watson…..rag and bone, Zara, net-a-porter, H and M. I try and make it a mix of things, and a lot of things are affordable so if you like it you can go out and buy it without breaking the bank.

Possessionista: What has been your favorite look?
RH:I don’t know if I have a favorite look for Watson….I do like when she wears monochromatic or color blocked things. Like the blue and black dress from this episode.

Possessionista: Any secrets from the show?
RH: She does repeat certain pieces (shoes, bags, jackets, jeans, and skirts). Just like regular woman….she will repeat a skirt but with an entirely new top and boot so nobody even notices its the same. We all have favorite pieces we reinvent when seasons or styles change and Watson does the same. The only tricks to her wardrobe are that sometimes we turn t-shirts into dresses or slips into skirts, or even dresses into shirts. Sometimes it’s fun to keep our fashion conscious fans on their toes.

See everything Lucy Liu has worn on Elementary

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11 thoughts on “Elementary Fashion and style guide

  1. Kathy Napolitano

    Where did the stripped ascot/tie Lucy Liu wore on the latest Elementary show come from. I absolutely loved it.

  2. Anonymous

    Her wardrobe needs an update! She is dressed like she’s 14! It hurts my eyes!

  3. Linda

    ‘sort of true Anonymous. Her wardrobe stands out as a little incongruous. Don’t get me wrong …. I like the pieces but they seem out of place somehow ….. maybe they’really just refreshingly different …. keep it up.

  4. Dottie.zimmer

    Lucy outfits are awesome. And, she has the figure to wear them. Keep it up

  5. Joanne

    I enjoy Elementary. And watch when I can. Watkins outfits are the highlight. “Oh my God look what she has on now!!!” The silliest I’ve seen … Ever!! The lines, the patterns. Oh my !! And she is too short to wear the mid thigh shirt/dress..
    Whew. Glad I got that off my chest. ..
    Holmes on the other hand. Character driven Perfection!!

  6. Linda Mrowka

    Where can I find the cat print blouse Lucy Liu wore on the episode aired on February 4, 2016?

  7. Eric Stump

    I am an older gentleman. I really like the fashions that Holmes wears. Especially the long flowing pants, reminiscent of the bell bottoms worn in the 1960s.

  8. Anonymous

    There is an old British saying I am sure Holmes is familiar with “Mutton dressed as lamb is still mutton”
    Stop ruining the bloudy show!

  9. d

    I am certainly not a “fashionista”; but I worked in high-end traditional men’s and women’s stores in the eighties and am aware, usually subconsciously, of the styles worn on the shows I watch. Lucy’s style on Elementary is not what I’d call classic; but after reading Hofherr’s comments, I can definitely understand why Lucy’s style on the show caught my eye. She wants to portray Lucy as a quintessential NY professional woman, dressed stylishly and well without any of the drama that can date a production. I appreciate that. More, her style stood out so much for me that it was actually one of the many reasons I kept watching the show. Don’t get me wrong, the primary reasons I like the show are centered around the dialogue, chemistry, performances and that mellifluous Miller voice. But, I can’t take my eyes off Lucy! I’d marry that woman in a NY minute! Hofher has certainly done her job well to make Watson the most desirable woman on prime-time. (Not that Lucy Liu isn’t that all on her own already.)

  10. Esther

    I love Watson’s wardrobe, and I’m happy to see that Lucy has a hand in choosing what her character wears.
    Elementary is one of my favorite shows on TV today. I agree that the interaction between Holmes and Watson is one of the main reasons I watch. The wardrobe is another.



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