My favorite books of 2017

You are probably wondering why I haven’t been writing much. Or not. I’m probably just being narcissistic, and you probably haven’t been wondering about me at all. But in the event that you think about me as much as I think about me, then you’ll be interested to know that the reason I haven’t been blogging is because Possessionista is mostly about TV fashion and lately I’ve been watching a lot less TV.

Also, does anyone really want to know how to dress like a character from a Margaret Atwood adaptation?

One thing I have been doing in place of all my former TV gluttony is reading. If you’ve followed my previous book recommendations, then you know I have unusually specific taste in books. I gravitate towards books about kidnapping, couples who want to murder each other, secret lives, unhappy rich people, YA dystopian novels, elite groups of friends, wild girls, the competitive world of ballet or anything remotely inspired by the Bachelor.

If any of these genres appeal to you then click on the books below for summaries of each. Have you read a great book this year? Tell me about it in the comments.




3 thoughts on “My favorite books of 2017

  1. Karen Vaughn

    Hi Dana- I love all your twitter posts, am the hugest bachelor fan since season 1, hate poor grammar and now saw your list of books and I’ve read almost every single one this year as well! I’m currently reading Poison by Galt Niederhoffer. It’s a good thriller about a creepy husband (maybe) trying to kill his wife. I get most of my recommendations from Kirkus Reviews and Book Page. So excited about Arie’s season in 3 weeks- loved him on Emily’s season!

  2. Shannon

    Awesome list! I read so many of these this year. I just finished The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter and it’s right in your wheelhouse

  3. Craig

    Great list. Read many of these. Check out The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn (NY suburbs couple experiments with open marriage) and Carousel Court by Joe McGinniss (couple wants to kill each other).

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