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Naven Black One Shoulder Top for LEss


I am in love with this Naven Goddess top.  I found it at  Singer22  however it’s not available until May and I would like to find one thats not a budget buster.  Attached is a pic.  I want to pair it with my new current/elliott skinny jeans.

hope you can help!



To me, picking out tops is like picking out men.

You have to try on quite a few before you find the right one.

And if you can’t have Mr. Right?

Settle for Mr. Right Now.

$68.00 (Use code Love for 15% off) 
Couture Candy

The Bachelor Fashion episode 5 Vietnam

Cheers to totally getting your ass handed to you by a womanizing hypocrite

Haha. We totally had sex in the ocean.

During this week’s Bachelor, in an episode ripped from the pages of Sean Lowe’s biography, Juan Pablo has sex and then later decides he just doesn’t want to do that anymore.

Look, I’m not saying Juan Pablo and Clare had sex in the ocean…

But Juan Pablo and Clare had sex in the ocean.

The ladies of the Bachelor traveled to Vietnam to soak in the beauty and culture and the chance of contracting HPV in one of the world’s largest bodies of water.

We're both 32. We're both single parents. We both wish we could still ride in a tricycle

We’re both 32. We’re both single parents. We both wish we could still ride in a tricycle

The episode begins with Rene getting ready for her date with Juan Pablo, imagining their first kiss like most little girls plan for their weddings. Juan Pablo and Rene do something where a local seamstress designs a dress for her and then, honestly? No1Curr. It might have been the most boring, sterile date in Bachelor history.  See, here’s the thing. I actually think Rene is here for the right reasons. I think Rene is looking for love (and maybe a break from her kid for a minute, because motherhood is tough despite what your asshole friends are posting on Facebook about baking cupcakes and blessings.) And I don’t think Rene is going to find love on the Bachelor. Because while Rene is looking for love (and a pedicure) Juan Pablo is looking for sex in the ocean.

Next is the group date. All the girls pair up for a paddle boat excursion. Friendless Clare ends up odd woman out, so she pairs up with Juan Pablo. And like the girl who gets picked last in gym, she gets back at everyone by making out with their boyfriend and scores the rose.

What is this in your hair? Is this from Camilla's American Girl Doll?

What is this in your hair? Is this from Camilla’s American Girl Doll?

The last date goes to Nikki who’s dressed like she’s up for anything. And by anything I mean shooting a Free People catalog and then going skateboarding, because Nikki has a boho headband and messy side braid complemented by denim booty shorts and a pair of Chucks. It turns out that the date is to rapel into a cave and repel any chance of Nikki’s fashion being covered this week in Possessionista. Mission accomplished.

Now for the juicy part.

After the dates were over, Clare pulls a Courtney Robertson and stops by Juan Pabs’ suite for a late night swim and stuff. And by stuff, I mean that at least one person eats Octopus. And one person probably threw up in her mouth but swallowed it back down. And before you tell me that I’ve gone too far, just know that if ABC didn’t want me making these jokes they wouldn’t have included them in last week’s episode.

Cheers to totally getting your ass handed to you by a womanizing hypocrite

Cheers to totally getting your ass handed to you by a womanizing hypocrite

At the rose ceremony, Clare thinks she’s got it in the bag. She’s as cocky as Kat on a K-Pop mall tour. She makes a toast about finding love and being loved and making love and you can actually see Juan Pablo silently begging her not to say anything else.

Juan Pablo steals Clare away for what she thinks will be a quickie, but it turns out to be a lesson in morality. In the same way that some parents will throw their kids under the bus when they’re late for a doctor’s appointment, Juan Pablo blames Camilla for his decision to ultimately become a born-again Clare virgin. Clare says she understands, even though she clearly doesn’t understand. And I suspect there’s an 18 page letter in Juan Pablo’s future.

Front. And. Back.

In the end, Juan Pablo sends home Danni, Allie and Kelly, the three remaining women with whom he hasn’t yet disrespected Camilla.

Mull that one over.

Check out some of this week’s best Bachelor fashion

Want to see more clothes from the Bachelor?


Kelly’s arrow necklace

Stella Dot


Kelly’s spike necklace

Alexis Bittar

sharleenturqnecklaceScreen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.19.34 PM

Sharleen’s turquoise necklace

Stella Dot (Thanks Lauren!)


Andi’s pleated, pink dress


first seen here

andinecklaceScreen Shot 2014-02-04 at 2.46.37 PM

Andi’s pave disk necklace


sharleendressScreen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.00.33 PM

Sharleen’s striped dress (sold out)

similar by same designer Angl


Andi’s pink dress with gold straps



Clare’s orange lace dress



Cyber Monday Wrap Up

Cyber Monday Wrap Up

Cyber Monday Wrap Up

T’was Cyber Monday and all ‘cross the net

Possessionistas were wondering what they could get

For sweaters and jeans and boots when it snowed, Piperlime takes of 30% (CYBER is the code)

Or perhaps Rag & Bone boots is where they want their money spent. Then check out Shopbop and take off up to 25 percent.

