Carrie Underwood tassel sandal

@Carrie_UK love those sandals! Any ideas, @Possessionista?! Kim, Via Twitter You know, in general I only write about TV fashion, but considering there’s nothing on tonight, I can either post finds from Real Housewives of New Jersey, or we can all bend the rules and include Carrie Underwood because she was on American Idol. And […]

  Carrie Underwood’s flag tank

@Possessionista Please tell me you can find where @carrieunderwood got this American flag tank she wore for #cmafest It’s probably (hopefully) that the proximity of the Fourth of July is what’s inspiring Young Hollywood in their recent influx of American Flag inspired garb. First it was Katy Perry in a flag weater. Then a few […]

  Carrie Underwood’s sequin skirt

photo c/o Randy Jackson’s twitter Carrie Underwood’s Sequin Skirt Oyster Skirt, All Saints Carrie’s Skirt! So amazing! Any ideas?! – Cassie Carrie Underwood credits her post-American Idol weight loss with eating a vegetarian diet. And good for her, but all the same, in this super short Oyster skirt, it’s clear why  Carrie’s legs adhere to […]