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A few years ago, my mom and her friends decided to forgo giving one another gifts, and started doing micro grants in one another’s names to help other women. I was so inspired by this gesture – after all, how many handbags and necklaces can one woman have; wait don’t answer that – that I started researching Mother’s Day gifts that I thought my mom would appreciate — and would help other women.

While there are plenty of products that donate to children, ending hunger and pets, finding products that specifically support women, were few and far between. But the ones that I found were really extraordinary. From delicious smelling oils, to delicious wines that actually fund breast cancer clinical trials, I was floored by what these companies are doing for other women.

I was excited to share my finds on WGN on Monday, but even more excited to share them with all of you. You can click on the picture above to watch the segment (and tell me you love my new haircut; I hate it.) but more importantly, I hope you’ll click on the companies I featured below. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for mom, or just to learn more about some extraordinary companies that know that the thought counts just as much as the gift itself.

Happy Mother’s Day.


The brand: Quilted Koala

The Cause: Sloan Kettering Breast Cancer Center


The Brand: Sseko Designs

The Cause: Providing education to women in Uganda; to date, Sseko has funded 72 women’s university education


The Company: La Soula

The Cause: Every Mother Counts, providing transportation, supplies and education for pregnant women in Sub-saharan Africa.


The Company: Rooted Beauty

The Cause: The Woman 2 Woman project helping women escape from extreme poverty and trafficking to ensure long-term stability and freedom.


The Company: One Hope Wine 

The Cause: Breast Cancer research. Two bottles of One Hope Glitter Chardonnay funds a clinical trial for a patient with breast cancer.


The Company: Givescent

The Cause: Women for Women International supports female survivors of war with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency


The Company: City Girl Coffee

The Cause: Sourced from female-run coffee farms and donating to women in the coffee’s country of origin.

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