Lauren Bushnell’s Vegas Fashion


So help me God, if you guys make me watch Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After, nobody is going to end up happy.

Me, least of all.

The show premieres next week, but this weekend was Lauren and Ben’s joint Bachelor/ette party in Vegas, which shouldn’t have surprised me. If I met my fiance while he was dating 24 other women,  I’d probably want to keep an eye on him at his Bachelor party, too.

But Lauren needn’t worry. Not only is Ben a total gentleman, but his wingmen are a single dad, a newlywed and Jared, who has zero moves. They mostly just snap chatted and danced embarrassingly in the corner, while all of Ben’s thirsty ex-girlfriends pretended to like each other, and stay on ABC’s good side, in hopes of snagging a spot on the next season of Celebrity Family Feud.






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