Beauty and the Beast fashion and style guide

IBeauty-and-The-Beast-CW-Episode-14-Tough-Love-3t’s a tale as old as time.

And even though there are no dancing teapots in this version, the CW’s new Beauty and the Beast is every bit the fairy tale.

Complete with dresses fit for a princess.

I had a moment to talk to Catherine Ashton, the costume designer for Beauty and the Beast all about Beauty and the Beast fashion:

Possessionista:  Where do you shop for Cat? What are your go-to brands?

Catherine Ashton: Cat is elegant and simple.  Her go to brand this season would have to be Club Monaco.  Jeans Levis Demi Curve Silhouette, Jbrand

Possessionista How would you describe Cat’s personal style? What’s your strategy in dressing Kristin Kreuk’s character?

batb-styleCatherine Ashton: Kristin is so easy to dress she is so character driven and as a result of this keeps true to her character as far as her look.  My strategy is keeping with her character as much as possible with clean simple lines which are softly tailored elegant and refined yet fashionable.

 Possessionista: Has her style evolved over the season as her relationship with Vincent has gown. 

Catherine Ashton: Not really I think it is important that she keeps her look intact.  She doesn’t want it to be know that she is living a double life even though she is.  Her look will remain as a professional detective with style.

Possessionista: What has been your favorite look or looks this season?
Catherine Ashton: May favorite look so far has been the masquerade ball  gown. Putting that look together was so much fun.  Kristin wore that dress for 2 solid days and was a real trouper.

WorthPossessionista: What should viewers look forward to in terms of Cat’s style?

Catherine Ashton: I can’t really answer question. Her style changes as per script so my lips are sealed.:)

Possessionista: Tell us a secret about the wardrobe on Beauty and the Beast? What’s one thing viewers wouldn’t know?

Catherine Ashton: Well at the Masquerade Ball every time Kristin had to walk she would do this little dance step  We called it the kick and swoosh.  Gabe wears bold stripe shirts and  Murfield wear stripe ties, think about that one.

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  1. Danielle Goldsmith

    Dana – Great post about the show. Have you seen the 2017 movie remake yet? I was less than 4 years old when the original Disney animated movie Beauty and the Beast came out and now parents in my generations are seeing it with their kids. The adults that are the most nostalgic have a gorgeous wardrobe remake of their own; see it here:

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