What to buy at the Shopbop Spring 2016 sale


My eight-year-old informed me yesterday that if you want good luck, you should say bunny bunny on the first of the month. It sounded a little fishy to me, but who am I to look a good luck horse in the mouth? So this morning I uttered those silly little words before I opened my eyes and the most amazing thing happened.

For starters, we were slated to have a pretty major snowstorm. It’s been a mild winter, but last night the school sent out an email in the event of a snow day. After saying “bunny bunny” I went to my window. There was a dusting of snow, but the roads were clear so it wouldn’t be a snow day.

Lucky, right?

Then I logged onto the Internet to get all my latest current events from Facebook, Twitter and Shopbop. Seriously, if it’s not on those three sites, I can probably continue living without knowing it. And, anyway, you will never guess what today is.

The first day of the ShopBop spring sale!   It’s one of the few times that Shopbop marks everything down site wide, and I stock up on the things I’ve been favoriting all winter.

Lucky, right?

Admittedly, I need another piece of clothing like Ben Higgins needs another girlfriend, but there are so many emerging trends this summer that I don’t have in my closet, I put together a sort of summer wishlist of things I’ve been eyeing.


Palazzo jeans: I know, I know. So 90’s. But pair these with a pair of stacked sandals and an off the shoulder top, for an update on this retro look.

Conservative crop top: To be honest, there’s very few belly buttons I want to see, and that’s entirely dependent on your age and ab workout. Despite my reluctance to adopt the whole crop top movement, I will concede that a boxy, slightly shorter top looks great with a high waisted jean, or flowy print pant.


Lace up detail: These are everywhere, and give the illusion of cleavage without actually showing the girls off. It’s a sexy summer look, without giving away the milk for free. Pun intended.


Hot weather leather: Sure leather pants are nothing new, but these cropped, flared and trouser vegan pants are a new twist on a classic.

Clogs: Okay, bear with me. This seasons clogs are pretty/ugly like Birkenstocks and Benedict Cumberbatch. But they look great with those wide leg jeans I told you to try, or a pair of shorts. They’re also much easier to walk in than heels, but still give you height so they’re very day friendly. 


Off the shoulder top: This romantic look shows a little skin but still gives coverage where most of us want it. This style shirt looks great with those Palazzo jeans I mentioned above.

Flowy print pant: Admit it. Sometimes it’s too hot for jeans and you don’t want to shave your legs. (Preach) These wideleg print pants are deceptively sophisticated (and as comfortable as pajamas)

Which summer trend are you most excited to try? Let me know, and then head over to Shopbop and take 15%-25% off site wide. 

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