Jojo Fletcher’s nail color


I have never gotten as many requests for nail polish colors as I did this season of the Bachelorette. Between on-the-road manicures and painting her own nails, the Bachelorette alternated between an opaque blush shade and a deep, nearly black hue.   Sadly, breaking up with 24 men and traveling to exotic, international locations didn’t leave Jojo Fletcher with the time to write down all the nail colors she used on her journey to find love.

So, I turned to the folks at Deborah Lippman, LVX, Londontown, Orly, OPI and Revlon, to turn their expert eye to the the Bachelorette’s digits and offer some options to get the look.

Deborah Lippman suggests

LVX suggests

Londontown suggests

Orly suggests

OPI suggests

Revlon suggests





3 thoughts on “Jojo Fletcher’s nail color

  1. Anonymous

    So I’ve spent far too much time thinking about this…I think the blush is actually cake pop by CND. Its like OPI Mod about you but has much more purple undertones.

  2. Amy

    I need to know the color she had on when they were in Pennsylvania!!! It was like a reddish brown!!!

  3. Melissa

    Ditto to the first comment, Cake Pop is one of my favorite colors and that picture looks just like it!

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