Famous in Love Fashion: An interview with Costume Designer Cameron Dale

Cameron Dale HeadshotYou may have noticed it’s been a little (lot) quiet around these parts. But that’s all about to change, now that there’s a show premiering that has all the things I love in a TV show: great clothes, attractive people and a celebrity storyline all wrapped up in one satisfying, if, maybe, a touch age-innapropriate for a middle aged mom, Freeform drama.

The story centers around Paige, your typical Ugg-wearing college student who gets her big break when she lands the starring role in an upcoming blockbuster movie. From there, Paige quickly learns to navigate the life of Hollywood’s it-girl, complete with handsome leading men, cutthroat competitors, and brilliant fashion from Cameron Dale, whose previous work includes Pretty Little Liars and Hart of Dixie.

In other words, it’s going to be fabulous. 

Before the show airs on April 18th, I had a chance to catch up with Cameron, to get the behind the scenes scoop on what the leading ladies will be wearing.


Possessionista: Tell me a little about Paige, the main character.

Cameron Dale:
Paige is played by Bella Thorne.  She’s from the Pacific Northwest. She wears really warm colors, okras and rusts and greens. She’s a little preppy and studious. Bella wants everything pretty sexy. We’re always joking with her that Paige is so much more buttoned up.

Possessionsta: Who else’s clothes are we going to wonder about?

CD: There’s Cassandra, our resident hipster.  She loves thrifting and she’s on a budget. We shopped for her at ASOS and Topshop, but there’s a lot of vintage in there, too.  Tangi is a pop star. I took a lot of inspiration from Rihanna. She’s so beautiful and can wear anything. For her casual looks there are a lot of crop tops and sweatsuits, but when she goes out we go super fun! Bright colors and sequins. Alexis is already a star. My inspiration from her was Rachel Bilson, who I dressed for Hart of Dixie. She’s in mini-skirts, and button ups and lots of bright red. 

Possessionista: How does Paige’s style change once she’s discovered?

CD: When we first meet Paige, she’s a student at a local University, like a UCLA. She starts off like a typical college student. Not like, sweats and Uggs to class – it’s still a TV show – but there are scenes in denim and loafers. Cute collaed button downs. When she books the role of August, she gets a stylist. There are some really great red carpet looks, but she’s a fish out of water.
Possessionista: And where did you shop to get Paige’s look?

CD: A lot of Paige’s looks come from Department stores, like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. I used a lot of basics from Theory, A.L.C. Her clothes are probably higher end than she would probably be shopping as a college student. We wanted a little fantasy. There’s also a little ASOS and JCrew.  I also spent a lot of time at the outlets in Palm Springs. Barneys, Saks, Neimans. I’m always trying to find a bargain.

Possessionista: One of the things I’ll always remember about your work on Hart of Dixie was the accessories. What can viewers expect from the jewelry on Famous in Love?

CD:  Paige’s accessories are really simple. I used a lot of pieces by Peggy Li, who is wonderful. Paige is in super simple unless she has a crazy night out. Then she’s in Lionette NY. I also used a lot of pieces from B-low the belt.  Especially rose gold – every actress I’ve worked with loves rose gold – and silver which is a huge trend right now.  Also, Bella loves soft loafers, so we used a lot Topshop socks.  Tangi wears tongs of chokers. Our show is about Los Angeles right now and chokers are a huge trend. Cassie is more bohemian, so we used a lot of tassel jewelry. I used a lot of pieces by the Bluma Project.

Possessionista: One of the reasons I fell in love with Pretty Little Liars was the fashion. I Marlene King, who was the executive producer always understood how important costumes were to the show. Now she’s behind Famous in Love. So how much input did she have?

CD:  Marlene is so awesome. The script dictates where we’re going but she let me have creative freedoms. Paige was pretty clear from the beginning. This whole cast, around the board is cool and nice and sweet. It was a family from the beginning.

Famous in Love premieres April 18th at 9/8C on Freeform

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