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Possessionista readers are not stats. They are women, ages 18-45 who love fashion, entertainment and are some of the savviest, smartest and stylish around. They are discerning and smart.

And they can tell the difference between editorial and advertising.

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4 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. lisa

    Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if you were looking for anyone to help you out? I am great at seeking new things out and great with the web. Let me know!

    thanks, Lisa

    1. C

      Do you know where to get the floppy hat Meghan Edmonds wore inTahiti ( Girl Code episode)?

      Thx! C

  2. C

    Meghan Edmonds, Real Housewives OC

  3. donna

    Where did they get the brown watch that Lucy Liu wears? I have been searching for a while.

    PS I am older than 45 years old, I am a new teacher, sorry you think old ladies can’t be stylish or cutting edge, I happen to be both….

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