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Possessionista readers are not stats. They are women, ages 18-45 who love fashion, entertainment and are some of the savviest, smartest and stylish around. They are discerning and smart.

And they can tell the difference between editorial and advertising.

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9 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. lisa

    Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if you were looking for anyone to help you out? I am great at seeking new things out and great with the web. Let me know!

    thanks, Lisa

    1. C

      Do you know where to get the floppy hat Meghan Edmonds wore inTahiti ( Girl Code episode)?

      Thx! C

  2. C

    Meghan Edmonds, Real Housewives OC

  3. donna

    Where did they get the brown watch that Lucy Liu wears? I have been searching for a while.

    PS I am older than 45 years old, I am a new teacher, sorry you think old ladies can’t be stylish or cutting edge, I happen to be both….

    1. Vanessa

      Seriously the age 45 “cutoff” is so obnoxious and insulting. Why is there an “up to” age, and why such an arbitrary number? I have been a fan for years now but just today looked at this page out of curiosity. Wow, it’s just so super rude. Way to make your readers who are 45+ feel like frumpy, out of the loop cows.

      1. Possessionista

        This is such a weird reaction. Suggesting readers fall in between certain ages is a demographic not a cut off. People who want to dress like the Bachelor or Pretty Little Liars tend to be younger than 50. It’s not a statement against anyone who wants to dress that way, just a guideline for potential advertisers looking to see who reads the blog. It never in any way suggested that people over 45 are frumpy, out of the loop or cows. Sounds more like this is your issue.

        1. AF

          stay golden, bae

          1. Jay Carroll

            Possessionista I am 52 and I did not take offense to your statement. I am business woman and know that its a general statement. I am secure in my age and feel I only look about 35. The ladies who did get upset by the 18-45 indication should feel proud that they are able to wear what is generally marketed to a younger group instead of feeling offended by it. Keep doing your good work! I am always checking out what you have here as I often want what the real housewives etc are wearing 🙂

  4. Dana M.

    Good Day, My name is Dana Moore and I attend the Illinois Media and Broadcasting school. I currently have a project that consist of interviewing a reliable source regarding Jennifer Aniston being named Worlds Most Beautiful Women by People Magazine. This doesn’t have to be an expert opinion but I am not allowed to interview students or anyone else not considered a professional in their line of work. Will you be available Tomorrow at 11:30am to do a short mock interview? Or can you make someone else available at that time? I will travel to you and your time will be greatly appreciated. Also after everything is done being edited I will gladly send you all content just in case you would like to put it to use. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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