The coolest Tech Gifts: Possessionista Tech Gift Guide


1| Who says technology can’t be pretty. The newest iPhone isn’t just bigger, it also comes in rose gold.

2| Ring Zero puts control of your smartphone, home appliances and more at your finger tips. Literally.  Pair this little ring with your smartphone and take photos, turn TV, lights, A/C, and other home appliances on/off like magic with a flick of your finger.

3|Ever wonder what your dog does after you leave? The Petcube Camera lets you watch, talk and play with their pet from their smartphone

4| I mean…if you’re going to get the rose gold iPhone you should probably have matching headphones. Check out these Frends headphones from Bauble Bar

5|When you take the perfect instagram picture, the only thing left to do is print it for posterity. The zip mobile instant printer lets you print directly from your smartphone.

6|This genius new Tivo was created for binge watching. Speed up your shows and scan through sporting events, without listening to Alvin and the Chipmunk commentary. The TIVO bolt skips over commercials and uses pitch-corrected audio while combining TV and streaming content all in one place.

7| With Amazon Echo, you’re never alone. This cool gadget recognizes your voice, answers your questions and will even play music at your request. And unlike your children, this one won’t talk back.

8| Two things I love? A cool accessory and a fully charged phone. The Q Bracelet takes care of both. It’s the first fashionable bracelet that can charge your phone.

9| Say hello to Sense. This cool looking “sleeping pill” monitors your sleep and sleeping environment, and adapts to give you feedback (including the time and way you’re awoken) to give you the most efficient night’s sleep.<

10| The latest by Polaroid still instantly prints your pictures like its old school option, but now it lets you upload them to social media, too.

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3 thoughts on “The coolest Tech Gifts: Possessionista Tech Gift Guide

  1. Windfall

    Hi! You swapped 7 & 10 😀
    Just curious if you’ve tested the zip mobile printer against any other mobile printers? Having a tough time picking one :/
    Thanks and have an awesome day!!

    1. Dana Weiss

      I have not. I have to admit, I just think this one looks the cutest. 🙂

  2. clara

    Love all the items 🙂 , very nice! Frends headphones from Bauble Bar are my very fav…

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