666 Park Avenue Fashion and Style Guide

Every day, it’s like we’re filming a new horror movie, costume designer Caroline Duncan tells Possessionista exclusively about 666 Park Avenue fashion. The new drama/thriller on ABC tells the story of Jane Van Veen and her live-in boyfriend Henry Martin as they navigate New York and manage a spooky apartment building on New York’s super luxe Upper East Side.

Jane Van Veen, played by Rachel Taylor, is an architect. She’s practical and down-to-earth, and her 666 Park Avenue Style is inspired by the 60’s. Her fashion on 666 Park Avenue pays homage to Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O and Twiggy. Jane is the everygirl. She’s a midwestern girl who’s found herself in New York.

According to Duncan, who carefully selects Jane’s 666 Park Avenue outfits, Jane’s fashion is realistic for a woman in her situation. She’s paid for her job and she lives rent-free, which means for the first time in her life, Jane has some expendable income. Jane’s wardrobe is made up of high and low pieces, favoring retailers like Steven Alan and Zara, along with brands like Club Monaco, APC and Mason.

And then there’s Jane’s blouses, her character piece and iconic 666 Park Avenue style. Jane’s blouses tell her story, with tiny geometric prints or small details.

While most of Jane’s wardrobe is attainable – she carries a Coach bag, and later a storyline hints at Jane doing some consignment shopping – it’s also clear that sometimes an item Jane wears is gifted.

In the pilot episode of 666 Park Avenue, Jane dons an Alexander McQueen plunging red gown gifted by Olivia Doran, wife to the owner of the Drake, played impeccably by Vanessa Williams. Olivia is a woman of society, whose 666 Park Avenue fashion is indicative of her standing in society. Olivia is a blend of Upper East Side sophistication with an artistic, avant garde edge.

In other words, no stuffy Chanel sweater sets here.

Olivia’s 666 Park Avenue style is inspired by her interests – her philanthropies, her support of the ballet and her travels – bring an edge to her clothes on 666 Park Avenue. Many of Olivia’s clothes are from high-end, edgier lines like Roland Mouret, Alexander McQueen, YSL, Dior, Vera Wang, Donna Karan and Jay Mendel. Her jewelry is almost exclusively by New York designer Judith Ripka.

And while Olivia has a lot of baggage, none of it is more enviable than her handbags on 666 Park Avenue. She carries at least ten Lady Dior bags, as well as Ferragamo and Bulgari.

As great as the style of 666 Park Avenue is, the storyline is equally as intriguing. Catch up with everything worn on 666 Park Avenue.

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