That time I went to Finland and did everything Nick Viall did.

Photo credit: Ashley Hutchinson

First of all, sorry about not recapping the finale of the Bachelor. I know you were counting on it, at the very least to see what I thought of Vanessa’s finale dress (hated it) Raven’s cape (loved it) and whether Nick and Vanessa are really as miserable as they seemed on After the Final Rose (sure seemed like it, no?) But I have a good excuse.

I’m lazy.

Actually, I’m in Finland (I know, right!?!) with six other Bachelor-obsessed bloggers, scoping out the spots we saw on TV last week. Let me tell you guys, these bloggers are way better at this than me. Maybe it’s because they’re professional bloggers, and I’m more of a professional couch potato, but they’re posing in cute, fashion-y outfits outside the hotel where Nick and Vanessa sealed the deal, while I’m face planting in waist deep snow because physical activity isn’t really in my wheelhouse. But what I lack in grace and professional photography skills, I more than make up for in taking goofy pictures of places where Nick and his final three ladies cemented their place in pop culture history.

Snow Shoeing with @MackenzieHoran and @BlakeVonD   Photo Credit: Ashley Hutchinson

Remember when Rachel compared her time in Finland to Narnia? I rolled my eyes, thinking it was hyperbole, but there’s something magical about it here.  Despite literal freezing temperatures, Lapland feels remarkably refreshing and energizing. I don’t know if it’s that Finland has some of the cleanest air in the world, or jthat I haven’t had to take anyone’s iPad away for hitting, but either way, it’s just a little easier to breathe here. I managed to work up a sweat while snow shoeing and cross-country skiing, and succeeded in not sustaining any significant injuries. To quote Charlie Sheen, Courtney Robertson and our President, “winning.”

We capped off our first night with an evening ride through the forest by reindeer. Most of the reindeer had no horns. Apparently, they lose a pair every year, just like me with sunglasses.


I can understand how Raven, Vanessa and Rachel all fell in love with Nick during their time here. It’s beautiful and quiet, and while the rooms don’t come with your very own Racquel, they do have private kitchens, balconies where you can watch the Northern Lights when they’re visible and your very own sauna. Is it any surprise that the women freaked out even time they saw a new hotel room?

We also checked out the local pub where Raven and Nick played darts, but to our disappointment there was no dartboard. There was, however, no shortage of people throwing back Finnish beer, playing the guitar and amping up for a raucous game of bingo. Late night, we hit up the Grill (I know, least dramatic restaurant name in Bachelor history) for burgers and fries. (In case you were wondering, there was reindeer on the menu, but I didn’t try it out of respect for both Santa and my unrefined palette.)


There are things in your life that you don’t know you’ve been missing until you try it, like falling in love on ABC’s highest rated reality show, or being pulled on a sled by a pack of huskies. I opted for the latter. Let me tell you, if falling in love on The Bachelor is anything like a husky drawn sleigh ride, I could understand why Nick opted to do it four times. At the end of our visit to the husky farm, we got to play with a 4-week-old puppy. You probably don’t know this but bloggers are drawn to puppies like Alexis is to dolphins, so we spent quite a bit of time just holding the puppy, drinking warm berry juice and seeing who got the most likes.

Just kidding.

No, but seriously. Follow me on Instagram.


Do you remember, as a kid, being able to play in the snow? Never feeling cold or stressed, just the wind in your hair and the snow on your cheeks?  Lapland Safari had one last surprise for us: old school sledding. We bundled up in one piece waterproof jumpsuits and Canada Goose jackets and took to the hill of my childhood dreams. For just a few minutes, everyone put their phones away. There was no talk of social media or hashtags,  just six grown adult women on cheap plastic sleds, remembering what it feels like to be a kid.

At the end of the day, we returned our gear and grilled the woman behind the counter about her interactions with Nick and the women. She was noticeably shocked to learn that Nick and Vanessa were engaged, observing that his chemistry was stronger with the other two while they were at the property. Juicy, right? (I hope I didn’t get anyone fired.)

IMG_1472 2

Before you go thinking that everything is roses and champagne (and believe me, there’s been a lot of champagne) I have to confess the jet lag is no joke. Four flights in one day and an eight hour time difference can leave you feeling as tired as Corinne at a rose ceremony. Thankfully we have a three hour car ride to our next destination; Rovaniemi, where Nick notably dumped Raven and proposed to Vanessa.

Which gives me plenty of time to rest.

Just as soon as I google “famous Finnish nappers.”

Hey, Abraham Lincoln napped.

3 thoughts on “That time I went to Finland and did everything Nick Viall did.

  1. MissG

    You ladies are really dedicated to your craft!

  2. Becca

    Give yourself credit, Dana. There’s no doubt about it; your authenticity is light years ahead of your fellow bloggers. Where sophistication and wit is measured, and whether it’s experience or a certain self-confidence, you’re in a class all by yourself and you should be proud of where you are and who you are. You’re about as “lazy” as the canary at the cat show that gets out of the building unscathed.

  3. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

    Omg what a trip! I would absolutely love to visit Finland one day and cuddle all the huskies!!

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