For Chaser and Naven, Joie and Wildfox, 20% at Revolve will knock off your socks

If you’re looking for gifts that have a little more bling, jeweler Max & Chloe offer 25% off everything

For your favorite techie, don’t know what to get? All kinds of stuff is on sale over at Target.

Spend some dough at Neiman Marcus (that isn’t hard) and they’ll give you up to a $500 gift card

Saks, Nordstrom and Macys are part of this tale. They’ve each marked a ton of stuff down on this sale.

On Banana! On Gap! on Old Navy, too! Each of these three wise stores has the code CYBER for you.

If your feet are cold there’s no reason to scoff. UGG has selected styles 30% off

Shopping for someone who loves a good book? Head to Barnes and Noble (they’re offering a deal on the Nook!)

Or perhaps home decor for your friend down the block? There’s hundreds of deals over at Overstock

Need a new pair of jeans (for when your faves are dirty?) Seven for All Mankind sale jeans are an extra 30

If you needs some new shades, there’s no need to feel miffed, Ray Ban is offering everyone a free gift.

Want to dress just like your favorite girls on TV do? take 30% off of everything at JCrew

For jeans, flannels and boots that will make you kvell, it’s 25% off everything at Madewell

And don’t forget about Bauble Bar, they’re 25% storewide, too, so is the HipChick, Lord and Taylor and Singer22.

With this wrap up I guarantee this holiday you’ll dress even cuter.

Now excuse me, I have some shopping to do on the computer.

Got a Cyber Monday deal you want to share? Email me at

Client List fashion: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s blue blazer

Blue Blazer Client List

Blue Blazer Client ListNVEN-WO7_V2

Client List Fashion: Riley’s blue blazer


See it at Revolve

Last week, Client List costume designer Dorothy Amos revealed exclusively to Possessionista that the cobalt color of this Naven blazer looks so beautiful on Jennifer Love Hewitt, that her character Riley is the only person on the Client List cast who wears the color.

They call it Love’s Blue.

Turns out Love loves the blazer so much, she was also photographed at LAX wearing the same blazer.

I hope this doesn’t mean the color’s off limits  for everyone in real life, too.

See what else Jennifer Love Hewitt wore as Riley Parks on The Client List


Blue Blazer Client List

Get the look

Eliza J





Pretty Little Liars fashion: Finale style and clothes


2773xPretty Little Liars fashion

Spencer’s cold shoulder cut out dress and hat

Dress: Maple

Hat: Bettina

Oh Spencer Hastings. So pensive. Thinking about how cold your shoulders are? Or how cold you are, escaping from the insane asylum only to turn on your best friends to protect your boyfriend?

cannot tell you how many times one of my friends in high school would get a boyfriend, and then try to lure me to an abandoned lair just to make a guy happy.

Seriously, if Toby doesn’t ask Spencer to prom she is really going to regret almost killing her best friends when she’s my age.

Sisters before Misters, Spencer.

Check out this season’s fashion and all the Pretty Little Liars outfits 

Am I missing something you loved from the Pretty Little Liars finale? Leave it in the comments and I’ll try to track it down.

3773xPretty Little Liars fashion

Aria’s blue top: Plenty (See it at Hautelook)


Aria Pretty Little Liars styleNMT5E6B_mx

Aria’s sweater: Reformed (See it at Urban Outfitters)

Hanna’s blush blazer: Elizabeth and James (See it on sale at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman)

ariaAria's tiger jacket

Aria’s tiger jacket: Some days Lovin

See it at Amazon

hannaHanna Pretty Little Liars clothes

Hanna’s necklace: Aqua (more options at Bloomingdales)

Hanna’s top: Trina Turk

Hanna’s leather jacket: BCBG


Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 7.55.39 AMWCJ761G90

Aria’s print leggings BDG (See them at Urban Outfitters)

Aria’s diamond tee shirt Wildfox

ARia’s sneakers Ash (via Bergdorf Goodman)


Aria’s studded shoulder top: Naven (no longer available)

See more studded shoulder tops here

dressesScreen Shot 2013-03-20 at 8.23.18 AM

Aria’s dress: Custom, Mandi Line

Emily’s dress: Project Alabama (on eBay)

2hannapretty little liars dresses

Hanna’s purple dress: David Meister

See it on sale at NEiman Marcus

lairsJacket Pretty Little Liars

Emily’s army jacket: Aqua

 See it at Bloomingdales

Hanna’s sweater: Theysken’s Theory


Spencer’s dress: Cope (see it at Urban Outfitters)

Cardigan: Halogen (see it at Nordstrom)