Ben and Lauren: Habitat in spite of Humanity



This week, Ben and Lauren celebrated the one year anniversary of the day they met with a deodorant commercial. And before you go thinking that sounds kind of weird, just realize the day they met he was dating 24 other women, some of whom would later go on to change her toilet and be her bridesmaids, so anti-perspirant is the least weird thing about this scenario.

Like any woman in an unstable relationship, Lauren knows there are only two ways to lock down a man: poke holes in your diaphragm or pretend to be interested in the same things as him. Unlike other women, who have to pretend to like Sons of Anarchy or football,  Lauren, has to pretend to love other people and manual labor.

Lauren uses her newly launched vanity project blog to find a deserving Denverian who deserves a home makeover. But when she only got 10 comments because nobody reads blogs anymore except for you, ABC went ahead and tracked down someone named Ronya who has dedicated her life to helping veterans and has, most likely, never seen a single episode of The Bachelor.

With 40+ minutes to go, what’s a show to do, but bring in the twins to pretend to be stupid? Seriously, I know this isn’t going to be popular, but can we be done with the twins? How many flannel shirts and blonde jokes can one season take? Even Lace had the good sense to sit this one out.

It’s time for the big reveal. In front of their closest friends and a couple dozen marines, Lauren and Ben present Ronya with a new pair of curtains and a greenhouse before Ben whisks her off for their anniversary surprise: a gold plated pair of airline wings and a giant light up eyesore of their initials.

This week is the finale, prompting me to do the Higgy, which is equally as dreadful as the box step Ben spent all week learning.







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  1. Hilary

    I love the idea of this show, but it is SO HARD TO WATCH!

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