Dallas style and fashion

Dallas fashion and style guide

Dallas styleI don’t know if it’s all the Nashville I’ve been watching, or Bachelor Sean Lowe rubbing off on me, but the return of Dallas is one of my most anticipated TV watching moments.

Last season ended with Rebecca making out with her brother kinda, and Elena wearing cowboy boots and looking pensively into the Dallas skyline. Or something, shoot I don’t remember.

Anyway, I sat down with costume designer of Dallas, Rachel Sage Kunin, to talk about the ladies of Dallas, how they dress, and what to expect style-wise from everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure: Dallas on TNT.

Possessionista:  How would you describe Rebecca’s style this season?

RSK:  Rebecca has transformed into a sophisticated and influential character this season.  Except for the occasional master manipulator guise, gone are the “good girl” pastels and she is mainly in black and shades of grey.  She is fierce in strong and sleek silhouette’s.  I have also been playing with what was an original DALLAS tradition, emphasizing shoulders, but instead of big and broad, I am highlighting them in a modern way with lace insets or leather accents.

Possessionista:  What about Elena?
RSK:  We find Elena living her dream in Season 2.  She is in love and has finally gotten her foot in the door of the oil business as a founding owner of Ewing Energies.  Elena’s style incorporates this new found success but she can still go from a casual jean to a more profession look effortlessly.

Dallas stylePossessionista:  Are there other characters whose style we should be paying attention to this year?
RSK:  The characters are more glamourous this season… they are all so unique and have a unique style.  I hope people will connect to all of them in one way or another.

Possessionista:  Rebecca’s hair accessories were popular last year. What are some accessories you love to work with?
RSK:  I love working with statement jewelry.  Big or small, it’s an adornment that can make an outfit look special.

Possessionista:  Which character on Dallas do you most identify with stylewise? Who’s closet would you like to raid?
RSK:  I identify the most with Elena’s style– she goes from that casual jean paired with a great sweater to a fitted sheath dress with such ease.

Dallas style and fashionPossessionista: How have the characters’ styles evoloved since the show started?

RSK:  As I started to re-watch the original series I was impressed that the women’s silhouettes of the first few season (1978-1981) still hold up today.  The wrap dress is one of my favorite examples.  The fashions we wear reflect the time, politically and economically, in which we live.  Over the top fashions where trendy in the 1980’s and that was a sign of the times.  Today, we are back to wearing classic pieces that can be styled differently or re-invented from season to season with an updated shoe, new belt, statement piece of jewelry… I think anything to keep our wardrobe fresh, balancing new fashions with timeless pieces is a modern take on style. Last year was about giving a grounded quality to the show, a foundation on which we could build upon.  This year is about elevating the characters and continuing to develop them.  As they progress and grow their costumes evolve.

Possessionista:  Where do you shop for Elena and Rebecca? What makes their style “Dallas”
RSK:  Dallas Texas is the mecca of shopping!  We shoot here and I couldn’t not ask for a better place to find everything I need.  I go to boutique’s such as Tootsies and Scoop to department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave to great resale shops like Uptown Consignment and Vintage Martini.  There is also incredible outlet shopping here–  I’ll go wherever I can find a gem. DALLAS style is universal and can go or be anywhere.  It’s about knowing what you look good in, what suits you and owning it.  It’s about being excited by what you are wearing and what it says about who you are.

Dallas fashionPossessionista:  How true is “Dallas” style to real life Dallas fashion?
RSK:  As the costume designer on DALLAS, I create a mood with color and style that helps inform the viewer what the character is trying to evoke.  If the Ewing and Barnes families were real I imagine this is how they would dress.  Dallas’ real real life style varies from city-life to ranch-life, from in-expensive to high-end and from casual to formal…  Now-a-days any town or city, world-wide, we all move together in fashion more than ever before.  

Possessionista:  How would you describe your own style?
RSK:  Born and raised in California my everyday style is casual and classic.  I love a fitted black jean, great boot (high or low) with a sharp white shirt and leather jacket.  When I’m at work I’ve got to have that practicality, however, for a night out it’s all about having fun and playing around with fashion. 

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