Bad Hair Day: Valentines Edition

valentines hats

You know what I’ve always hated about Valentine’s Day? The idea that a holiday could be dependant  on your relationship with other people. For all the hearts and candy, it’s really about that dinner reservation, or the gift someone else gives you that makes it special. In college, I especially hated February 14th. Watching my friends and their significant others celebrate a holiday that felt so exclusionary, and I promised that I’d never use leaving someone out as a reason to celebrate.

Here’s a secret I’ve learned after 12 years of marriage. Being in a relationship is great – but if I’m being completely forthcoming, I really love being alone.

See, Valentine’s Day, or really any day, doesn’t have to be about the candlelit dinner or the grand gesture by someone else. This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relaysh or hanging by yourself, I hope you’ll take this day to give yourself a little self-love, which is actually something worth celebrating.

To remind you, we’ve added some hats to the Bad Hair Day collection, to remind yourself that you’re loved 365 days a year.

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