How to dress like the women of Big Little Lies without the Monterey budget

Like everyone else, I am obsessed with Big Little Lies. And, though I may have a few complaints (like why they changed Saxon Banks from Perry’s cousin to a random interior decorator) the acting, scenery, music and costumes were without criticism.  Now that the show has ended (to be honest, I think it needed an eighth episode, but that’s another post) I find myself thinking about what happens next for Madeline, Bonnie, Celeste, Jane and Renata.

And by “what happens” I mean “what will they be wearing.”

I was casually perusing the Shopbop storewide sale today (everything is 20% off; 25% if you spend $500) and kept finding myself thinking “that’s something that Madeline would totally wear,” or that a soft, cashmere sweater was “totally Celeste.” Rather than dropping tens of thousands of dollars to recreate the head-to-toe designer clothes from Big Little Lies, I’ve scoped out the Shopbop sale and handpicked a few items that would easily fit into each of the Big Little Lies characters’ closets.

The sale runs until April 14th. Use the code event17 to save.







3 thoughts on “How to dress like the women of Big Little Lies without the Monterey budget

  1. Deena

    I can’t even pinpoint a certain of the 4 I love the most- I want all the clothes

  2. ellfin326

    I’m just as obsessed with that miniseries. It’s been over for two weeks and “Cold Little Heart” is still playing in my head. And I don’t get tired of it! Also, Not sure if you’re into little girls, but Amabella wore some very cute outfits. Your garment choices are perfection. Never stop.

  3. nicole

    Def want ALL THE CLOTHES!

    xo, Nicole @

  4. Margaret

    Can you post the boots that Reese Witherspoon wears in episode 3? Thanks so much!

  5. Nicole

    All the clothes are amazing

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